Kids Not Motivated?

Let Stridepost Help

We’re parents too. We get it. Family life is chaotic and busy.
And sometimes it feels like we’re left to juggle it all, for everyone…including our kids.

That’s why we created Stridepost.
Stridepost is an online family motivator for the entire family.

Our app is built around four key features:

To-Do Tracker

Assign tasks and track your family’s progress.

Allowance Tracker

Kids earn points and redeem them for rewards.


Family Wall

Post private messages to your family.


Online Calendar

Keep your family calendar with you on the go.

So, how does Stridepost work?

We’re so proud that our video was nominated for a 2016 Emmy in the Graphic Arts category.

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How do our users feel?

It’s been great! The kids know exactly what they’re responsible for. As a family of six, it’s hard to relay scheduling information, so the family schedule is the best part. Now we just click on our Stridepost app and we know the entire family’s schedule for the day! 

Monica E.

I love not having to write out the kids’ to-do lists everyday. Or to have to tell them over and over what needs to be done. They like see to their day on their iPhones and don’t miss me telling them what to do. Getting points every week on payday is a big plus!

Joyce C.

We were never on the same page with schedules. My husband used Google calendar, my kids have iPhones and I used our paper calendar. On Stridepost, it’s all in one place. Love it!


Amy O.

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