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10 Amazing Fonts for Social Media Graphics

The font you use in your social media graph is very important. They can adjust the tone of what you are trying to say, regardless of what the text actually says. For example, the items below both say the same thing, but the fonts written in carrying different weights:

Comic Sans, the second font used in the example, has a more childish feel and cartoons. And, just like everything, he has time and place to use. Lobster, the first font used in the example, is written in a more luxurious and bigger style. The font brought more weight to it and made it feel more sincere.

The purpose of choosing an online aesthetic fonts generator is to have what you say matches the type you use. To do this, find fonts that convey the emotions you want. Another thing to remember is to ensure that they are read. Even though the font is on a computer screen, it doesn’t mean they are read. For example, those written in the chair can be difficult to read your audience, so remember when making your choice.

Below are the 10 best fonts for use in your social media graphics.

Pro code

Code Pro is a font that looks great and easy to read based on Sans Sans. It has a neutral tone, so there is no need to worry about sending a mixture of a mixture between fonts and the meaning of the text. This is also a very safe choice that does not take risks, but gives a clean and conventional appearance. This font will depend on the statement itself to make weight lifting.


Chunkfive is a super thick plate font. It resembles newspaper headlines and offers a lot of flexibility, depending on the message you are trying to convey. This is a good and simple font, easy to read which has a retro feel. Don’t be afraid to use it on your social media to give a classic feel of reading the newspaper.


Lato is a font that looks good from the Sans-Serif family. It was designed in 2010 by łukasz Dziedzic. This is a company style font that provides a neutral tone with a clean display. Lato comes in 10 styles from thin to ultra-bold can be used in education purpose. With half round letters, Lato sat on a line between serious and unique, while giving a friendly feel. Flexible enough to be used in various settings and scenarios.

Neue free

Neue free is another member of the Sans-Serif Font Family, based on original Neue Neue by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. This font has a simple feeling, but warm and friendly. Appears in 5 different forces, varies in weight and size. This one has many different uses can be very suitable for your social media needs.

Intro Rust

Intro Rust is a very unique font. This one is ideal for promotional and branding material because of its unique appearance. It has a pleasant feel and will make any image clearer. I like the appearance because all the design options are possible with this one. This font is made by considering web design. Intro Rust comes in many different styles and weights so there must be perfect for your needs.

Nexa Rust

Nexa Rust is an all caps font that has a modern nuance while also provides vibrations like a journal. With a depressed look, it’s warm and rough. This font is often seen in the image used to present data. It was made by people in fontfabric. The rough appearance can be what you need to give your image.

Museo Sans

Museo Sans is a very contrasting and very healthy Sans-Serif style font. This font is based on a popular museo and created by Jos Buivenga. This is very suitable for the use of display and text. Coming in 15+ styles and weight, you will have many different choices to find the perfect style for use on your social media.


Nobile is another simple font that gives everything that is needed in a very elegant way. This one only exists in 2 weight and 4 styles, but it is more than enough. This font is designed by the late Vernon Adams, who has created many fonts that we see and use every day. Use to give your graph that the elegant and serious feelings you are trying to convey.

PT Sans

PT Sans was designed by Paratipe, part of the international paragraph, in 1989. Only in 4 styles, with 2 normal and 2 versions of it. However, that number is enough for most cases of use. This font is quite normal and conservative, but offers Q capital that looks unique (with a tail that looks crazy) and many other unique characters to separate from the rest of the package.


EXOEXO is a very contemporary font that gives a feeling of technology and futuristic, while staying clean and stylish. Born from the Kickstarter project and became very popular so that version 2.0 was released. This font comes in 9 different weights, making it very flexible. Each of the 9 sizes has a true sloping version that upholds clean and stylish shades. This font is designed by Natanael Gama.

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