10 Essential Saddle Accessories Ideas for Trail Riding

While trail riding, you will want to be prepared. These accessories range from boots to saddle pads. Other essential items include a compass and grooming supplies. These accessories are essential for safe and comfortable trail riding. Read on to learn more about these items.


Boots are one of the most important saddle accessories you can purchase for your horse. They protect your horse’s legs and feet from abrasions caused by the rough terrain. Choose a pair that fits snugly over the horse’s hooves and is easy to clean. A boot that is too small or too large can cause abrasions or disrupt your horse’s natural movement. If it’s too tight, it can damage the tendons in the horse’s legs.


There are three main types of horse boots: large, medium, and small. Some manufacturers also produce extra-large boots for the largest horses and ponies. You can find the right size by referring to the sizing charts found on the packaging of the boots. The size you purchase should be based on the weight and height of your horse. Smaller horses need smaller boots than larger horses.

A horse boot is another essential saddle accessory for trail riding. This piece of tack is sometimes overlooked. While you may think your horse is sure-footed and the terrain is easy to navigate, it can still slip and trip over its own feet. A pair of horse boots can keep your horse from tripping over obstacles and keep him comfortable throughout the trail.

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When your horse is in a dangerous situation, the last thing you need is for him or her to hurt himself or herself. That’s why riding boots are a must. Horses can hit their lower legs with their back hooves during aggressive behavior, and a bell boot protects the fetlock from being lacerated. A leg boot can also prevent a horse from kicking your legs or interfering with other riders.

Saddlebags are also essential saddle accessories. They keep your gear within easy reach. You can attach one on each side of the saddle. Some saddlebags have waterproof options. Another option is a cantle bag, which rests behind the saddle seat. These bags are typically smaller than saddlebags and aren’t waterproof, but they can provide ample storage.

Saddle Pads

Saddle pads can make a big difference when you’re riding a horse. They can be made from a variety of materials and are important for several reasons. They can protect your horse from chafing and pressure points. And they’re also a great way to prevent pressure points.


Saddle pads come in two basic types: closed cell foam and open cell foam. Closed cell foam has a more flexible feel and is often black or white. Open cell foam is made with small holes and has a grainy appearance. While open cell foam is a bit more flexible, closed cell foam is smooth and elastic.

Saddle pads are just as important as a good saddle. In addition to protecting your horse’s back and leg, a saddle pad also helps with fit and prevents saddle slippage. You can find pads from various manufacturers such as Toklat and HAF. They are essential accessories for trail riding.

When choosing a saddle pad, make sure you consider your horse’s conformation and the size of the saddle. The wrong size can result in sores or other problems. It’s also essential to consider the materials. Wool and synthetic materials both offer a high level of moisture wicking.

A proper fit is essential to keep your horse comfortable and safe. A wrong pad can cause negative behaviors and put you and your horse at risk of injury. Saddle pads come in all shapes and sizes at an affordable price at the Pets Coupon Code. They’re designed to be comfortable for both you and your horse. Saddle pads made of wool or neoprene can protect your horse and your back.

A good pad can reduce the stress on your horse’s back and prevent a painful sprain. A good pad will keep your horse comfortable even in hot weather. Saddle pads are an important accessory for trail riding. Saddle pads can help you stay on the trail longer and make the ride more enjoyable.

Grooming Accessories

There are many grooming accessories available to riders. Some are essential, while others are more decorative and functional. A comb is one of the most important grooming accessories. It is not only useful for removing loose hair and dirt but it can also stimulate the horse’s skin and stimulate the production of natural oils.

A good brush can be an invaluable tool for grooming. There are many different types available, including synthetic and natural bristles at Animals Discounts. They are generally oval and have leather straps that can be placed over the handle. A horse hoof pick is perhaps the most important grooming accessory. It cleans out the hooves of a horse and makes them look shiny and clean.

A good dandy brush is an essential accessory for trail riding. It is made of synthetic or natural fiber bristles and is useful for general grooming. For tougher jobs, it is best to use a stiffer brush that will get into the hard-to-reach places. However, a medium-sized brush is also ideal for most grooming needs.

Grooming tools can be found at a variety of retailers. A deluxe grooming kit includes a body brush, flexible finishing brush, sweat scraper, mane and tail brush, comb, heavy hoof pick, cleaning sponge, and a grooming tote with a matching carry bag. The grooming kit contains everything a rider needs to groom his horse.


A compass can be a valuable accessory for trail riding. It can aid in navigation and is a useful safety tool when you’re in unfamiliar terrain. It’s useful for determining the direction of a trail or a landmark, as well as for emergency signaling. One of the best compasses for trail riding comes with a global needle that compensates for variations in magnetic fields. The declination setting can be adjusted to make the needle more accurate in determining the direction of travel.

If you’re planning on going off trail, it’s important to carry a compass and a map. If you’re going to be out in the wild, you’ll need to have a reliable way to find your way back. These devices can save your life.

A compass is one of 10 essential saddle accessories ideas that you can buy for your trail riding needs. These devices are usually available at your local bike shop. If you can’t find a compass in your budget, you can consider buying a custom saddle. There are many styles of trail saddles to choose from, and they are designed to provide comfort while you ride. Like other sports equipment, choosing the right saddle should be based on fit and quality.

Rain Gear

If you’re riding in the rain, one of the essential saddle accessories ideas for trail riders is rain gear. While rain pants and rain shoes can help protect your feet from the elements, rain pants and rain shoes don’t always keep your feet dry. For this reason, you’ll need to invest in rain shoe covers that cover the mid-ankle.

You can also invest in a rain jacket if it’s cold outside. It can also protect your backpack from the elements by adding a rain cover or a liner. You can also invest in a rain bag if you plan to lock your bike outside.

Besides rain jackets and rain pants, you’ll also need a rain cap. These will protect you from the elements while providing cooling ventilation. A poncho may also make cycling more difficult if it’s too loose or flapping. Manufacturers of bicycle apparel know how important it is to stay dry, so they’ve created a wide variety of waterproof and breathable rain gear. You can buy basic plastic rain jackets or full rain suits made from high-tech fabrics.

Besides rain jackets, you should also consider buying a good quality waterproof bag to store small items. These bags feature waterproof linings and welded seams. In addition, some of them come with hidden rain covers. Besides waterproof bags, you can also buy small dry bags.


You should also invest in saddle straps. These can be useful for carrying water bottles and other trail-riding accessories. You can clip them onto D-rings near the front of the saddle. Another option is to buy a pommel bag, which clips to the horn of a western saddle. Then, you can keep the items you need at your side while riding. English saddles also have cantle bags that are strapped to the billets.


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