10 Must-have Features for Your Restaurant Application

Every industry is going through digitalization these days, and the restaurant industry is no exception. While it may seem like nothing more than going out to eat or ordering takeout, the restaurant application has a lot to bring to the table. Better customer engagement and better experiences help restaurant owners expand their customer base and increase revenue.

Currently, the restaurant app market is booming. According to Statista, by 2023, the digital food ordering and delivery segment alone will reach $ 365 billion.

In addition to restaurant apps and web-based ordering platforms for food delivery, the number of restaurant apps you can invest in is really impressive. This presents an opportunity for restaurant owners to take advantage of the growing demand for an enhanced, digitized dining experience.

Why should you Build Your Restaurant App?

Many industries are improving the customer experience with mobile apps, and the restaurant industry is no exception. Restaurants of all sizes are creating mobile apps that users can use to make reservations, place orders and update their meal preferences.

Restaurant owners should take benefits of restaurant app development to attract customers and improve the dining experience. But are mobile apps really necessary, or can restaurants provide the same experience without them? No, here’s why,

    • Better brand entity and brand image
    • Gain huge customer support through loyalty programs and non-repayment offers
    • Advanced customer convenience and comfort level
    • The online restaurant business is expected to grow significantly and grow exponentially in the coming years.
    • Increase advertising opportunities

Features of online food ordering system

Right form ordering their favourite food to personalised experiences, there are many features of online food ordering system, that you should integrate to make your restaurant app more pleasing and unique.

1. Loyalty, rewards and discount programs

69% of consumers believe that loyalty programs and reward points influence restaurant choices for eating or ordering, while 57.4% of customers join loyalty programs to save money.

A repeat customer business is more economically profitable than finding new customers. Therefore, even giants like Starbucks have adopted and introduced loyalty programs to increase their sales by more than 80%.

2. Location-based deals

Using BLE / iBeacon app development technology, your restaurant can integrate innovative features for proximity marketing solutions while using iBeacons tools. A beacon device, when placed, continues to send information about deals, offers, etc., to customers near the restaurant. Restaurants can also send information, news and updates about the latest happenings to grab the attention of nearby visitors.

It is used in major restaurant application types. Deal is an innovative feature and the best way to let them know what your restaurant business has to offer.

3. Chatbot assistant for restaurants app

Being a leading chatbot development company, let’s say at Nurture that chatbots are wonderful and intelligent programs with a lot of potential value in engaging with customers through the restaurant app. AI-ML based chatbots can be customized to help customers with easy table reservations, menu browsing and ordering, order forwarding, payment processing etc.

Chatbots process text and voice data can create personalized, instant interactions between restaurants and their customers. Chatbots are not only more efficient but also less expensive than men to deal with customers.

4. HealthKit / Google Fit integration and workout instructions

As an expert in Android app development and iOS app development, we can provide Google Healthkit and Google Fit SDK integration services for your specific restaurant app. We can provide a custom and exclusive diet menu with features like net weight and calorie counter on current order, including calories for individual dishes. This information is an attraction for fitness enthusiasts who can add value to the restaurant menu.

With the HealthKit SDK and Google Fit SDK integrated, our dedicated restaurant mobile app development team can customize the app, allowing customers to track carbohydrates, proteins, fats to measure diet progress. You may also prescribe various workout wise meals for weight training, muscle building, lean muscle building, overall fat reduction, weight management, aesthetic physique, etc.

5. Preparation time tracking and nutrition information

Adding nutritional information with a restaurant app can make ordering food based on nutritional value easier for fitness enthusiasts. It is important to get nutritional information from the client’s point of view if they have set a goal to lose weight or build weak/bulky muscles. Demonstrating nutritional value helps consumers with certain allergies avoid dishes with related ingredients.

Diet is key! And we know what it takes to be a fitness enthusiast. With nutritional value in front of you, your customers will know how much better-grilled chicken wraps are for you than crunchy chicken wraps!

6. Individual feedback system

With an integrated personal feedback system integrated into the restaurant app, restaurant owners can get valuable ratings and feedback from customers. Our developers can integrate a digital feedback system that helps restaurant owners hear customers’ voices, food, atmosphere, service and their overall experience with the staff in real-time.

To make it more personal, we can add a multilingual feature to the app. This module applies to small, medium and large restaurants, cafes, restaurant chains etc. The digital feedback experience helps solve problems quickly, track overall customer service performance, and improve customer satisfaction.

7. Printed accessories for food lovers

The brand name of your restaurant should be displayed and identified when customers are out and enjoying your delicious meal. Therefore, you must have a module in your restaurant app from which caterers and loyal customers and staff members can purchase personalized custom printed clothes and accessories. It adds value to customer loyalty and enhances customer safety.

8. Push Notification

The notification feature is a very specific feature to keep your user updated about the current status of his order. Although this adds ups the costs of restaurant app development, but it is one of the best features to encourage users to take action in your app.

A unique and excellent feature in the app is the live order tracking app that keeps the user updated and craves about his appetite as he gets information about the driver’s location. It also shows the estimated time taken by the driver to reach the user’s destination, which has proven to be very useful and preferred by each user of the delivery applications. So, one has to pay enough attention to the instruction part during restaurant app development.

9. Gallery

Having an attractive phone gallery can help your restaurant get 20% more attention than text ads. 1 image = remember 100 words. Restaurant information such as working hours, food and contact details can help your customer understand your restaurant and associating images with it can help attract more customers and grab their attention.

10. Social media integration

In this age of the digital world, social media integration has become an absolute necessity for any business. Photos are usually uploaded to social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat so customers can review their experience. In addition, you can connect the discount and loyalty program to social media. And customers can earn some reward points when they invite their friends. This will create new customers and motivate existing customers to convert to repeat orders for your business.


The mobile app for restaurants helps in various online food delivery businesses and restaurants. As they move faster, getting your target audience within your budget can help you reach your goals faster.

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