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10 Necessary Tips for Making the Flavored E-Cigarettes Packaging

In recent years, the world has taken some strong measures to reduce the consumption of tobacco and e-cigarettes to improve the living standards of people. Heavy taxation and strict laws are some of those measures that have been taken against tobacco producers.

On the other hand, the tobacco industry has introduced many new products claiming fewer effects on the customers’ health. These products are alternatives to tobacco. The most popular of these alternatives is electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes.

These are considered safer than traditional cigarettes because they don’t burn the nicotine leaves; instead, they vaporize them using battery-operated heating elements. They produce vapors instead of smoke and contain no carbon monoxide or tar.

The packaging of e-cigarettes is also different from pre-rolls packagingThose are very important because they can help to communicate the brand to the consumers. In this article, we will discuss 10 tips for coming up with a perfect e-cigarette packaging design.

1) Packaging Journey Starts with Rigid Materials

Since the e-cigarettes are packed in a rigid material, it is essential to choose very strong materials for packaging. The best way to create the most resistant packages is by using hard plastic (injection-molded or thermoformed). You can also use corrugated fiberboard boxes instead of the traditional paper ones.

2) Go with Metallic Colors

Since vaping devices contain batteries and high voltage components, metallic colors are preferred for their safety features. These colors do not allow external elements to reach inside easily. When some particles get inside, they’re more visible on metallic surfaces than on dark or light backgrounds that camouflage them.

Most producers prefer silver because it’s one of the safest options that doesn’t affect their packaging design too much while offering an attractive appearance. Other metallic colors to try are bronze, gunmetal, golden, or copper.

3) Add Graphics

If you want your e-cigarette packaging designs to appeal younger audience, then it makes sense to use bold graphics because this market segment is drawn to extreme visuals. You can embed QR codes in the texts or graphics that users will scan to access product information like ingredients and instructions for use (such as inhaling technique). If you do not want them to scan QR codes by themselves, offer an online version of your printed materials instead.

Consumers who refuse contactless payment solutions could prefer having an option where they can pay using a PayPal account or credit card when accessing product manuals online. This way, they won’t have any problems with connectivity.

4) Use Descriptive Labels

You can use descriptive words or phrases to enhance the appeal of your packaging. For instance, you can borrow from the food and beverage industry and retain their imaginative language in marketing. Terms like “vivid,” “zing,” and “zest” are great for emphasizing bold flavors and vibrant packaging details. You can even attach a fun or humorous slogan to these packages for added inspiration (such as “kick it up a notch” for spicier flavors).

5) Create Colorful Graphics with Easy-to-Understand Product Information

It’s not enough to just create eye-catching designs. A good e-cigarette label must also be informative about the contents of the particular flavor they represent. Consumers usually prefer knowing what they’re vaping or smoking, so consider including clear product information within the design.

6) Add a QR Code to Access Detailed Information about Your Product

Including a QR code on your e-cigarette packaging is one way of making sure that consumers can access more detailed and updated product information and flavor profiles online (such as your official website). Use this technology for direct access to consumer feedback, flavor profiles, testimonial videos — basically any digital content you think could be useful for other people who want to know more about your brand.

7) Make Sure You Have an Eye-Catching Logo

A good logo isn’t just decoration. It should also serve as a quick identifier that represents everything great about your brand.

Don’t be afraid to use colors that are complementary or contrasting or even opposite on the color wheel. You can also use patterns and geometric figures instead of just plain text marking.

There’s no such thing as a perfect logo, so try different permutations and combinations until you’re satisfied with the results. At the end of the day, an eye-catching logo is all about standing out in a good way.

8) Understand and Utilize the Power of Appearance

Appearance affects how people feel about your products. If it looks like an expensive product, people will think that it is an expensive product. Pay attention to small details such as lining everything up correctly and paying attention to even spacing between the texts and graphics on the packaging. This makes a good first impression with your customers so they’ll be more willing to give your products a chance.

9) Make Sure You Have a Memorable Slogan or Tagline

Some businesses try to make their slogan or tagline the main element of their logo. However, this can be a bad thing because it can overshadow what you are trying to say to your customers. Keep the slogan short and sweet, no more than 8 words.

Your logo should represent your company as a whole and not just one facet of it, such as one product you carry. The image that you use in your logo should be relevant and meaningful so that people can immediately identify with it and remember something about your brand that makes them want to come back for more. Apart from giving off an air of sophistication, including gold leafing around the paper packaging adds value to the

10) Use Unique Packaging Designs for More Appeal

We’ve already established that many users switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping e-cigs because they believe vaping e-liquid is much safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. They now have the option of choosing flavors from a wide range of different e-liquids. But apart from those benefits, another reason why vaping e-cigs is more appealing than traditional smoking is the fact that vapers can choose from a variety of kraft boxes styles for their e-liquids.

End Remarks

Using the tips listed above, you can now produce the best e-cig flavoring for your vaping customers. These are all simple steps that will make their initial contact with your brand much more attractive and appetizing. They’ll be happy to use your products again in the future because of how good they tasted on that first encounter.

If you’re looking for suppliers who can create quality e-liquid flavors at the lowest prices, try contacting a reliable supplier. Choose a supplier that has experience making vaping liquids, so we know what it takes to create amazing tasting vape juices. If you have any questions about our services or the tips listed above, feel free to leave a comment below, and we will get back to you.


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