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10 Shortcuts For Shelf Talkers That Gets Your Result In Record Time

In the present day highly competitive retail environment Wine shelf talkers are now commonplace in wine shops across the country. But for some stores the concept of talking on shelves has become an issue of contention.

They are appreciated by some for the context and value they offer prospective customers, while some feel they impede the customer-store relationship. In light of that we’ll take a review of the advantages and disadvantages of shelf talkers.

Pro: Shelf Talkers Are Excellent Way To Convey The Details About A Wine To Your Customers

In retail stores with hundreds of wine SKUs, shelf talker is an absolute necessity. What else can customers do to discover the ideal bottles of their favourite wine? In this way it is clear that all the information that is typically offered on the wine shelf talker – like price, tasting notes and vintage is essential to the final decision-making procedure.

Certain wine stores actually compare shelf talkers to reviews on e-commerce websites like The same is true for wine. It is believed that consumers won’t purchase an ounce of wine until they read what actual wine drinkers have to say about it.

Pro: Shelf-Talkers Undermine The Relationship Between Store And Client

But, it is possible to think differently about the issue. From this perspective the shelf talkers have a negative impact on the relationship between customers and stores. What makes a person in the store ever interact with a salesperson, if every piece of information that they require is at the point of sale?

It is essential to be aware of the typical customers within your business. Do they prefer to read on their own and go shopping the same way as they would purchase something on the internet?

Pro: Shelf Talkers Are A Fantastic Way To Showcase The Skills Of Staff Members

If you decide to go with shelf talkers and shelf wobbler, you have two choices – either make or print hand-made shelf talkers, based on your opinions and notes on tastings from your staff or you can make use of those that are made available from the vineyard directly.

The large retailers of wine, there are many buyers, each of whom is for different varieties of wine. In turn, these buyers could be accountable for generating their own tasting notes and concepts.

Pro: Shelf Talkers Could Cause Both Information And Visual Overload

What is the result after (literally) each bottle that’s in the shop comes with the shelf talker? Using different Presentation folder printing techniques, like eye catching pocket folders, is an innovative form of marketing. This helps in spreading your company’s goodwill to the outer world.

This could result in an issue of sensory and data overload. That is it’s too many things to look at and read. It’s already difficult for shoppers to step into a sprawling 20,000 square foot retail space – but now you’re asking them to invest long hours reading through all the shelf talking books?

Pro: Shelf Talkers Excel For Giving Context, Not Just Information, But Also Wine-Related Content

There are a variety of personalised door hangers. The ones that are typically provided by wineries are typically quite generic. However, shelf talkers made by store employees can be more unique or fun, and sometimes even funny.

They appreciate the effort and time involved in making each shelf talker appear distinctive. Whatever you choose for your presentation, the use of any kind of personalised folders should be a choice you will not regret. You are presenting not only yourself, but your project as well.

Pro: The Shelf Talkers Could Cause A Significant Burden On Staff Resources

It’s great that staff members are making fun, unique shelf talkers, but wouldn’t their time be better used doing something different?

This “con” perception of shelf talkers is that they are an unnecessary distraction. Along with letterheads and business cards, personalised folders go a long way in establishing your brand. In educational institutes they bring in uniformity to various activities.

Pro: Shelf Talkers Excel In Helping Customers Narrow Their Options

In smaller wine stores the shelf talkers would be nice to have. But in massive retail stores that carry thousands of SKUs to choose from shelves, talkers could be extremely useful. In the real world, some stores regard shelf talkers as a “secret weapon” as a kind of salesperson bonus who is always available at any moment to complete the sale. In fact there is evidence to suggest that wine with talkers tends to be more popular than those that don’t have shelf talkers.

Con Shelf Talkers Make It More Difficult To Up-Sell And Cross-Sell Customers.

Although wine shelf talkers may be excellent at selling one particular bottle of wine, how effective are they in selling multiple bottles of wine? The role of a good salesperson is to provide excellent suggestions, and also make it simpler for clients to add an additional couple of bottles to the buying list.

It is worth checking out the latest wines from London which arrived in the week. Shelf talkers can, or might not aid in achieving this target.

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