10 Small-Business Money-Saving Tips

10 Small-Business Money-Saving Tips

Looking for small business cost-cutting tips? Before starting, list everything you earn and spend. If you want to start saving money, this is the step that you should take first. This can help you figure out where in your business costs need to be cut, and it can also help you set goals that are more realistic.

According to the most recent numbers released by the government in October 2021, there are little more than 5.5 million small enterprises operating in the UK. According to the same survey, small businesses make up 99.2 percent of the overall population of firms in the United Kingdom.

Here is a list of 11 ways that small businesses can save money that you absolutely must know about.

How To Save Money As A Small Business?

1. Review Everything

Do you really need a piece of software that you’ve only used once in the past eight months? Is it important to get a coffee pod subscription? What kind of things do people usually do with the company’s Netflix account? If it’s delivering value, wonderful – keep it. On the other hand, you might be surprised to find out how many of the things you’re paying for but not using.

You might not even be aware that you’re spending money on these things. It’s important to analyse how you spend money.

2. Renegotiate

Pick up the phone and call each of your sellers to tell them you want a better deal. Think about internet and energy service providers, as well as companies that rent out equipment and computer software. Some people refuse to move. Someone else will.

Because this could be scary for you, it’s important to get ready before you start calling people. Do some research on the companies that are competing with the providers and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

3. Do Meetings Better

If you read any article about how to run a business more efficiently and save money, you’ll find that it’s best to have fewer meetings.

If your business needs to have a lot of meetings, you should try to make sure they are useful. Follow these steps:

  • Prepare an agenda.
  • Set goals.
  • Don’t invite anyone who doesn’t have to be there.
  • Start right on time.
  • Stick to the plan.
  • Think about what you might do.

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At some point, everyone has been to a meeting that was badly run. They not only hurt the team’s ability to get things done, but they also hurt the morale of the team. Before you click “send invite” the next time, think about whether or not you could just send an email instead of setting up a meeting.

4. Remote Working

As of April 2022, the cost of renting office space in London was the highest in all of Europe. If you run your business from home, consider if it’s required.

The pandemic showed that working from home may be just as productive as working in an office. When you run your business from home, you can use a number of address services to make it look like you are based in a better place.

If, on the other hand, you find that working from home isn’t for you, you might want to think about moving to a place where living costs are lower or where your commute is shorter. However, if you’re short on money for this, then consider taking loans for bad credit with no guarantor in the UK, and pay back when you make profits. Plus, moving near your office can cut the transportation cost.

5. Look After Your Team

New hires take time and money. New hires cost an average of £3,000 per role, according to reports.

All of this starts with hiring qualified people, and once they’re on board, you need to make sure they have enough reasons to stay with the company.  Some of them are:

  • Show that there are opportunities for the company to grow.
  • Invest in the way the organisation works.
  • Give the users benefits and rewards.
  • Avoid micromanagement.

It might sound hard and expensive, but it’s nothing compared to the time and money it takes to find more great people to work for your business.

6. Outsource

You shouldn’t waste your time doing things you’re not very good at. If you want to run a successful business, you need to use your skills well and know when it’s time to give some tasks to other people.

Before you decide whether to hire a freelancer or use an online tool to solve the problem, take a step back and think about how much your time is worth. This will help you plan better.

But you shouldn’t think that tasks that aren’t in your area of expertise are the same as tasks you don’t like doing. There will be times when you can be the best candidate for a job.

7. Buy Second-Hand

No matter what you are doing, you probably don’t need the most up-to-date piece of equipment to run your business well.

Don’t buy anything brand new. Instead, make it a habit to look for used items on online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Amazon Marketplace, and eBay Marketplace.

Also, when shopping for electronics, keep in mind that big companies like Apple often have sections on their websites where they sell refurbished products.

8. Recruit Smart and Young People

When you hire people who are smart but don’t have much experience, your company’s overall costs will go down and its capabilities will often grow.

This can be done in a number of ways, and setting up a training program is one of them. In this program, you would reach out to recent high school and college graduates and offer them the chance to start working with you right away.

You can bring new life and cutting-edge energy into your business by actively looking for and hiring young people. And the price isn’t too high.

9. Look At Your Accounting

If you don’t know much about accounting, you should either hire someone to do your bookkeeping for you or buy good accounting software.

A good accountant will not only give you good advice on how to run your business. They will also help you avoid making mistakes that are both expensive and common.

They can make sure that your personal finances and business finances are kept separate, that your bookkeeping is done right, that your tax calculations are right (so you don’t pay too much or too little in taxes), and that all deadlines are met.

Plus, at some point, if your business needs external finance, then can give out the best advice such as whether you should go for bank loans or reach out to 15 Minute Loans from Direct Lenders where you can get money within minutes.

People say small business accounting is stressful. Let someone else take care of this job instead of you.

10. Do A Skills Audit On Your Team

Before adding new people to your team, you should first look at what skills they already have. You might be using the help of linguists, coders, writers, and other professionals without even knowing it.

Talk to an employee about how they would like to develop their hidden talent within the company as soon as you find it, and then keep looking for it. For example, certain hours could be set aside to work on this skill, or the best thing might be to switch roles completely.


Entrepreneurs know how important it is to put money aside for their businesses at every opportunity. Most people don’t know where to start. If this is the case, then the advice that has been given so far can be a good place to start. Once you start using some of the tips above, you will eventually be able to save some money to prepare your business for the future.

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