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10 + Unknown Instagram Tricks That Everyone Should Know

When I was reading an article about how to make money on Instagram, at that point of time I thought for a while that why not share tips and tricks on Instagram with you which I know the most.

So today, in this article I have decided to share 10 tips and tricks on Instagram which you should know as an Instagram user.

Without making this article boring and time-consuming, let us dive into the detail and know the best tricks and hacks on Instagram step by step.

10 Unknown & Useful Instagram Tricks For an Instagram User

1. Make your account private: If you love your privacy and don’t strangers to hook into your profile then Instagram has created a tool using which you can easily make your profile private.

To make your profile private go to Settings > tap on the hamburger menu on the top right corner of your profile page > Tap on the privacy and then> toggle on the Private account.

Therefore, after following the above steps you will be able to convert your Instagram profile into private but you should keep in your mind that you wouldn’t be able to turn your business profile into private.

2. Alt text for post: Alt text means alternative text. Now, Instagram has added this feature to their list. Using this feature you can write alt text on your post.

The benefit of using this feature is that when your post is not loaded then as an alternative Instagram will display your Alt text and users can easily understand what’s your post is about.

The other benefit of using this feature is that it is used as a screen-reader and thus, helps visually impaired people.

To set up this feature follow the following steps:

STEP1: Tap the plus (+) icon available on the top right of your personal profile.

STEP 2: Select Post and upload your photo.

STEP 3: Tap the arrow key on the top right corner.

STEP 4: Select the photo filter and then again tap the direction arrow (–>)available on the top right corner.

STEP5: Now go to “Advance settings” and tap it.

STEP 6: After that tap on the “Write alt text”.

STEP 7: Finally you will get an option to write an “ALT text

STEP 8: Finally tap the blue tick mark and then publish it.

3. Stop People From commenting on your posts: If you don’t like people commenting on your photos or videos then you have an option to disable comment.

To disable comment features on your post go to any of your posts, tap on the three dots, and then you will see an option named “Turn of commenting”. Just tap to enable the feature.

4. Tagging people in a story: Instagram is getting big day by day bigger in functionality. Now tagging has been made easier as compared to the previous version.

You can tag people on Instagram in two ways while posting your stories. The First method is by swiping up while posting a story and tapping on the @mention sticker. Edit the username and mention the username to tag those specific people while posting your stories.

The other method of tagging users in your story is by tapping the Aa icon in the top right of the screen. Then type in @ followed by username whom you want to tag on your story while posting. Using this trick you can only tag or mention up to 1o user. Finally, users you have mentioned on your story will get notifications when your post is posted on a story.

5. Face Filter On stories: Instagram now gives you an option to filter your stories while posting. Filers available on Instagram right now are aqua glitter, party lights, frblair, Doodle heart, mono, sparkles, now 2.0, chromatic pulse, subtle, LED, starburst, and many more.

6. Reels: If you love TikTok then you are definitely going to love the Reels feature of Instagram. Similar to TikTok you can easily upload short videos of 60 seconds and can add music and filters. On the other hand, you can also create short 15 seconds reels on Instagram.

7. Mute any videos on your profile: Instagram has given an option to mute the sound of any videos. If you are not liking the audio of any video then you can easily mute the sound of that video by just giving a delicate touch on the videos.

8. Share live videos to the story: There is an option on Instagram using which you can share your live video when it ends and your followers can rewatch it 24 hrs prior to posting. Once a live video ends you will get an option to enable sharing your live video on your story for 24 hours. In addition to this, if you don’t like the video you can delete your story anytime within 24 hours.

9. Delete Instagram post: Deleting an Instagram post has been made simpler. To delete any of your previous posts from your Insta, just visit your profile, select any of the media files, or videos, and then click on the three dots just on the top right and therefore you will have an option to delete media or post from your Insta account. For a more detailed description, you can read an article published on BeingOptimist on the topic of how to delete Instagram posts.

10: Post stories, videos, or photos from desktop: I have googled many times to know how to post on Instagram on PC. Finally, I got a detailed description on the BeingOptimist site. So, if you want to know more about this topic then visit the BeingOptimist blog for a detailed description.

If you want to know how to use INSSIST chrome extension on a desktop then read the article on the website already described in this list.


I hope the 10 Instagram tips and tricks described in this article are definitely going to help you to use your account more effectively and efficiently.

If you have not used any of the above tricks, you may be missing out a lot. As of now, you know, so start experimenting with your profile. For any other assistance comment below. Also, share any interesting tricks which are not mentioned here.

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