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12 Most Important Landing Page Design Tips To Boost Conversions

What Is A Landing Page?

Landing pages are single pages focusing on a specific campaign that entices buyers to buy a product or service. Implementing best practices for landing page design can increase conversions for you.

A good landing page can make a big difference. Hundreds or even thousands of new leads daily, ending up in sales for your business. Unlike web pages, which usually have multiple aims and promote research, landing pages have a single emphasis or goal, referred to as a call to action (or CTA, for short). No matter what the nature of the product or service you sell, landing pages have one goal. They inspire your website visitors to take action. Afterall, that’s the ultimate goal, right?


Design of landing page

A great, persuasive landing page quickly grabs the attention of visitors and convinces them to convert. Keep reading to learn how you can design a great landing page with these simple landing page tips. 


1. Define your campaign and offer 

First, design an outline and decide what you want to focus on. Then, list the offerings. Think about the page basics. Knowing your offer and understanding your audience can help you to create highly-targeted copy. A user who is new to your company and still learning from a social media ad differs from the one who hears about you from word-of-mouth or by a simple Google search.


2. Listing the benefits 

Whatever you are selling, know that the users want to know what’s in it for them and how it will benefit them. The Core aim of  any landing page is successfully explaining this exact thing to users how your service will solve their problem.


3.  A Persuasive CTA

The CTA button on a landing page will always have a huge impact on conversion. This is the closing dialogue of a landing page before a person leaves the site, or proceeds to provide information or goes to the payment page. There should only be one CTA per landing page, marked with a large prominent button. You can include call-to-action (CTA) to purchase a product, download a content, or more.


4. Focused Design

Good and focused design impacts how users feel about a company, product, or service. It can directly influence a user’s decision to convert. Keep the layout consistent with existing branding of the company and appealing to your target audience. Break the landing page up into different specific categories. The catchy headline, the offer copy, the CTA, and then social proof. You can feature testimonials from other users about your service. A good web design company will provide you with a chic landing page with focused design. 


5. Optimise for mobile

With most of the buyers using mobile to access the internet, optimizing landing pages for mobile gets really important. But it often ends up as an afterthought. Improve your possibilities of having a mobile-friendly landing page, but keep loading time in mind as well.Google recommends that loading time should be  five seconds or less. 


6. Simplicity

  • Deliver your value proposition on no uncertain terms. 
  • Feature a call-to-action (CTA) that takes your customers on a journey. It’s fun and it works!
  • Design-wise, there should be no distractions.
  • Use simple images that show clearly what you do, thereby reducing the friction caused by having to read a long text as the human brain reads images a lot quicker than text.


7. A mindblowing Conversion copy

An amazing copy is the key to better sales. Let’s have an example of Netflix, it has a clean and simple landing page copy with little distractions. Place the emphasis on a strong and individual value proposition. Directly address concerns of a new customer right up front. 


8. Social proof

Include social proof. Purchasing is an act of trust. The buyer has got to trust the seller to deliver what they promised before handing over hard cash. When would-be purchasers watch other consumers receiving the promised value, it puts them at ease and removes an emotional barrier to make the decision. 


9. Color psychology

Research says how fast humans process images, so use colors strategically, carefully picking shades to evoke certain feelings and actions. Colors are an effective shortcut to creating emotion. Afterall, emotion is an irreplaceable factor in the decision to purchase.Color selection can be strong since we usually link certain hues with specific feelings.


10. Tagline mastery

Opt for a headline that prioritizes clarity. The first line on your homepage has to do all of the work in telling your customers what to find and do here.With fast images and concise explanations that consumers can comprehend at a glance, it helps simplify a feature-heavy area. Try to back up claims of  “the best” with tangible numbers. Singing numbers makes anything you say seem more credible. Show your value proposition through your title. Play with a more creative headline. Be as creative as you can. Try phrases that ask a question users will want to answer that forces them to think and respond.


11. Personalization

Airbnb already knows where you live. Effective? Hell yes!

Personalization provides the answer to the natural questions any user will have. It gives the reader a chance to get more information before entering any contact details. It gets them interested and evokes direct action and trust.


12. No fear

Instill confidence with respective phrases like “ We have got your back.” It clearly outlines the journey of your customer with your site or services, using images, engaging videos, and short text. Show social proof with a testimonial and figures to back up your sentences. 


In Conclusion

How do you convince your buyers to stay on your website? A good landing page is the answer. There are many key components that a high quality landing page needs but utilizing those components effectively can often depend on what your landing page aims are and what do you expect from your landing page .

Designing a good landing page starts with what you have to offer, it proceeds with clearly defining the benefits and solution, and finally, a powerful CTA. All those design elements make your offer impactful and hard to resist. 







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