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14 Marketing Tactics Fit for a Superhero Digital Marketer

Long-form blogs, short videos, guides, visual content, infographics, live videos, and many other such tactics are a part of your social media marketing funnel at an agency or an in-house marketing team.

However, with so much on the plate, you and your team tend to forget what you were trying to do in the first place. Yet, you somehow carry on doing it all and prove that digital marketers are no less than superheroes.

But like everyone else, you get bored of the same routine as well. This is why we have curated a list of non-traditional marketing tactics that can help you generate results and require minimal investments.

Instead, you can use the budget to invest in a social media management tool that is not super costly. A quick Google search for Agorapulse alternatives can yield a number of results.

A tool will make your life ten folds easy!

Anyhow, let’s get back to this list of 14 fantastic marketing tactics that you need to incorporate in your upcoming social media plan!

14 Marketing Tactics You Should Try Right Now!

Here’s a cue for all social media marketing managers to start planning for the upcoming quarters with these effective marketing tactics.

  1. Influencer Marketing & Endorsements

    Influencer marketing and endorsements are highly effective in modern marketing. Want to know why? Because people would rather believe real people using your products and services than celebrities.

    However, even with influencer marketing, you need to be highly on point. First and foremost, find bloggers who align with your industry. Secondly, don’t dictate what you want them to do; instead, give them the creative freedom to create content that their audience likes. Let’s face it; they know their audience better than we do.

    No one likes scripted cringe-worthy videos!

    You can either go the paid route or just send them a PR. If they like your product enough, they will make sure that they endorse it on their channels.

  2. Advertorial & Native Advertising

    This one is a little tricky, but if you play the cards right, you can do wonders with this approach. In digital marketing, native advertisements are social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

    Before running and paying for ads, we would highly recommend you to do your due homework. Make sure that you check where your audience is most active before you invest in a network.

    You can always run Facebook ads for discounts, holiday campaigns, offers, new launches, or event sponsorships.

  3. Sponsorship

    Sponsorship is pretty straightforward; it is a type of marketing tactic where you pay someone to curate content for your or representation in an event. With a global pandemic all around, it is not possible to sponsor a physical event.

    However, you can look around to find online events, webinars, or even online courses that fall under your industry.

    Sponsor these events by either paying a set amount, offer free services or products, or host a giveaway for the attendees.

  4. Case Study

    Case studies are kind of like long-form articles, but they talk about your product or service, the story behind it, how it has helped someone, or something similar.

    You can write one yourself or gather data by asking your customers to fill out a questionnaire and then turn it into the content. Either way, it is a lot of help as other customers can see their experience and decide for themselves!

    A case study basically brings forward a positive experience about how your product solved a problem for someone other than the team behind it. You can even show it in the form of a video and integrate it into an article.

    Videos are more likely to induce views than any other form of content, be it textual or still.

  5. Referrals & Affiliate

    Start a referral or an affiliate program!

    Referral programs are typically for your users. You provide them with a unique code that they can share with their friends and family, and when they sign up or perform a fixed action, the user gets a reward or an incentive.

    An affiliate program is for people who run blogs or websites; again, you provide them with a code or a link that can be traced back to them. They would include them in their articles or captions, and you would pay them for each action.

    Affiliates are also an amazing way to increase brand awareness.

  6. Crowdsourcing & User-Generated Content

    Crowdsourcing is basically a process of using your customers and target audience to generate ideas for new content that attracts your best fans and future prospects. You can put up poll stories and posts to generate such ideas and gather intel.

    Alternatively, user-generated content is another excellent way to gather relevant content that can help keep your profiles fresh. For user-generated content, launch a competitor or a hashtag that people can post content for.

    Both of these ideas can generate impressive results and spread brand awareness.

  7. Live Streaming

    Everyone loves keeping up with their favorite brands and watching what they are up to. They also like to interact with the people behind the brand in live sessions. We would 10/10 recommend you to use this to your advantage and go live with either your employees or post BTS pictures.

    You can also conduct live demos of any new feature that you launch or just completely introduce a whole new product online!

  8. Marketing Automation & Tools

    Digital marketing automation and tools are some of the best marketing tactics you can use to your advantage. Automating your routine marketing process helps you save a ton and cut down the clutter from your everyday routine.

    For example, you put a post on your social media every day; your social media manager does it manually. Imagine the amount of time he must be investing in it each month. If you just schedule all the posts at once in bulk using a tool, you would make their lives easy and set a uniformity for your posting timings.

  9. Repurpose, Republish, & Cross-Post

    At least one person in your team should dedicate an hour of their time each day to find content that can be repurposed, republished, or cross-posted.

    This would never let your channels die, provide you with fresh content, and would allow you to use a single piece of content to its full potential. You can convert long-form content into infographics, small videos, or even social media stories.

    Alternatively, you can use your Instagram posts as examples and so on. The opportunities are endless; you just need to use each part of the content and allow a fresh set of eyes to go through it. Using tools such as Social Champ, you can auto post to Facebook and other social media channels using in-app features without any hassle.

  10. Contest & Giveaways

    It’s no secret that everyone loves free stuff, and giveaways are a cult favorite, promise!

    Host a small contest or giveaway individually or in collaboration with another brand or an influencer. Announce a gift, free service, or even a subscription in return and ask people to participate.

    It is entirely possible that your first giveaway might not gain too much traction, which is why it is best to include a micro-influencer with good reach!

  11. Dynamic CTAs

    Static CTAs are nice and all. They help convert and send people to your preferred landing pages. But dynamic CTAs are the real MVPs. They are personalized on a visitor’s interests and adjust based on the previous views.

    You can track customer behavior and use it for retargeting visitors to attract them to web pages. You can also base personalizations on the buyer’s journey to promote different options based on their current situation. Lastly, you can also use interactions and interests!

  12. Guides & Downloadable Resources

    Offering long-form guides and downloadable resources is an amazing way to build your email list. Ask your followers to input their emails and max one more field. In turn, you can email them a helpful resource, which is not available otherwise.

    However, while building an email list, always add a clause to unsubscribe from the list so that no one feels pressurized to receive emails from you.

    Guides and downloadables also help establish you as an authentic resource of information.

  13. Personalized Emails

    Emails are one of the best marketing tactics in the world. Catchy subjects, pleasing visuals, and to-the-point text is a formula that never goes out of fashion.

    You can send emails about almost everything, from launching a new product to an offer or a new campaign. Literally anything. You can also use personalized emails for behavioral retargeting based on their previous open rate, reply rate, and click-through rate.

    Similarly, there is so much more to personalized emails than just adding the name at the top. Personalize emails based on behavior, previous records, purchase patterns, and other such attributes.

  14. Build a Community on Haro & Other Forums

    Building a solid community has never hurt anyone, which is why you should never give up on an opportunity to mingle with people and connect with them.

    Answer queries on HARO and other forums is an excellent way to establish authority as well. However, would definitely recommend building your profile before marketing or promoting your product or service!


Whatever marketing tactics you employ, just make sure that they align with your end business goals and take the ship in the right direction. Otherwise, you would be just firing in thin air without a purpose, and you would be out of budget before you even know it.

Use either a few or all, but compile them in the form of ROI boosting, brand awareness spreading, and robust plan!

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