15 Practical Ideas To Get More YouTube Subscribers [Updated]
15 Practical Ideas To Get More YouTube Subscribers [Updated]

15 Practical Ideas To Get More YouTube Subscribers [Updated]

What do you want to achieve by using a video-sharing site like YouTube?

Is it to address the issues of your audience.

Does it demonstrate your authority and subject-matter knowledge?

Or does it make money by monetising the channel with advertisements?

Whatever your objective may be, you’ll need YouTube subscribers to make it happen.

You cannot demonstrate your expertise on YouTube or make any money without a subscriber base made up of an interested audience.

How then can you get more YouTube subscribers count significantly?

Must you purchase subscribers?

Or is it possible to bulk get more YouTube subscribers?

Let’s investigate.

Summary of Contents

  • Why should you choose white hat methods over black hat methods?
  • Practical Advice For Free YouTube Subscribers
  • For YouTubers Who Are Intermediate And Advanced

Why should you choose White Hat methods over Black Hat methods?

If you’re new to YouTube or even if you already have a sizable following, you’ll want to increase the number of your subscribers. There is nothing wrong with that; that is just the way humans are.

But do you know how to increase your YouTube subscriber count? Excellent, useful vids

Any well-known YouTuber in the US or elsewhere will tell you that they have never prioritised acquiring subscribers. Genuine YouTubers wouldn’t ever rely on unethical tactics to increase their subscriber count.

Being trustworthy, showing respect for their target audience, and remaining steadfast in their efforts to provide worthwhile material are what they emphasise. On the other hand, you might have heard of or witnessed someone buying subscribers, which might have tempted you with the promise of quick success.

However, we caution you from falling for this ruse. Inquiring as to why? There are several black hat methods that people employ, like view hacking, purchased subscribers, comments, and channel likes. Websites like Caged and View2 provide these black hat methods, but you should avoid them.

They will first charge you hundreds of dollars to have the work done for you.

Second, it’s risky. If YouTube learns of it, it will permanently block your channel, wiping out all of your money and effort with no possibility of recovery.

Third, if you are working hard and using all the white hat techniques, you won’t even consider these showy, dangerous approaches to succeed if you produce valuable content for your audience. You can accomplish your goals on YouTube if all the successful YouTubers can do it without using any illegal methods.

We’ll be ready to assist you if you believe in the real hustle, what you produce for your audience, and your ability to succeed as a result-driven YouTube content creator. Here are some tried-and-true, practical suggestions for growing your YouTube subscriber base for free.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced YouTuber, we have assistance for you in both cases.

Practical Advice for Getting Free YouTube Subscribers

# Create a brand homepage

One of the first and most important steps in gaining new subscribers is setting up your brand’s YouTube homepage. Your new viewers will learn more about your channel and what sets it apart from others if you have a stunning YouTube channel art.

In addition, here are some other things you may do on the homepage of your channel:

  • Select bright hues.
  • Pick a memorable and distinctive channel name.
  • Give your about page a succinct and compelling description.

View the engaging YouTube homepage of well-known YouTuber Marques Brownlee.

On this channel page, the red stands out for its vivid appearance. He also chose his name as the channel name because he is interested in building his personal brand. Regarding his channel art, MKBHD, which stands for Marques K. Brownlee High Definition, stands for both his brand name and his body of work.

Additionally, you can see a text phrase that says “Quality Tech Videos,” which also informs the audience of the topics he covers in his channel. Therefore, having a strong YouTube home page can encourage users to become subscribers. Following completion of your homepage, you should concentrate on:

# Maintaining a regular upload schedule

Being consistent brings long-term advantages in addition to short-term gains. Maintaining a regular upload schedule has a cumulative effect.

You must make a terrific content calendar for that. Once you establish consistency, YouTube will take note and recognise your commitment to content development.

By doing this, you’ll have a better chance of receiving assistance from YouTube, attracting more natural traffic, and collecting followers. Gary Vaynerchuk is yet another outstanding illustration of a YouTuber that consistently uploads quality video. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he uploads a new video without missing a beat, and his YouTube channel art makes this fact quite evident.

He regularly offers his viewers fresh, worthwhile content to consume, which is one of the main reasons he has amassed an incredible 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

# Producing Addicting Thumbnails

What a headline is to blogs, a thumbnail is to videos. The majority of newbie YouTubers struggle with it and leave empty-handed.

Your thumbnail creation requires just as much work as your content creation does since an eye-catching thumbnail can convince someone to click on your video and start watching your content. They’ll eventually subscribe to your channel if they enjoy your content.

So master the craft of producing compelling thumbnails that consumers won’t be able to ignore. Here’s an instance of a YouTuber who makes use of eye-catching thumbnails.

Each thumbnail’s utilisation of graphics and a small amount of title text to make it appear appealing can be readily seen. You should use some of your imagination to create some amazing thumbnails similar to those in the picture. Simply by looking at the thumbnail, viewers can immediately tell what the film is about, and they will click on it to learn more.

There’s a good probability they’ll subscribe after they’ve read the content. Do you know what people will concentrate on after clicking on your thumbnail next? Your opening, so

# Grab your audience’s attention right away

You don’t want your videos to be dull because that will cause viewers to stop watching and you won’t ever get any free subscribers. So grab their attention right away, build an alluring video beginning, and keep them watching all the way to the finish.

Make them execute any particular action toward the finish of your videos to end them on a positive note. Add some imagination to the information you are about to impart to them.

Make your films stand out from the crowd and people will enjoy them. By doing this, you’ll be able to attract a sizable free audience without spending any money. This Casey Neistat video is imaginative:

He introduced his video in a unique manner. With the viewer already intrigued, they are more likely to watch the rest of the film. Then, as a call to action (CTA), you can invite your viewer to subscribe to your channel with an incredible outro (exactly as you saw in the video). It’s time to brush up on your video editing abilities so you can have a creative intro and outro.

# Improve your editing abilities

You should brush up on your video editing skills because YouTube has so many fascinating new uploads every minute. You shouldn’t use a video platform without understanding how to edit videos.

There are several free video editing software available to you to get started; once you feel the need to upgrade, of course, you can.

VideoPad is one of the fantastic tools you may utilise to get started; it’s straightforward and simple to use. You can then watch a few tutorials to prepare your computer for video editing.

Reminder: Avoid wasting your money by purchasing pricey video editing programmes that you won’t know how to utilise.

In addition to all of this, remember SEO.

# The Value of SEO

YouTube’s core is SEO because it is the main source of organic subscriber growth. The YouTube algorithm will be more likely to detect your video if you conduct thorough keyword research, optimise the headline and video description material, or even in your thumbnail.

Google can rank even your keywords, which can direct more visitors to your video. If you are professional and consistent in your work, you never know what will work for you.

Considering professionals:

# Study the Most Popular YouTube Channels in Your Niche

Growing entails learning. It will take time; you won’t get popular on YouTube with just one or ten video postings. Look up to the top YouTubers in your niche and consider these questions:

How much time did it take them to get where they are now? What format do they use for their content? Which video is the most and least effective? What is being discussed by their subscribers in the comments section?

Take notes and respond to inquiries like these. You’ll be able to see clearly how things are going on YouTube in your specialty by doing this. Start putting those ideas to work as soon as you have them to make growth a reality.

Being in the social media marketing sector, for instance, if we needed to start a YouTube campaign, we would examine some of the top YouTubers in our sector, such as Kevin David, Garyvee, or Neil Patel.

In order to develop our own successful YouTube campaign strategy and increase the number of subscribers, we will address every concern that was raised above.

For Intermediate And Advanced YouTubers

# Make your subtitles available in multiple languages.

You may overcome language barriers and reach more people around the world by translating your content into other languages. It’s not necessary to translate your subtitles into every other language out of overzealousness.

Be smart in your decisions; visit YouTube Channel Metrics, check at your audience analytics, and find out who they are.

Translate your subtitles into German, for instance, if people are watching your films in Germany. How many translations has Pew Die Pie completed?

His subtitles demonstrate his adaptability, which will increase the number of individuals who can comprehend and read his material. Consequently, his subscriber base will grow.

It’s straightforward: If more people can comprehend your content, there is a higher likelihood that they will subscribe to your channel.

# Utilize giveaways

You can get your audience to complete that duty for you by hosting giveaways on your channel for products you have to sell.

For instance, you may offer them something in exchange for them tagging a few friends in your video comments. This will increase views on YouTube  video and consequently, on your channel. It also aids in word-of-mouth advertising since consumers will tell their friends and family about the free giveaway and encourage them to enter for a chance to win.

This will eventually assist in growing your subscription base as well.

Like in the aforementioned example, the designer is holding a drone giveaway contest; all those interested will spread the word about it to their close friends and complete any real tasks allocated to them. All of these will raise viewer engagement rates for his videos, which will boost the number of subscribers.

# Make a channel trailer for brand-new viewers.

The secret gem that YouTubers lose out on is the Channel trailer. You can design a channel trailer that will automatically play for any new visitors (YouTube has this feature). Grab the attention of the viewer, extend a warm greeting, introduce your channel, and conclude with a call to action.

It will assist you in turning a large number of potential customers into subscribers. On Noah Kagan’s YouTube account, you may view the sample.

It makes it plain that he welcomes them to his channel, which marks the beginning of a positive connection. To pique interest in the audience, he provides a brief summary of what viewers may expect from his channel before requesting that they subscribe.

Those who are interested will voluntarily subscribe. We hope this gave you some ideas for your YouTube channel’s channel trailers.

# Work alongside other YouTubers

You can get new subscribers interested in your work by working with other prominent YouTubers in your industry. To cooperate, all you have to do is get in touch with other well-known YouTubers.

Here’s an illustration of how h3h3Productions and well-known YouTuber PewDiePie worked together:

This partnership facilitated the exchange of audiences between the two creators. People who used to subscribe to PewDiePie but are unaware of h3h3Productions will undoubtedly view this video and may decide to do the same for the channel, and vice versa.

How will they learn about this h3h3Production video update? People will view it once they both educate their respective audiences about this collaboration through various social media platforms.

It is a very common habit among YouTubers to assist one another in growing their subscriber counts; you can employ this strategy.

# Compile Playlists for New Users

Your subscriber count may benefit from making a playlist for your particular content. It may convert new visitors into devoted, lifelong subscribers.

Here is a video collection of soccer training videos as an illustration.

YouTuber Jared Montz put together a playlist of activities you can do while playing soccer. If one of the videos on this playlist brought you to the channel for the first time, you might be curious to see what else is helping you to promote your YouTube channel.

As a result, you’ll watch more, and if you like the content, you’ll subscribe. That is how effective video playlists are.

# Effectively utilise YouTube Annotations

Describe annotations. These are elements that appear on the video as it is being played.

It is one of the factors that can most effectively turn spectators into subscribers. You can include a subscribe button in your annotation and invite viewers to do so at the beginning, middle, or finish of your video. You’ll get more subscribers for sure.

# Improve the descriptions of your videos

The use of appropriate video descriptions is essential to your entire SEO strategy. They alert viewers to what is in the video as well as the search engines about your content.

But don’t botch it up; avoid overdoing it by not using enough keywords. It need to appear genuine and organic.

# Use meta tags as effectively as possible

Metadata is crucial if you want your video to appear in the YouTube search results. Visit some of the prominent YouTubers’ videos to observe how they have used their meta tags if you want to learn what tags you should be using. Be original; avoid copying verbatim.

This concludes our advice on picking a white hat over a black hat and how to get free YouTube subscribers.

After That?

Following these 15 Actionable recommendations will help you grow your YouTube channel’s subscriber count for free. You can thank SocialPilot later. Follow the advice for beginners if you are a beginner. The advanced tips can be used once you have accumulated 1,000 subscribers, which is necessary for monetizing your channel.


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