15 Tips to Solve the Biggest Problems with Time Management

15 Tips to Solve the Biggest Problems with Time Management

With smart time management, you can work more intelligently than hard and do more in less time. If we could combine this concept into one piece of advice: Think about the day and put what you want to do in the calendar. However, most people find it difficult to follow this rule, which leads to disappointment and frustration over time.

The cruel truth is that time waits for no one. To achieve more, you must learn to keep up with the times. No amount of time management books and training will help you do better if you don’t prepare yourself. It is not enough to gather time management best practices and approaches until you admit your shortcomings. In this article, we’ve summed up 15 time management problems and more tips on dealing with them. 

Time management

Let’s take a look at the best tips for best problem-solving and time management tips to help you choose the one that’s best for you and your productivity.

Best 15 Tips for Problem Solving and Time Management

  • Track Your Work on a weekly and monthly basis

When it comes to time management, planning is best. Creating a life plan for your daily and weekly tasks will help you know your next job. It will help you plan your activities physically and mentally. Breaking it down into small chunks will make your life calm and comfortable. Tracking your work with time will help you achieve your goals.

  • Before starting a task, set a deadline

Each task takes time to complete and will depend on the complexity of the task and how long it will take. Setting a deadline to achieve your goals is a must. To manage your time effectively, you must select appropriate deadlines for all jobs, large and small. It will help you with your daily and weekly tasks and eliminate procrastination.

  • Never Waste Your Free Time

Free days can be weekends or holidays. It is the most important part of your time management routine. That’s why we have included it in our 15 time management tips. You don’t have much to do these days, but you must spend time planning your future work and tasks. These days, in addition to work, you can plan vacations and family trips. One can also try solving quizzes by solving Vedic maths to increase your mental strength.

  • Morning is So Important

Morning is the time when your body can do the challenging work. Don’t waste this time, and take as much time as possible. To do this, you can schedule hefty tasks at the beginning and do smaller, more manageable tasks at the end of the day. It also helps control blood pressure throughout the day.


  • Have a List of all the Completed and Uncompleted Work

When planning your daily and weekly schedule, keeping track of your tasks is just as crucial as completing them. You need to add an option that the list will use to show the difference between completed and canceled tasks. It will help you mentally prepare for the rest of the work, and you will feel motivated by the work done.

  • Remove all the Distractions

For most of us, notifications are our biggest distraction. It’s from your phone, computer, or another device, but you should remove it as soon as possible. It is because when you work in a good environment, notifications distract you from your work and prevent you from effectively completing the task.

  • Priorities Your Work

A common mistake many misses is trying to multitask to finish all the jobs quickly. It is a horrible decision because our body is not designed like machines. That’s why you must prioritize the work that matters most and work step by step. Select a more important task. And then do other work likewise.

  • Give full attention to your work, but don’t try to be a perfectionist

Some tasks are tough to complete. Given such a task, your priority should be completing it, not becoming a perfectionist. It will keep you motivated and help you use your remaining time effectively. That’s why this tip is on our list of the top 15 time management tips because many of us take a tough task on our hands but cannot finish it.

  • Take Regular Breaks

We are humans, not robots. Due to the human nature of our body, we cannot work continuously for hours or days. That is why taking regular breaks is a must. This type of break is an excellent source of refreshing body and mind. You should never miss a break-even for just 5 minutes. For this, you can use Pomodoro Technique.

  •   Don’t waste your time waiting for anything

Sometimes people wait for an opportunity to start something in life. Waiting or procrastinating is the worst thing you can do. Because people are constantly competing to improve, and if you waste time waiting for inspiration or opportunity, you will soon fall behind. Write down and prioritize the six most important tasks for tomorrow. The next day, start doing the most important thing.

  •   Do regular exercise and take enough sleep

It is one of the best parts of our 15 time management tips. It is because adequate sleep and exercise help keep your body and mind healthy. It would be best to get enough sleep each day to manage your time effectively. In addition to rest, you should include a proper exercise routine in your daily schedule. It helps to increase productivity. So many research studies have shown that exercising increases blood flow in our brain, which helps concentration.

  •   Make yourself private

Saying “no” is an essential part of a successful life. Most of the time, people try to use you when they need your help. And deny to help you when you need them. That’s why you shouldn’t waste your valuable time on other people. Always be aware of people’s behavior and never waste your precious time on mean or useless people. It is another crucial part of our Top 15 Time Management Tips list.

  •   Have a morning routine

Nature tells us to begin our day early in the morning. It is when your body is refreshed, and your mind is getting better at handling it. For this reason, it is recommended to wake up early in the morning to start the day with an active body and mind, in your daily morning routine, including Yoga. If you follow a morning routine, it will help you to organize your day.

  •   Try to be disciplined

Try to control all the unnecessary things in your daily life, which can be anything from gaming to watching a drama or movie every day. To manage your time effectively, you must let go of these things and habits. If you want to have fun, you should have a fixed time for it in your timetable. 

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  •   Follow your passion

It is one of the most important tips. The golden rule of living a successful and happy life is to work with a passion and enjoy what you do. Following these rules will motivate you and help you get the job done more effectively. Ultimately, this will lead to effective time management. 


As humans, we cannot always be 100% productive. But time management mistakes always need to be fixed, and can try dozens of productivity approaches that exist. This article summarizes that you can’t manage what you don’t measure and can’t improve what you don’t control. Start with time tracking and try different approaches to time management to increase your productivity.



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