27 Best Online Grading Tools for Teachers


Searching for Assessment Grading Tools? Here is the list of the top 27 Best Online Grading Tools For Teachers

1. Canvas Teacher

Canvas is for teachers on the go! It features opportunities to grade, communicate, and update students on their assignments. Teachers can easily see which students have handed in assignments or are missing assignments. Easily give feedback right through your phone! The best part? It’s all free!

2. Easy Grade

Easy Grade assists in grading papers and tests on iOS. You can customize how to grade a test by changing point values. You can also round scores with a click of a button. This app is supported on an iPad as well! It’s free to download with a few in-app purchases to enhance the experience.

3. QuickGrader

This totally free grading option is fully customizable featuring half point values, adjustable grade scales, and decimal values, plus/minus grading, and is super user-friendly!

4. Groovy Grader

Groovy Grader is a free, digital slide grader! It will replace your paper grading calculator.

5. Grades – Grade Calculator

Do you ever have a student ask you what grade they need to receive on a future exam in order to raise their final grade for the class? This app will calculate what a student needs to get on the next test to hit target grades and GPA. It’s a free companion for both teachers and students!

6. Easy Grade

Easy Grade will show you your students’ grades rounded to different places as well as an option to order the grades by questions missed or correct. The app is free with an option to upgrade to the Plus version for $2.99

7. Gradework Pro

The app comes with features like automatic grade calculation, attendance tracking, and student performance summaries that can be emailed out to families. There is a one-time fee of $19.99, but the app is ad-free and this price includes everything within the app (no in-app purchases).

8. Grade Grid

Grade Grid can convert number grades to letter grades for free! The grading scale is customizable depending on the assignment.

9. GradeMe

Yet another free digital EZ grader! This one has great reviews!

10. Showbie

Grade up to 10 student assignments at once with the free version of Showbie! Showbie also contains a digital grade book.

11. Viper

Viper will scan your students’ work and detect plagiarism. There is a small price associated with the app, but districts or institutions can purchase a plan through Viper to ease this burden.

12. ZipGrade

ZipGrade will grade multiple-choice tests in just minutes! You just have to scan the test with your phone. It is free to download with a few in-app purchase options!


Chronicle Cloud App is the cloud-based class management system and a digital grade book designed with the simple thought of using technology and integrating teaching tasks, allowing teachers to focus on their passion for teaching. Grading isn’t fun, but since the CC digital gradebook, it’s never been so easy and teacher-friendly. digital grade books allow anytime/anywhere grading and tracking of student progress.

14. Flubaroo

THIS IS A MUST! Flubaroo is a FREE add-on to Google Forms/Sheets that lets you quickly grade and analyze student performance on various assignments. With Flubaroo, you will be able to quickly identify students in need, view average scores, analyze questions most missed, share scores with students via email or Google Drive, and so much more!

15. Formative

Formative allows teachers to assign tasks and watch students complete them in real-time from their own device.

16. QuickKey

This freebie allows teachers to grade assignments without WiFi! You can also push out quizzes to students directly if they have devices. Bonus: QuickKey syncs with Google Classroom and exports grades into a grade book!

17. WISE

Scan tests with WISE and your assessments will be automatically graded. You can also give feedback to students through this free app.

18. Thinkwave

Thinkwave is a free online gradebook to input student data on! Students can even directly upload homework to the app for grading.

19. JumpRope

JumpRope is a free app that is used for standards based grading only. If your district uses standards based grading, this one is for you!

20. Schoology

Not only can you store grades in Schoology, but you can also give video feedback! There is so much to say about this app that you really just NEED to check out their website ASAP!

21. Edmodo

Edmodo enables teachers to grade in an innovative way, through online discussions, polls, games, and more! It’s more than just a free grading app.

22. Alma

The draw to Alma is the lesson planning features in addition to the grading aspects – AND that it’s FREE.

23. Gradebook Wizard

Educators use Gradebook Wizard to give instructions on assignments, grade tasks, and handout information to both students and parents.

24. Planbook

This app is SUPER popular amongst teachers. For a very small annual fee, you can create plans online that can be shared with co-teachers. The grading portion of it is really just a bonus!

25. Teacherease

Using either traditional or standards-based grading, teachers can communicate with students and provide feedback on assignments. You can also tell parents about a student’s progress via the app. There is a fee associated with Teacherease, but many districts get discounts.

You can’t go wrong with any of these choices because they will ALL make your life easier when it comes to grading! Which one will you try first??

26. Google Classroom

Not a pure ‘grading app,’ Google Classroom automates multiple choice item grading and reporting to students. How To Grade In Google Classroom

27. Alma Gradebook

Platform: Computer, iOS (11 or later), and Android.

Price: All of Alma’s core services are available free. The company also offers packages that include training and support at differing levels of involvement, ranging from a starter package for $500/year to a platinum package at $30,000/year.

Summary: This app is a great way to keep track of your students’ grades, schedules, assignments, etc., here are a few of their features: Standards-Based Gradebook, Standards Tracking, Supports Any Standards (including Custom), Supports Any Rubric (including Custom), Blended Learning, Differentiated Assignments, Personalized Learning Schedules, and Google Classroom Integration.


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