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Experts have suggested oils to be one of the safest skin remedies due to their natural source and unaltered benefits. The skin, being one of the most exposed parts of our body, is constantly attacked by many skin-infecting bacteria, excessive sunlight, accident injuries, etc. This can cause skin irritations, inflammatory disorders, skin discoloration, early skin aging, etc. Also, infusing rosemary in oil is one of the best ways people improve their skin-care routine. The vast ways these natural elements protect us with little or no side effects have been why most people accept it more than other skin-care prescriptions. Below are three oils that can improve your skin game directly and indirectly.

1. Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the most natural oils, serving a variety of purposes. Olive oil has natural benefits for the skin, internal organs, and body tissues. Rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K. Vitamin E derived from olive oil protects the skin from radical damage as an antioxidant. Combining these vitamins like vitamin e and k as edibles can help cure acne, a skin inflammation that causes a lot of irritations and discomfort.

However, it is essential to note that olive oils come in a variety of quality. The best olive oil available is known as extra virgin oil, its quality is attributed to the careful extraction process it undergoes before it can be used. No chemical additives are added, the moderate temperature is used, and processed not more than 48 hours after harvesting. This care is done to retain its most natural flavor and health properties. It can be identified by its lighter oil color, unlike its counterparts. It is important to buy organic extra virgin olive oil so you can achieve the desired effects without any complications.

2. Garlic oil

Garlic oil which is made by infusing garlic in oil, has incredible health benefits. From healing a prolonged ear infection to improving your immunity to its amazing skin benefits. Garlic oil’s medicinal properties are attributed to its high amounts of sulfur-containing compounds.

Garlic oil’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it the most natural and best ingredient that can be used for your skin-care routine. People who cannot take anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial pills can easily use garlic oils to treat their skin infections. It is a preferred cure for many skin problems, including denture stomatitis (mouth ulcers), wounds, and warts. Its healing properties act fast, leaving no scars or wound marks. Garlic oil is preferred to raw garlic because, for some people, raw garlic can cause some skin irritations or even skin burns.

Garlic also serves as an anti-aging element and treats almost all scalp issues, acne, foot odor, itching, ringworm, and psoriasis. Garlic oil clears all of these skin issues effectively.

3. Rosemary oil

Another ingredient that we all know in the kitchen, rosemary, aside from its culinary use, has other benefits for your skin. Rosemary oil is made by infusing rosemary in oil under appropriate conditions for the required time duration. Its anti-bacterial qualities can treat acne inflammations by simply applying it to the face. It helps removes heavy eye bags and improves regular skin color circulation, leaving you with healthy and glowing skin. It also helps treat tissues damaged by excessive sunlight.

Its serves as a skin purifier (removing all old cells), detoxifier (removing toxins, triggering circulation and lymphatic drainage)

Another effective way to fight skin damage is to apply garlic rosemary infused oil; garlic and rosemary’s individual properties, when put together, can be the perfect combo for radiant skin.

Best preservation method for your infused oil

Infused oil, either garlic, rosemary, or both, can stay preserved if appropriately stored for a year or more. The best storage condition is away from sunlight, preferably inside a working refrigerator, the low temperature prevents bacteria from growing in them. Also, remember to store it first in an airtight glass jar before placing it inside the refrigerator.


Natural oils and herbs have always remained the most effective skin therapy products. If you are ready to improve your skin game, then contact us for more help in finding the best product for your skin-care routine.

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