4 Reasons Why To Keep Struggling And Learning From Mistakes

When it comes to making your dream of being a successful actor come true, you start looking for acting classes near me at first. You choose the ideal one and enrol yourself there. And after a certain period, you complete your acting course and start looking for opportunities through different modes such as auditions. 

Before joining an acting school or during a course there, you come to know actors have to struggle a lot to settle in the film, television, or entertainment industry. As you know some famous actors’ acting life, you prepare yourself to face the struggle and whatever comes in your way. However, some of you have a query, why you should keep struggling and learning. Here are the reasons that can make you comprehend this:

  1. The audience 

As an actor, you should be aware of the fact that there are people who want to hear from you and watch your performance. To get maximum audience attention, you need to:

  • Avoid speaking to another persons or colleagues on the stage or being before the camera
  • Try not to turn completely upstage 
  • Take help in making the right choice from directors for blocking the space 
  • Consider your audience as another actor 
  • Have eye-to-eye contact with the audience while on the stage ot co stars if actingfor a film  

With these tips, you can ensure your mistakes do not come in your way for the hard work you have done and the improvement you have achieved. You are not alone in facing the issue with the audience. The list of actors who faced the same issue include Marilyn Monroe, Katharine, Amitabh Bachchan, and Marlon Brando. You need to face it well and move forward in your acting career. 

  1. Speech and voice 

Hesitation in speaking clearly is more common among aspiring actors. You use a body mic while acting for a television program or a film. While acting with a body mic, you don’t need to worry about the volume. However, your voice must be clear and your pronunciation should be ideal one. 

While performing on the stage, you need to be very careful about your speech and voice. It is as if people in the back row can listen to you even in quiet scenes. So, you should have direct contact with the people before you and the one with whom you are acting. Your voice must be clear and your speech must be relevant. And for this, you should practise monologue reading.  

You should see within you and find out what mistake you are making while being on the stage or before the camera/audience. After finding the issues yourself and with the help of a costar, analyse the matter in depth and sort out the same. Further, ensure making the same mistake again and again. 

  1. Breaking the character 

Your acting joy is like a walk between the success and failure in the industry. Usually, aspiring actors forget a line, a key prop, and an entrance. They sometimes derail their whole performance or the show. Simply you should not break the character until you have a better reason for it. Further, you need to assure that your mistakes are not going to overshadow you, your earned skills, and the performance done. You should keep practising, improving, and learning to know in the entertainment industry. 

  1. Stage fright 

In the beginning days, almost every actor acting for a film, stage, or television has a feeling of nervousness – stage fright. Your favourite actors like Henry Fonds who are established now have already gone through it. They had mild to severe stage fright. You need to get rid of it through constant effort. And for this, you need to shift your mind to what you are doing from the fears you have while being on the stage or before the camera. 


The audience, voice & speech, character breaking and stage fright are common issues among aspiring or new actors. As an actor, you need to overcome these issues. And for this, you need to focus on finding your mistakes, analysing them, practising for improvements, and learning from the past mistakes. Gradually, you will be successful in your acting career.

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