4 ways to combat mould problem in your house

We know you cringe at the sight of moulds. Those nasty black or green or blue dots showing on your ceilings, on the shower curtains, at the basement or walls — always irritating. These are the uninvited guests that not only destroy the pristine beauty of your house but also lead to lots of infections and unhealthy conditions in the place. They contaminate the indoor air as well. So, you need a solution to fight this annoyingly unwelcome guest.

Best ways to tackle mould issue in the house

Mould and mildew formation in the house generally appear because of less ventilation or too much moisture in the place. This moisture when seeps into the surfaces like wall or plaster, create these black spots. And you will be surprised to know that as much as the moulds are seen outside on the surface, they are inside as well. So, the problem is way bigger than you assume. And that is why the ways to combat them are tough as well. But the need to eradicate them is essential as well. So, keep reading about the ways to fight them in the best manner.

Clean them thoroughly

The very first trick that you should try is to clean the mould completely from the surfaces. Remember, we told you that these are very stubborn and just normal cleaning methods won’t be able to eradicate them. You have to go for deep professional cleaning to combat them. Call the experts in house cleaning who deal especially with mould and mildew formation and let them do this task thoroughly for you.

Waterproof the house

Even after you clean the mould, their chances of recurring are very high. Especially, if you have water leakages in the house. Because if the water and moisture prevail, mould formation is encouraged. So, waterproofing your house is the next step to get rid of mould completely. Hydroproof provides waterproofing membrane in NZ along with other excellent solutions which help in safeguarding your house from moisture and mould growth issues.

Check the ventilation

Lack of ventilation is also a prominent cause of mould growth in the house. If you don’t have outlets like exhaust fans then you should think of installing one immediately. If you have windows, air out your home. Because the more ventilation you have in your house, the lesser mould recurrence happens.

Letting the fresh air in

Another way to tackle the mould issue in your house is to let the fresh air come in. We understand if it is your basement, you just can’t help it because there are no windows or natural light coming in. But in other parts of the house, try to keep the windows open for some hours each day so that the mould never gets formulated in the first place.

Mould in any amount in your house can be dangerous. So, don’t ever ignore them even if they are just starting to appear, you won’t even know how they will soon be everywhere in the house. Well, as soon as you see the issue occurring try these methods and get rid of them immediately for a healthy and beautiful home.

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