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4 Ways To Help Preserve Old Family Photos

Family photos keep more than just ink on a page, they keep the memories of our life. But as you look at your photos, you may notice they are starting to fade or look as if they may soon fall apart altogether. Don’t let this happen, take the steps you can take to preserve your old photos. To help keep your memories alive and well, here are four tips you should use to keep your old family photos looking their best.

Store Them in a Controlled Environment

While your home may not be the National Archives, there are still many things you can do to store your photos in a controlled environment. First, keep them in an area where the temperature will remain below 75 degrees Fahrenheit since higher temperatures will lead to an acceleration of damage. Also, keep the humidity levels in the storage area between 20-65 percent. If you don’t adhere to both of these recommendations, your photos could be subject to mold, decay, and brittleness.

Make Copies of Your Family Photos

A great way to preserve your old family photos is to make copies of the originals, then display the copies for everyone to see instead of the old photos themselves. To do this, you can use either a professional-grade camera or a digital app scanner. If you’re hesitant to try this yourself, you can seek out a photography restoration expert to do it instead, especially if your photos are extremely fragile.

Use the Correct Storage Materials

If you try storing your old family photos in a shoebox and then put that box in your attic, basement, or garage, you will be sorry. More than likely, you will open up the shoebox and discover your photos are decayed or stuck together. Instead, use an archival-quality photo album with pages that are acid and lignin-free.

Choose Your Spots Carefully

If you really want to display that wonderful old family photo in a frame somewhere within your home, be very careful when selecting a spot for the photo. Whether you have your picture hanging on a wall or sitting on a table, make sure the photo will not be directly exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light, since both will result in the photo fading very quickly.


If you want to preserve your old family photos for the next generation to cherish, keep these four tips in mind. This will ensure your photos continue to stay in great condition.

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