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5 Apps that turn your Smartphones into portable document scanners


With smartphones, it’s simpler than ever before to digitize many documents, including receipts, bills, newspapers, articles from the newspaper as well as photos so that you are able to access them whenever you need. All you need to do is launch a document scanner app and take a picture of it, and snap a picture and it’s stored to the cloud.

Many scanner applications (as applications that have dedicated scanner functions) include built-in technologies that automatically cut, and (sometimes) colorize your document so that it looks the best. We’ve listed the top scanner apps you can download currently. Which document scanner app you decide to use will depend on the apps and services that you have already used in addition to the way you intend to utilize the documents once they have been scanned.

In the past, there was an era that the majority of people had scanners; however, this is no longer the case. In the present, all you require is a phone that has a camera and you can efficiently carry on the business tasks. Here we’ll inform you about the scanner tools that can help perform tasks at the end of your fingertips with a smartphone. Here is our list.

5 Apps that turn your phones into document scanners

QuickScan document scanner app

This is among the most cost-effective options for free because it’s not advertising-driven and offers tools that people in the business world might appreciate.

Once you launch this document scanner app, you’ll be presented with the option to scan images as well as documents, whiteboards, and business cards.

The scanning feature for business cards can transform the data captured to contacts on your device. It comes with features for organizing such as intelligent file name naming sync with iCloud, as well as customized folders. The quality of the scan is top-of-the-line and the top-of-the-line optical recognition of text. If you regularly scan lots of documents in physical form This is a great option. Feasibility of e-signatures in your scanned files is also one of its valuable feature.

HOW TO SCAN: QuickScan


If you’re trying to digitize your documents every occasionally, Adobe Scan document scanner app is a well-built smartphone scanner app that will help you accomplish this. It’s not equipped with the features that some of the other apps on this list, however, it is a great choice for documents that are important to you.

Adobe Scan is simple and simple to use. It lets users capture clear and clear PDF scans of their documents. It also has the ability to recognize text, so it can be used for tasks such as creating contacts using business cards.

The application can be downloaded for free and installed, however, it comes with premium features that cost $9.99 per month, for example, the ability to capture multiple images and merge them into a single document, and export PDF files in Word as well as Power point.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro comes with a highly rated scanning application that was picked by the App Store’s editorial team as their top choice. It’s an effective device for organizing and digitizing all your paper documents.

It’s possible to scan your app within a matter of seconds, or save digital versions of it using intelligent detection of borders, perspectives and shadows. Then an optical recognition feature allows you to search through the text in your scans. Each scan can automatically be synced with different cloud services.

The application is free to download, however, you’ll need to pay for an annual subscription at $19.99 annually to erase watermarks, search text or to secure your documents with a password.


CamScanner allows you to effortlessly manage your paper work by turning your Android device to a robust scanner for portable use. CamScanner document scanner app makes use of OCR to detect text automatically from diverse documents. It can scan and share different types of documents in any format, such as pdf, JPG, Word, or TXT.

You can also share your files to view and comment on in WhatsApp, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. It lets you scan documents, QR code using the camera, and also has an option specifically made to scan IDs, just like QuickScan App. You can also include e-signatures in your files.

CamScanner automatically modifies scans in order to make them appear more professional. Utilizing CamScanner it is possible to secure the privacy of your documents through setting up a PIN.

Microsoft lens

Microsoft Lens is another scanner application developed by Microsoft Corporation designed to enhance productivity. It trims, enhances scanning capabilities and lets you access scans on your mobile. It can convert images into PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, and also digitize handwritten or printed text and then save the images. The images can additionally be downloaded from your mobile device using the gallery.

The app lets you scan, and upload all of your notes or receipts as well as documents to various cloud servers, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. The app lets you keep all your contacts from business networking easily accessible by scanning them and adding them to your contact list.

After scanning, the app automatically improves the document, and then extracts contact details to save on your device. Microsoft Lens is among the top document scanning apps that are available on Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

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Closing Up

Even with the advent that people work from homes, lots of users don’t have an actual scanner in their office. If you’re in that group, these apps could likely save you from having to purchase a scanner.

Scanners were once an essential element of office equipment, document scanning remains an essential task for many employees. Even if you do not require scanning anything to work, keeping copies of documents like receipts, legal forms and other papers can be a good method to stay well-organized.

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