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5 Benefits of Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare software development, in the simplest terms, is the practice of creating and improving healthcare software. Healthcare software can be used by medical facilities in many different ways, from handling patient records to scheduling procedures and operations, so it’s no surprise that this industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade or so. In fact, there are lots of benefits to healthcare software development that make it an important part of today’s healthcare world—in fact, they’re some of the very reasons why this industry is so profitable!

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AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is used in many areas of our lives and is often seen as a way to simplify processes. One place AI can help is healthcare software development by making it easier for doctors to complete their work, while also reducing errors that could lead to patients getting incorrect care. You don’t have to be a medical professional or developer to understand how these changes could benefit you as an individual.

IoT in Healthcare

There are countless benefits that come with IoT-enabled healthcare software, including increased ease of access to patients’ medical records and long-term data storage. The technology is growing at a steady pace, meaning it won’t be long before we see widespread use. In 2016, a survey found that 40% of all doctors in North America intended to adopt connected EHR systems within one year—and all signs point to growth in coming years.

Blockchain in Healthcare

The move to blockchain will mean improving efficiency and safety in healthcare processes. As with other industries, healthcare systems can implement blockchain technology in a number of areas, from medical records to payments, from drug development to supply chain management. The possibilities are nearly endless – and so are their benefits. And although we’re only at the beginning of its potential adoption, many companies are exploring how they can integrate blockchain into their operations.

Benefits for Doctors

Having customized software for their practices can save doctors time and make their lives easier. Good solutions for health care help them to have access to patient information in real-time. This leads to better planning, coordination, and follow-up, enabling them to spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork. The ability to access patient information remotely also improves doctor accessibility for rural communities and those living abroad.

Reduced Paperwork

Reducing paperwork through electronic medical records is one of healthcare’s biggest goals, and software development teams can help achieve it. Electronic health records make it much easier for doctors to access information about their patients—and with fewer forms and other paperwork, they have more time to spend with patients or treating illnesses. Paperwork reduction also helps save hospitals money by minimizing administrative staff costs; every hospital record clerk whose job is eliminated also results in savings on supplies like pens and paper.

Increased Collaboration with Other Specialists

Because they offer a streamlined way to communicate, office productivity and increased collaboration with other specialists such as nurses, doctors, or other clinicians. A software solution also removes administrative burdens, so there’s more time available for physicians to concentrate on patients and treatment plans. For these reasons and more, healthcare IT has taken off in recent years, with statistics indicating that annual growth will continue at a steady rate through 2020. But why is healthcare IT growing so rapidly?

Efficient Patient Management

Electronic medical records help make patient management quick and easy. When patients come in for a visit, they can be checked in within moments, reducing time spent between appointments and freeing up staff members’ time to focus on what really matters: patient care. With electronic records, appointments can also be scheduled at more convenient times; as a result, fewer no-shows occur, which saves both staff members’ time and money while boosting your organization’s image.

Benefits for Patients

The aim of healthcare IT is to make patients’ lives easier. With more software, patients are able to manage their appointments, keep track of medication reminders and stay in touch with doctors. This gives them extra time for things that are more important like spending time with family or just taking a break from it all.

Enhances Patients’ Outreach

The quality of healthcare can be enhanced by providing patients with information through our software. ____ By way of an example, let’s look at how web-based software in general has changed information dissemination. In recent years, if you had a question about your health and wanted to know more about it, you would have had to make an appointment with your physician or another healthcare professional that might have taken some time away from your busy schedule to take time for your questions.

Improved Healthcare Quality

Innovative healthcare software can help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals provide better quality care to their patients. That’s a big deal. If you want to increase healthcare quality in your organization, consider focusing on digital transformation as a top priority for 2018. You can do it!

Easy Access to Medical Data

In a paper-based medical office, it’s easy to forget important medical data like test results or insurance information. But by using paperless medical software to organize medical records and billings online, healthcare providers can make those records instantly accessible from anywhere at any time.


In conclusion, healthcare software can be of great help when it comes to handling patient records. However, since information is power, we urge you to make sure that your application has adequate security measures in place and that you have legal protection against all forms of hacking. What are your thoughts on health care software? Share them with us in a comment below! Software development provides healthcare professionals with valuable healthcare software solutions. These solutions allow doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to better manage their time and streamline their daily workflow for improved efficiency. If you’re looking for healthcare software development services for your business or organization, then check out SoftServe Healthcare Solutions today. We’ve been helping businesses across North America find custom-fit solutions for their business needs since 1999.

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