5 Best Data Collection Methods and Tools for Research

When you set yourself to write the dissertation, you need to have a lot of information at your end. The content in a dissertation comprises not only long sentences and knowledgeable aspects, but it also needs to have facts and figures incorporated to add on authentication to the dissertation. The information and data incorporated in a dissertation are extracted with the help of the data collection methods and tools. Now you may be baffled by what is meant by data collection tools and methods.

What are data collection tools and methods?

The data collection tool is called a platform to gather and collect data. The tools further help individuals to get relevant and valuable information quickly. The data collected from the data collection tools are further carried out for multiple purposes at different levels.

Data Collection Tools and methods

Listed below are a few tools and methods from the top best ones



Xplenty is a licensed data collection tool, which means the tool is not operating under an illegal factor and has all the rights to lend its services. The tool lets you amalgamate data from more than 100 sites and platforms which gives you a whole bunch of information that can directly strike the creativity of your mind to the strategy of utilizing the information for your content.

The tool is a cloud-based integrated one that gives access to many SQL data stores and Non-SQL databases. You can also extract and insert the private or public cloud information according to your desires. It works as a connector to the various databases, data warehouses, applications and files.   

Bright data

Bright data is a data collection platform with many proxy networks and data collection tools. The data collector has gained fame in very little time because it can collect data from almost every website on any level.


  • Readymade templates
  • Code Editor
  • Browser extension

The proxy of bright data also acts as a solution for data blockage. The tool provides 100% accurate information with the reliability of its other services. A student in the hour of need can reach this data collection tool even at the eleventh hour of need as it has a team of engineers who can guide you 24/7 regarding the use of this platform. The team at Bright data is dedicated to their work.


Case Studies

The case study is a method of data collection. It is a thorough process with descriptive experience and structure at an organization. When the process of cases studies begins, it utilizes surveys and different qualitative strategies for data collection, which needs to be gathered first and then used for the case study process.

Tools used for case studies


The encyclopedia is a site having tons of information gathered from various resources. For the purpose of the case, studying the encyclopedia plays a significant role by providing excessive information you can put up in the case study.


The platform of Grammarly helps individuals when they are writing a case study or performing any other writing task. Grammarly assists you with writing errors such as grammar, vocabulary, typos, etc. In the following way, the platform gives health to the content and information that you put in your case study.

Que Text

Cue text is a platform usually used after making the use of encyclopedias and Grammarly. Cue text is used to detect plagiarism in a particular content. By finding out the plagiarism in the information and content, you have written for the case study, you can paraphrase or change it to get plagiarism-free content for the case study.

With the help of these 3 tools, the case study becomes more straightforward and proficient.


A checklist is an actual list of points gathered by different resources that need to be evaluated and further used. By utilizing this technique, you can know how far you have covered and what is still left to be done. The checklist is also used to note down the tidbits of the particular topic or research that you have come across. When you are looking for help with dissertation research. Hence, a checklist is the best helping tool that can remind you of all you have noted down in point for the content writing and keep track of what is left to be covered and all that is you have already worked out.

A checklist is a more innovative working tool for many levels and organizations.

Tools used for checklist


Canva is used for the designing of the checklist. You can also choose a template that is already present on the website. The created template of your checklist will be easily accessible from your laptop, iPad, mobile phones, iPhones, etc.


Check is a free checklist maker. Along with a free program, it also has a business plan with excessive features for those who want to use this platform at a very senior level. Though for working on a dissertation or a research paper, you can use a free version. The software is used to create a checklist, make the necessary assignments, and schedule and track everything you want.


The interview is another method, or we can call it a technique for gathering data. Interviews are performed on a one-on-one basis or in groups. The process of conducting interviews makes it one of the reliable methods you can trust for all the information. When a piece of information is transformed via a single natural resource, it is more effective and authentic than the one who has come across multiple resources to reach you.


Final Verdict

If used correctly, the above data collection tools and methods can give you the best results. Whether it be a matter of dissertation writing, thesis writing, research paper or any other academic and professional matter. Dive deep in these data collection tools and methods and look for the one that works in your favor and make use of it; or hire dissertation writing service that can be your best assistance for the particular purpose. 


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