5/ Ecommerce Website Design Best Practices to Follow

Every seller of a website development company in Lahore tries to get more sales. But the question is how you would attain more profit. Your e-commerce website has the potential to attract or distract your customer. So, pay more attention to how to convert visitors into customers. No doubt, you can achieve this task by following the e-commerce web design best practices. Designing an e-commerce website can help increase your sales. It is said that 33.9% of visitors leave the site only after visiting the homepage. In order to generate traffic and increase sales in your business, you need to implement best design practices because more sales equal happy business people.

Ecommerce Website Design– Crucial for Business Growth

Adapting the best design practices is most important for your e-Commerce store.


  • Good User Experience
  • Uplift sales
  • Brand Identity
  • Retaining customers
  • Customer Faith


Ecommerce Website Design –Follow to Boost Sale

Now when you know the importance of this, let’s take a look at the best ways to design an effective e-commerce website to promote your conversions and influence your sale.

1-User-Centered Design 

When it comes to designing a website based on the user, Apple can be a great example of this. Not only does it catch your eye on the home page of the Apple website at first glance, but in this case, it also impresses apple with their latest product, i phone 11 pro.

The most important thing when designing an e-Commerce website that increases your sales is to keep your customer in mind. Good representation and the best user experience is a success for any e-Commerce website. No doubt, your customer conversion rate depends on your design. For example, with every necessary minor detail required for a user, your website can easily turn any visitor into a buyer. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and try out any e-commerce website so you can get a clear view of what the first viewer sees when buying anything online. Similarly, your website can be tested based on anyone’s presence, usability, and user satisfaction.

2-Mobile-Responsive Design 

Google research shows that 73% of buyers will move from an inadequately structured mobile website to a site that makes shopping easier. Responsive mobile design is essential for an e-commerce business as the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly. Must have for e-commerce businesses since the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly.

Your website can get great benefits from high readability and ease of use. Make sure that the mobile experience is worth it for your user. You can do this by asking your family and friends to check their reaction when shopping with your mobile phone.

If you want to increase your sales and become a high-end e-commerce website, improve your mobile design because the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo prefer websites that have a tailored mobile design and put their user experience above all.

3-Reviews or Testimonials 

According to a survey conducted by iPreception, consumers are 63% more likely to buy from a website that has consumer reviews. You can go for testimonials or reviews, depending on the structure or choice of your website.

It is not adequate to sell a product just because of your words only. Each e-commerce site should clearly display reviews of its products to provide a good shopping experience for its potential customers. In addition, responding to your user’s reviews also provides a good impression on your visitors because it shows that you care about what they say. You can always up grate your product or service with your negative or positive reviews.

4-Contact Information 


If your user has something to ask or is confused when shopping, he or she may be going to go to the contact us page. And that’s where you can streamline your customer service. Your contact information should be easy for a user to find. If you don’t want to lose a user, never forget to include your email address or phone number on your homepage. You can add


With absolute customer support and contact information, you indirectly acquire these major benefits:

  1. Increased sales
  2. Fast communication 

5- Easy Checkout 

The checkout page is the most important page of any e-commerce website. So, it needs proper attention from the designers.

Imagine a scenario where your customer is going to the checkout page after adding some items into the cart and gets confused because of it in a long form. You definitely do not want to make the same mistake. Do you?

This page turns your visitor into a customer only if the design gives a smooth transition for everyone. If you do not satisfy your buyer, then he will leave your site with a complicated check-out procedure.


Obviously, there is no shortcut to success. But, with the help of these best practices, you can run your strong and successful website development company in Lahore. So, I hope these website designs would be helpful for your online business.

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