5 reasons to pick drupal for non profit and ngo

5 Reasons To Pick Drupal Web Development For Non-Profit & NGO

Frequent cyclones, global warming, extinction of species, disappearing plants, and volcanic eruptions are approaching, and Earth is losing its charm. Also, there are so many challenges in society that needs to be addressed, such as care for elderly people, education, and healthcare for abandoned and disabled children.

To fight back against these challenges, Non-profit organizations are working at the forefront. However, it has become critical to strengthen the influence of non-profit organizations. And! Technology can provide the desired influence since going digital has become a trend.

 Thus, Drupal web development is enthusiastically recommended to create websites and awareness blogs for non-profit and non-government organizations (NGOs). If you are engaged in social work or have such an organization and want to increase your outreach. Here are the reasons you should pick the Drupal website development and content management system.

Why Drupal Is Best For Non-Profit Organizations’ Digitization?

NGOs and NPOs need websites and apps that can boost information sharing in the form of videos & posts. Also, the simplified system for the donation process, blog space, and features to establish an online community are sought-after. It has most supportive developer communities available

Drupal as a top-tier CMS enables you to develop and implement these features effortlessly while strengthening security. Since Drupal CMS is used to create a wide range of web solutions, it is apparent that it is best for non-profit organizations’ web development.

Types of web applications Drupal CMS is creating & managing these days:

  • Healthcare web applications
  • Fitness apps
  • School & College level education platform
  • Media & publishing solution
  • Ecommerce & Enterprise platforms

Drupal CMS is excelling swiftly in the web development market. So, it is the right time to connect with a Drupal web development company to launch your community online.


 Advantages Of Choosing Drupal For NGOs & Non-Profit Org. Web Development 

#1. Utmost Scalability  

In the beginning, your site might have few users. However, it will grow with time, and then you will need a powerful site to handle the increasing loads. Thus, Drupal is the absolutely right choice to implement flexibility and a higher degree of scalability for your non-profit website.

This is one factor that indicates the need for scalability. Sooner or later, your blog content will also increase, and so as users. Managing a heavy website with more load will become difficult if you don’t consider this aspect now.

Drupal CMS builds high-grade scalability for both small and large-scale websites. Also, you won’t need to change CMS and migrate content to get more power & load capacity.

#2. Incredible Safety 

Donations are critical for non-profits and NGOs, and it is essential that their website has a strong & secure payment mode. Drupal allows you to develop a highly secured payment environment and customize options for payments.

Drupal is recognized as one of the most secure CMS in the world, due to OWASP standard compilation. Also, the use of Twig language makes another layer of protection to fight hacks & cyber-attacks. So, if you want to create a secure website, you must hire Drupal developers now!

#3. Top-notch Content Management Experience 

Content plays a crucial role in the growth of non-profits’ growth and audience reach. And! Drupal allows you to manage all types of content seamlessly. It enables you to showcase your mission-driven content in an eye-pleasing view and encourage donation.

You can easily publish and share content in a customized workflow, and you can focus on other activities.

#4. An abundance of third-party APIs and Plugins 

Drupal has a number of inbuilt features that amaze Drupal development companies and developers. From SEO plugins to inventory management, you can find a wide range of APIs and plugins to customize your website experience.

So, don’t fret about creating unique features. With the help of a Drupal development agency, you can get it done with ease.

#5. Enormous Community

The Drupal community is easily accessible worldwide. You can get answers to any question and doubt. A large community of developers is using Drupal CMS and contributing to updates and security features.

Overall, Drupal CMS helps non-profit organizations boost awareness and get donations seamlessly by providing desired web solutions. So, get Drupal 9 development services to create your website now!



In addition to the aforementioned websites, there are over 1,000,000 websites that are powered by Drupal on the internet. The advanced features of Drupal have made it a go-to platform for website development. From startups to SMEs to large enterprises, most companies are turning to Drupal development services to become million-dollar businesses.

Feel free to reach out with our expert Drupal developers.

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