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5 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Use SEO Tools for Blogging

Here in this post, I will explain brilliant reasons why tools are useful in SEO. Being a blogger, having access to the easy-to-use SEO tools for blogging will help you in building a stronger marketing strategy. These tools not only give you an insight into your blog performance but they can be used for spying on competitors’ strategies. If you have an idea of what your competitors are doing then you open the gate to your blog’s success as well.

Let us just dig into the reasons why bloggers should use SEO tools.

1. Anatomise Your Competitor’s Strategy

When it comes to the word spy, the word always gets the wrong meaning. But here in the internet marketing to be ahead of this cut-throat competition spying is ethical. One should make sure not to cross the ethical lines. 

Top SEO tools like semrush, ahrefs, and raven tools allow you to do the competitor’s analysis. Using these tools especially semrush you can dig deeper into your competitor’s strategy. All the above tools have premium plans but some offer free trials for the new customers to take the test drive. Semrush free trial gives you the opportunity to try and test this tool so that you can decide whether to go for the paid plan or not.

2. Keyword Research

With the use of SEO tools, you can find out the list of keywords on which your competitors are ranking. An expert marketer understands the keyword opportunity and expands his/her horizons in new markets also. 

Using semrush, ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and KWFinder keyword research tools one can generate thousands of keyword ideas. They also give several important metrics like search volume, intent, trends, etc.

3. Content Marketing Opportunity 

The reach of your well-written content can be increased by optimising it with the researched keywords from the SEO tools. The keyword ideas from the keyword analysis process will encourage you to write on the related topics, a blog writer app can be used to proofread the content after finishing the draft of these topics. The most used content editing applications by bloggers are Google docs, Grammarly, ProWritingAid, etc. 

If you are a blogger and running a blog then useful and informative content with optimised keywords, which people are actually searching for is a must. Because blogs are considered the most reliable source of information these days.

4. SEO Progress & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Most webmasters measure SEO progress only by keyword ranking. Measuring SEO success has more metrics that need to be considered. Metrics like organic traffic, conversions, etc are hard to calculate on your own. For measuring these metrics SEO tools make it super easy. 

Depending on your business model KPI’s includes:

  • Organic Traffic
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Sales
  • Domain Authority
  • Clicks and shares, etc…

It will be a payoff to these tools if the desired metrics are accurate.

5. Showcase Your Results

With the use of SEO tools, one can measure what is working and what isn’t in the strategy. To better analyse the performance SEO tools have the option to generate custom reports as per your needs. These reports are quite helpful when you are working for clients. In front of the clients, you can showcase the progress of their project over a period of time. We all know when you showcase to your client the result in a proper report they are likely to stick with your services for a long time. 


The use case of SEO tools in your marketing strategy depends on the goals you have made. With each milestone achieved in the SEO process, these tools play a crucial role, consider them as your helping hands. They are capable of a website audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, etc.

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