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5 Reasons Why Your Office Needs A Water Cooler

Did you know that proper hydration improves an individual’s overall cognition and mental performance? Boosting these qualities is undeniably crucial in any work environment. For this reason, providing clean water and convenient access to drinking water in the office has become a priority for many modern companies in New Zealand. The presence of water coolers in NZ offices proves that.

Water coolers, also known as water dispensers, have changed how we access clean and refreshing water in the workplace. These machines not only dispense drinking water. They also come with temperature control technology that cools or heats water instantly.

Depending on the type of water cooler, this machine can also be directly connected to the plumbing system to supply water from a refillable and reusable bottle.

Water dispenser stations are a common sight in many modern offices. However, there are still organisations that have not yet realised the benefits of this essential office feature. If your company is one of them, this article will hopefully give you more reasons to get your first office water cooler.

What are the benefits of having a water cooler at work?

Water coolers are more than just water-dispensing machines. They can also transform how employees accomplish their tasks, how they interact with their co-workers, and how members establish a lifelong relationship with their organisation.

Here are five of the most significant benefits of acquiring water cooler systems for your company.

1. Water coolers improve access to drinking water.

Despite the importance of drinking water regularly, people still consider the habit a chore. They fear that moving their attention from their computer to grab a bottle or a glass of water will break their focus.

Improving their access to drinking water by installing water cooler stations near their workstations can change that. The convenience of proximity and the visible presence of water dispensers near work areas can help your team instantly get their much-needed water fix without hassle. It will also encourage them to slow down and take a refreshing break.

2. Regular hydration helps employees perform their best.

As mentioned earlier, drinking enough water every day improves brain functions. This habit can also help individuals perform their best mentally and physically. Additionally, increased water intake can combat fatigue and keep employees active throughout the day. These characteristics are vital in helping workers be more efficient and productive throughout the day.

More importantly, hydration improves moods and helps individuals stay level-headed, especially when making executive decisions.

3. Water coolers come with filters to protect you from the nasties.

Water coolers give you clean, fresh, and healthy water with every single dispense. Water cooler systems have filters that clean the water from illness-causing free radicals and harmful chemicals. These include heavy metals and chlorine, among others. Purified water sourced from a dispenser is also free of odours and bad tastes commonly found in tap water or old water containers.

Companies getting water dispensers from commercial water cooler providers can enjoy regular filter replacement services and machine maintenance. These ensure that the water will stay clean and fresh every day.

4. Choosing water coolers over bottled water is good for the environment. 

Companies around the world are starting to move towards sustainable and eco-friendly workspaces. One of the practices they promote is regulating and even banning single-use plastic in the workplace. Choosing water coolers over wasteful disposable water bottles in your office is a way for your organisation to support this emerging environmental movement.

The same move to go green can also inspire your employees to extend the vision of this advocacy and apply it to their life outside work.

5. Water cooler stations provide a casual space to refresh and connect.

Water coolers provide employees unlimited access to clean and refreshing water. They also create friendly spaces where workers can decompress, destress, and engage with their colleagues. These drinking stations serve as an oasis of casual yet meaningful conversations that can help nurture and build a positive culture within your company.

Lastly, providing water coolers where workers can enjoy unlimited access to clean, healthy, and chilled drinking water shows how the company cares about the well-being of its people. This thoughtful resource also assures guests, clients, and partners that the company can rely on healthy, happy, and productive individuals to perform their best and deliver results.

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