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5/ Tips Choosing your School’s Online Tutoring Platform

Online tuition UK has been big news for many years, but the onset of the global epidemic, the closure of schools around the world, and the need to continue education have now taken a toll on most teachers and parental minds. Face-to-face communication is not an option. How will students maintain routine without a clear timetable? How do instructors approach the online tutoring platform? Many educational institutions seek online solutions to help students and instructors.

So, if you are new to this idea, don’t worry we will guide you where to start. We will surely provide a guideline for parents and schools to cover all the aspects of online tutoring in UK that you need to know about.

For teachers, it can be difficult to determine which virtual learning option is the best match for your students and your content area.  Of course, Fine Tutors can be the best option because its capabilities are extremely helpful for students and teachers. Carefully consider the different types of functionality when evaluating your options.

 Top Considerations to Keep in Mind before Choosing a Online Tutorial Platform

  • Research your 1:1 tutoring options.
  • Use Safe and Secure tutoring platform
  • Discover a platform that has a user-friendly interface.
  • Choose a 1:1 platform that tutors love
  • Invest in a service that can manage your particular requirements.

Benefits of Choosing Online Tutoring Platform

online tutoring


 There are a lot of causes why you might desire to invest in an online tutoring platform for your school.

  • Students can benefit from extra help that an established tutoring service can give.
  • One-on-one online tuition in UK provides easy access and is user-friendly is also perfect for students who may be struggling to stay in class.
  • Although it’s only natural for schools to organize online support for those in most dire need. Of course, multiple students can benefit from virtual program. Online learning is being strengthened as it enables independent learners to take ownership of their education

But how will you know which service will be beneficial for you?

Here’s a great place to start with our detailed guide on what to do before committing to online tutoring 1:1

  1. Research your 1:1 tutoring options. 

Indeed. It may be tempting to base your decision on a quick Google search for the best online tuition platforms, but it would be a mistake.

All e-learning companies do not offer the same services. Some will be more suitable than others.

Before you start browsing different websites, it is a good idea to ask some questions to help you make the right decision.

Here are some points worth considering:

  • Do you see detailed profiles of all the tutors on the platform?
  • Are tutors fully licensed during registration?
  • Does the website offer great support?
  •  Is a 24/7 live chat function on the site available?
  • Are payments quick and easy to make?

Does the platform use a secure virtual classroom?

  • Is it affordable? And does it allow for flexible payment options?

You must consider whether the platform is experienced in providing quality online education before signing up or not.

 Fine tutors offer all of the above and are also established, industry leaders.

  1. Use Safe and Secure Online tutoring platform

To conduct their lessons some 1:1 online tutoring providers use integrated video conferencing apps like Zoom or Skype. The main issue with these web-based platforms is that they are insecure. And because of multi-purpose, they cannot provide an in-depth learning experience. It’s always a good proposal to research what kind of video conferring app you’re considering using on each platform. If they are in favor of custom-made software, it will usually be clear on their website.  Be sure your students are getting good value for your investment, and if a virtual learning platform uses a purposefully built technology then it can be effective. One great benefit of virtual learning is it motivates independent thinking.

But your preference should be the safety of your students, especially if you’re helping weak learners sign up and navigate 1:1 online tuition spaces.  Ensure you understand how seriously every platform takes its security. Thus, you can do this by visiting a tutor page of a website its equivalent. You should also know what documents are required to register as a teacher on a particular platform. If the steps are undefined or the successful registration seems like a guarantee, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Unlike, Fine Tutors a lot of e-learning givers do not perform comprehensive criminal background checks on tutors and don’t always require candidates to be fully licensed to teach.

  1. 1:1 Online Tutoring  platform must have a user-friendly interface.

user friendly interface

Why would you want to waste time on a platform that is difficult and inconvenient to visit? If the information is not arranged and sensible, what does it say about the aggregate package? By definition, virtual learning should be smooth, easy to access, and interactive. If you think your students need more help using the software, the final thing you want to unveil them to is a platform that you have trouble managing. Before engaging with any 1: 1 tutoring service, take some time to familiarize yourself with the platform and consider what it looks like from your students’ point of view.

Online tuition platforms are technology-based solutions that specialize in, so it’s important to choose one that simplifies the user experience.

At Fine Tutors, we believe that 1: 1 online tutoring often works best for schools that help students with their homework. That’s why we made urgent homework help requests.

We want to help your learners get quick and easy access to quality support in a timely manner.

  1. Hand-pick 1:1 platform that tutors love. 

If there are many competent teachers in tutoring services, it surely needs to go for more research. Words are coming closer, and teachers are more likely to be attracted to online platforms with a proven track record. You ask, how does this benefit schools? More teachers will diversify the range of subjects offered in general.

This is important for schools that want to help learners in SAT-related core subjects such as math, science, English, and foreign languages. This is another reason why it is a good idea to spend time browsing tutor profiles.


  1. Invest in a service that meets your particular needs. 

Maybe you need some extra homework support for your students on an ad hoc basis? Or maybe you want something more comprehensive that you can combine with class lessons in your school’s virtual school? An effective e-learning platform will be versatile and will meet the needs of all your students.

Has your school signed up for a federal TRIO program such as Upward Bound or Upward Bound Mathematics?

If so, you may be interested to know that 1: 1 online tuition can be of lasting benefit to high school students with disabilities.

Many students struggle with math, but this can be especially difficult for students who have difficulty concentrating, who lack self-confidence, and who are afraid to make mistakes in front of their peers. ۔

An online tuition service can help you reinforce many of the basic principles you are trying to use to be stress-free, fully customizable, and values the privacy of your learners.

 Final Thoughts

Homework tips, real-time feedback, and textbook references keep students engaged. Individual engagement is a key component to student success. These accessories do not replace the instructor but enhance the student experience with the help of online tuition UK.  In addition, they are available 24/7 to keep students on track for success

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