5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair During Monsoon

As we all know, the monsoon is one of the most devastating seasons for our hair, in this season hair fall and scalp issues become the most common problem. Now, the question arises in people’s mind: Why does hair fall occur in Monsoon? Let us find out the answer of this question.

Q. Why Does Hair Fall Occur In Monsoon?

There is too much moisture in our hair during the rainy season due to this moisture dirt and bacteria stick on our scalp as well as on our hair shafts because of all these issues the roots of your hair become weak. This is the most important reason for hair fall during monsoon season. Secondarily, in this season it is not possible to dry your hair which makes your hair dull and frizzy. Due to the moisture present on your scalp the bacteria and fungi got the perfect conditions to grow which aggravates the condition of dandruff. In this end of this question, I would like to say that you have to protect your hair from rain water because rainwater is acidic in nature which becomes the most important cause of hair fall. If you want to know about monsoon hair care tips then you are at the right place, read this article carefully to find the solution of your hair fall problems. 

Here Is The List Of The Tips Which You Should Follow To Take Care Of Your Hair During The Monsoon:

  1. Make A Proper Hair Wash Routine:

It is one of the most important steps if you want to take care of your hair in the monsoon season. You have to wash your hair at least three times in a week in order to remove all the depositions from your hair. For this task, you have to use anti-fungal and anti-bacterial shampoo, to reduce the production of germs but do not use those shampoos which contain heavy chemicals like parabens and sulfates.. If you are also suffering from frizz and dullness then you should use the leave-in conditioner and also do some hot oil massage after washing your head with shampoo and hair conditioner. When you do massage with hair oil then it improves the blood circulation in your body which is also important for the growth of your hair. 

  1. Try To Keep Your Hair Dry:

As we discussed above, the humidity in this season is very high, that’s why it is very important to take extra care to keep your hair dry and bouncy, otherwise, the abundance of moisturizer makes your hair more heavy and dull. Now, the question arises how to keep our hair dry? Friends, you can use a soft towel in order to keep your hair dry, but do not rub your hair very harshly with a towel otherwise, it will damage the roots of your hair. If you like this tip then you should add this tip in the list of your monsoon hair care. 

  1. Take A Balanced Diet To Make Your Hair Strong:

If you want to live a healthy life then you should take proper balanced diet otherwise you may have to suffer from health issues. Healthy diet is good for the growth of your hairs also that’s why it is very important to eat a proper balanced diet which should have eggs, green vegetables, walnuts, nuts, etc these will make your hair stronger and shinier than before. Hydration of the body is also very important that’s why you should drink at least 4 liters of water in a day. If you want to know more about the balanced diet then you can search for it on google. 

  1. Short Hairs Are Best In This Season:

It is always advisable by most of the doctors, you should keep your hair short in the monsoon season. If your hair are long then it can be easily pulled and tangled in any objects. You can trim the end part of your hairs which helps in removing the damaged or split ends of your hair which also helps in promoting the hair growth. It is the best haircare tip for a rainy season. 

  1. Use Right Comb:

In the monsoon season, do not use thin toothed comb especially when your hairs are wet because it will break your hair strands very easily if your hairs are tangled. You should purchase a premium wide toothed comb for your hair in this monsoon season. Take a wide toothed comb and then gently do combing in your hair, it can easily detangles your hairs which results in less hair fall. 

Friends, these all are the tips which you should follow in your monsoon hair care routine.

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