5 TV series to watch on Netflix at Christmas 2021

There is nothing like a good TV series to spend time together or alone, relaxing and having fun. Even at Christmas! The catalog of Netflix in December offers several perfect games for a few hours of serenity at home, making it an even more pleasant time of celebration.

The day of December 25th can become a good opportunity to catch up on some latest TV series or to immerse yourself even more in the atmosphere of the holidays with some delicious Christmas stories. Among the novelties, there are for example Incastrati, a mix of comedy and crime with the unmistakable style of Ficarra and Picone, but also the highly anticipated final chapter of La Casa di Carta or the second season of The Witcher. Then, on Christmas day, the unpublished docuseries Stories of a generation with Pope Francis comes out, a moving journey around the world through the stories of the protagonists over 70. In addition to this, here are some other exciting TV series to watch today on Netflix.

Stories of a generation with Pope Francis

The four episodes, coming out today, are inspired by the book Sharing the Wisdom of Time ( The wisdom of the time ), written by Pope Francis and edited by Antonio Spadaro. The docuseries is a choral story about the third age as a treasure to be rediscovered, with women and men over 70 sharing personal and motivating life lessons.

Christmas Flow – Opposites fall in love

It’s perfect for anyone looking for a light, Christmas romantic comedy. It is Christmas, in fact, that unexpectedly ignites the spark between a famous rapper and a tenacious journalist. But the differences between the two are truly remarkable: will love be able to triumph despite the differences?

Chef Amaury’s school of chocolate

Christmas rhymes with gluttony, and then there is no better day to enjoy the creations of world-famous chocolatier Amaury Guichon from the small screen. In the episodes, eight great pastry and chocolate professionals arrive at the School of Chocolate to take their skills to the next level. Up for grabs for the most deserving is an unmissable professional opportunity.

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This TV series set during the Christmas holidays is prohibited for children under the age of 14. The protagonist is a family of four who chooses to spend their holidays on a remote island in the Danish archipelago. However, the place is controlled by a deeply religious community, whose members live in a delicate balance together with ferocious forest creatures who turn out to be elves.

How to ruin Christmas – Marriage, season 2

Anyone who has seen the first season already knows what to expect from Tumi Sello, the rebel and black sheep of the family, who also in the sequel is looking forward to enjoying a peaceful Christmas. Plans, of course, don’t go (again) as planned: the holidays will be completely ruined and Tumi will have to spend the days before December 25 trying to clear her name and that of her family.

3 semi-unknown series to watch on Netflix at Christmas

Have you already seen all the recently released TV series and even the most commented ones? Then it’s time to search the vast Netflix catalog for some compelling but little-known titles. Here you will find some useful tips to spend a few hours in front of the TV immersing yourself in stories you have never heard before.

If you have already seen Tearing Along the Edges and Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts if you already know the ending of The House of Paper by heart, and if in a single night you have finished the vision of the new episodes of The Witcher, the question arises: which TV series to watch at Christmas and during the holidays? There are a lot of titles on Netflix that, while being ignored by the general public and not achieving huge success, are still of quality, compelling, and very interesting. It is worth recovering them, perhaps taking advantage of more free time during the Christmas holidays.

Feel Good

It is a drama TV series that can also be witty and exciting, co-conceived and performed by comedian Mae Martin inspired by her own experiences. Two seasons are available on Netflix, the first of which was released in 2020. Viewing is prohibited for children under the age of 14.

The plot mainly tells the relationship between Mae and George, a girl who struggles to accept her bisexuality. In the episodes, complex themes are dealt with great delicacy and irony, such as human relationships and the discovery of one’s own identity.

On My Block

The TV series, which has been distributed on Netflix since 2018 and currently has four seasons, is set in a tough Los Angeles neighborhood and stars four teenagers, longtime friends, who are starting high school.

The plot tells the story of the four boys, all of Afro and Latin American origin, who in their daily life have to deal with the difficulties related to the neighborhood in which they live and who test their friendship, without sacrificing lightness. typical of their age and the way of being awake and intelligent that distinguishes them.


Laughter, even bitter, is not lacking in this 2016 TV series (which has only one season of six episodes) conceived and scripted by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, already a well-known face of Fleabag.

Crashing is about six 20-year-olds (on the threshold of 30 years) who, in exchange for reduced rent, decide to live in an old abandoned hospital, of which they become the guardians. The biting humor of the TV series makes the viewing truly hilarious.

Video games on Netflix: the global novelty

After the movies and TV seriesNetflix has made available to everyone – or almost – a section that will certainly please fans of mobile gaming. And, already in these hours, it is possible to begin to touch the surprise of the platform that launches itself into a completely new experience, waiting to be discovered.

After the first phase of the launch, announced during the past months and which were involved resident subscribers in PolandSpain, and Italy, now video games of Netflix were made available for members worldwide. Whoever has a subscription plan, regardless of the selected band, can already start downloading and playing with the first five titles made available by the company, among the most important in the sector. So the company can start experimenting with this additional type of content, waiting to expand the range of games starting from the next few months.

Video games on Netflix, how they work

According to official statements, starting from today all subscribers will be able to play the five titles made by Netflix and already present in the catalog. These are Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game, both made for the homonymous TV series produced by the streaming giant. Added to these are Shooting HoopsCard Blast and Teeter Up.

As anticipated, the video games are dedicated to those who have an active subscription. They can be downloaded directly from the Google digital store, starting from the dedicated section inserted between the categories of the main menu, within the mobile application. Once downloaded, the titles are completely free and ad-free.

Video games on Netflix, who can use them

Similar to what happened during the first tranche of releases, the playable titles are available exclusively on the Google Play Store, for Android devices. Nothing to do, however, for iOS devices and their users who will have to continue to wait for the company’s change of course for the extension of support to the operating system of the bitten Apple.

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