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5 Ways to Celebrate Your University Graduation

After all of those years of hard work, you are finally a proud college graduate. An accomplishment as great as this deserves to be celebrated to the fullest extent. The future is exciting and uncertain, but for now, focus on celebrating your amazing achievement.  Here are five great ways to celebrate your university graduation.

Throw a Party

There is no better way to celebrate your graduation than to throw a graduation party. Depending on your budget, space constraints, and personal comfort level, you can go all out with a big bash or keep it small and intimate. The only thing that matters is that you gather together with your loved ones to soak up this special moment in time.

You can plan a themed party or keep it casual with some food and drink and games. Even if you feel awkward making it all about you on this day, keep in mind that most people will be wanting to celebrate you in some way. Having one central event to attend will make it easy for everyone in your life to toast you and your graduation.

Throw your party in your backyard or take it to a venue. You can plan a joint party with other members of your friend group who are graduating and have them invite their families. That way you can have even more fun and your family members can split the bill for the venue, food, and decorations. This will make a memory you could cherish forever. 

Take a Trip

If big parties are not your thing, maybe you want to consider taking a trip to reward yourself for getting through the grind? If there was ever a time to escape to a beach to relax, now is it! You will create memories to last a lifetime if you take one last trip with your college friends.

You can take this idea one step further by going on an extended vacation before you start your new season of life as an adult in the working world. Now is a great time to travel the globe and explore the world around you before you settle into building your career. Recruit a few friends to come along for the adventure. You will never regret taking this time to live your best life.

Show Off Your Diploma

You worked hard to earn that diploma. This means that you should not feel guilty for wanting to proudly display it for all to see. Regardless of if you want to hang your diploma at your new place of employment or in a home office, you will need a nice frame to keep it secure.

Show off your achievement as well as your gay pride by choosing a specially designed pride frame for your diploma. You can even personalize the frame to make it even more meaningful. Buy a frame for yourself and pick up a few more to give to your friends that are also celebrating this accomplishment.

Treat Yourself to a Special Outing

If a fancy trip is not in the cards, consider treating yourself to a special outing to commemorate the occasion. Maybe you want to buy front row tickets to that concert that you have been dying to see? Or perhaps you want to reward yourself with tickets to see your favorite sports team in action?

Make this idea even more memorable by inviting your group of fellow college friends to join you. Planning a special event before everyone goes their separate ways is a wonderful way to wrap up this season in life. If you do not want anything rowdy, consider planning a day at the spa or something else that will leave you feeling pampered. A spa day is an especially ideal way to wind down from the stress of your final exams.

Rest and Relax

It may be that you do not feel like doing anything ambitious after the work of graduation. If this is the case for you, do not feel guilty about taking this time to simply rest and relax. Spend a few days taking naps and binge-watching all of the television shows that you missed while working hard on your studies.

Or perhaps you want to get caught up on your pleasure reading? There is a good chance that life is about to get busy again for you. This makes this time right after graduation the perfect opportunity to simply recharge your batteries before tackling the next thing on your list.


Whatever you do, it is important that you do something to celebrate this special accomplishment in life. You will never get a second chance to commemorate your college graduation, so be sure to make it count. Host the party of your dreams, to celebrate this special time in your life. 

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