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Men’s Style Guide- how to style and wear hoodies

The hoodie is a versatile and fashionable sweater for men who wish to style various outfits. It may be fashionable and simple to wear with the proper accessories, providing a stylish style ideal for any event. You can easily get it from reliable mens black hoodies exporter and style in different ways with different outfits.

You can wear a black hoodie with jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers for a more laid-back appearance, while others may like to dress it up with a jacket or shirt.

It can be difficult to decide what to wear with your favorite hoodie because there are so many color schemes and combinations to consider.

We put together this hoodie styling guide to give you some ideas. Explore these hoodie outfits for men to uncover hip looks and inspiration, from shirts and jackets to jeans and joggers.

What Is A Hoodie?

A hooded sweatshirt or jacket is known as a hoodie. Hoodies typically come with a huge linked pocket in the front and have heavy cotton or a blend of materials to give warmth and comfort. They often have a zipper to modify the opening as well.

The designer hoodie is a stylish variation that can enhance your appearance, but most styles are loose and go with a casual look. Some guys like to dress a shirt over a sweatshirt with jeans and sneakers for a fashionable casual look. 

Also, you can use a hoodie under your jacket to add an athletic, smart-casual touch for a great streetwear appearance.

Hoodie Style

You can find different hoodie styles from online mens black hoodies exporter. These styles make your look unique and versatile.  So, let’s look at some of the styles.

A casual hoodie

a casual hoodie is an excellent option for people who love to wear comfortable and stylish clothes. These sweatshirts allow men to dress up or down because they are available in various designs, hues, and fits. Wear a fitting hoodie, ankle-band joggers, and low-profile leather sneakers for a trendy athleisure style. You can also have a stylish and laid-back look by pairing a zip-up hoodie with a white t-shirt, slim-fit trousers, and spotless sneakers.

Guys can show off the different textures by wearing a slub cotton t-shirt and leaving the hoodie unzipped. Also, if you want an extra trendy look, go for half-zipped with a shirt with a bold pattern underneath for a fun accent. Modern men are always appealing and daring and enjoy experimenting with diverse designs. Aesthetic for multicolored sweatshirts or camp hoodies with outdoor-themed motifs and pair them with neutral-colored shoes and clothing to achieve the desired look.

Further, the best hoodies allow men to mix and match layers and are composed of high-quality materials. Moreover, they come in various designs from the most well-known fashion labels. 

Smart Business Casual Hoodie

The stylish casual business hoodie is a fashionable option for those who wish to put together a laid-back, elegant ensemble. Designer hoodies have premium fabrics, such as Supima cotton, renowned for its durability and tight weave. These expensive sweatshirts are usually fitting and available in dark solid colors, making your style unique and bold. 

So, you may create a smart casual outfit by pairing a zip-up hoodie with dark wash trousers, a crew neck shirt, and an overcoat. Wear a black hoodie with a jacket, cuffed chinos, and leather dress sneakers for a night out. Also, choose a zip-up sweatshirt to show your luxury dress shirt.

Try fitting hoodies and smaller hoods for a business casual look. Thinner textures and lighter aesthetics, such as heathered fabric and bamboo cotton, will fit comfortably beneath a suit jacket. Make sure your hoodie coordinates with your socks or the design on your tie to keep the look classy. Similar to a pocket square, it shouldn’t match your tie but should highlight its secondary colors.

A formal hoodie

The formal hoodie is a classy item that men can wear to give a casual touch to a semi-formal ensemble. It gives you a more approachable and casually stylish appearance. Hoodies, often cozy sweatshirts, can be dressed by choosing the proper fabric and fit. Also, you can style a dark-colored fashion hoodie with a dress shirt, giving you a more formal look.

Regarding formal looks, your hoodie should be composed of high-quality materials like Mongolian goat cashmere and silk mixes. The best options are solid dark colors. However, some designer brands might use vintage designs like houndstooth or imitation wool.

Hoodie Outfits

Some of the outfits with which you can wear these hoodies are:

Jacket and jeans

The ideal comfortable and laid-back outfit for men is a hoodie paired with jeans, a simple combo that always looks cool and casual. Black denim with an oversized grey sweatshirt creates an urban appearance that goes well with layering. Additionally, as does black denim with a black hoodie for a tough and contemporary finish, you can always experiment with boots and other footwear. However, sneakers and trainers go well with a hoodie and trousers ensemble.

Guys want to create a monochrome outfit for a modern and versatile look. This outfit provides an eye-catching and polished look that will add height, whether you choose a lighter or darker color. The sleek and classic look of a black-on-black ensemble can also be slimming for short to medium-height guys.

Shirt Over Hoodie

A shirt over a hoodie is one of the most popular looks for men who want to look cool and dapper. Wear a hoodie underneath a shirt for a timeless and informal look that allows you to add layers while providing visual appeal for a striking fashion statement. There are a variety of shirts to layer over a hoodie to create a contemporary layered look, including big graphic tops. 

You can wear a low-neck sweatshirt or a half-zip-up in grey, black, or white with a graphic t-shirt, jeans or chinos, and sneakers. Some men might wish to try wearing a hip scoop neck, a sharp henley, or a dapper mandarin collar shirt.

If you’re wearing a hoodie under a t-shirt, ensure it fits well. Also, look that your shirt is big and loose enough to fit comfortably without creating lumps. Also, you can wear a plain white pullover with a black athletic brand shirt for a chic street vibe.

Shirt Dress with Hoodie

The dapper look of a dress shirt paired with a hoodie has gained popularity among modern gentlemen who seek to dress up a sweatshirt. 

The shirt’s collar and color or pattern are crucial when matching a fancy shirt with a hoodie. Bright dress shirts with neutral sweatshirts and cuffed chinos make for a trendy and flawlessly well-balanced ensemble.

If your shirt has a busy pattern, match your socks or pants to the accents rather than the main hue. Wear a wool blazer grey zip-up hoodie with a blue Oxford shirt, charcoal slacks, and bit loafers for an elegant and chic look.

Hoodies with higher necklines look terrific with decent collars or wingtips to create that classy and beautiful balance. A button-down collar offers a clean-cut quality that pairs well with dress pants, chinos, and slim-fit dark blue jeans.

Black Hoodie

The black hoodie is a flexible wardrobe staple for men who want to style sleek and trendy outfits. It is simple to wear and goes well with shorts, chinos, joggers, jeans, and other casual and smart-casual outfits. Some men choose a classic large and comfortable shape, while others want a fitting version for an upgraded look.

You can wear chic casually by layering a black sweatshirt over a white t-shirt with jeans, sweatpants, and sneakers. Men can achieve a toughly handsome image by wearing a denim jacket over a hoodie, a long shirt, ripped black pants, and boots. A mens black hoodies exporter provides a guide for wearing them in different styles.

White Hoodie

You may dress up your clothing with a white hoodie, a timeless style. A white hoodie gives men stylish outfit alternatives by pairing well with blue or black jeans, chino trousers, and joggers. You can combine a white hoodie with black trousers and white sneakers to create a classic look.

In the fall or winter, pair your hoodie with beige jeans or chinos and a cream-colored blazer for an adaptable casual appearance. Grey skinny jeans, a grey denim jacket, a white sweatshirt, and clean sneakers complete the look for a distinctive look.


There are various styles and fashion styles you can go with regarding hoodies. They are one of the trendy outfits. Whether you want a formal, casual, or cool look, it is the cherry on the cake. The above style will help you to make your style bold out in the crowd and make your appearance classy and stylish.

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