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6 Common iPhone 7 Repair Handled by Service Centre

The iPhone 7 is still one of the best Apple devices to own. Its fast processor, a more durable solid-state home button, great cameras featuring rear optical image stabilization, and other features make it a user’s most coveted possession. But, then, like other mobile gadgets, it is also prone to accidental damages. It may also fail to function normally because of an aging part. But, luckily, a lot of issues can be fixed by a service centre focused on iPhone 7 repair. So, you do not need to feel frustrated or miserable when your Apple phone does not turn on or its performance drops.

Let’s take a look at the top six common iPhone 7 repair jobs handled by technicians at a service centre in your city. 

Screen repair

Cracked screens are among the most common iPhone problems. At this moment, a lot of users, like you, are likely staring at a broken glass screen after dropping or mishandling their iPhone 7. So do not blame yourself if your phone’s screen, too, is sporting cracked marks. And a visit to a well-known iPhone service centre can fix the problem. Its repair technicians have the know-how to replace the screen in the quickest time possible.

Old Battery

The iPhone 7’s lithium-ion battery has a limited lifespan. As it is a consumable item, you will begin to experience issues after a few years of using the device. You will notice that the battery is draining faster than usual, and you have to charge it frequently. And like the batteries of most other mobile gadgets, the iPhone 7’s old battery is also replaceable. A new battery can be installed on your device. But it is best to take the help of professionals to install it. You cannot replace iPhone 7’s non-removable battery as you lack both expertise and the right equipment.

Wi-Fi Issue     

A lot of users also complain about Wi-Fi not working on their iPhone 7. And it is among the most common mobile repair done by service centres. So do not worry if you are also experiencing the same problem. But, before you contact a centre, try these steps at your end:

  • Reset your device’s network settings
  • Remove the SIM card and insert it again after a few seconds
  • Update to the latest version of iOS
  • Restart your iPhone 7 – a lot of issues do get solved after you restart your device

If the W-Fi still does not work on your iPhone 7, you need to visit a reputable service centre. It has the diagnostic kit and repair tools to make the Wi-Fi work again on your phone.

Sound Issues    

Several iPhone 7 users have encountered sound issues; for example, unable to hear the incoming sound properly because it is too low to hear. You may be able to fix this issue by going to Settings > Sounds and dragging the Ringer and Alerts slider, and turning the volume up, or restarting your iPhone 7. Also, check if the case of your phone is not blocking the speaker. If you fail to solve the problem at your end, an experienced and trained technician can help you by quickly diagnosing the exact reason and then fixing it.


The iPhone 7 camera clicks great photos. So when it begins to act erratic and capture blurry photos, it can dampen your mood. If a simple restart or update to the latest iOS does not solve the problem, contact a reliable and safe service centre for apple watch & iPhone 7 repair in your city. It regularly handles iPhone camera issues, and hence, it will have the resources needed to do a top-notch camera repair job. Once it does that, you can again start capturing your beautiful moments.

Water-Damaged Components

Spilled coffee on your iPhone 7? Or, did your kid drop it in a tub full of water? If that has happened, there is always the risk of liquid/water damaging multiple parts of your device. And your phone may not turn on. You cannot revive your iPhone 7 without visiting a well-established iPhone repair centre. Fixing a water-damaged phone is one of the most complicated repair jobs, and only very experienced and well-trained technicians can do it efficiently. So you must visit a service centre that has a team of such technicians.

Overheating Issue iPhone 7

The reason can either be the hardware or the software or both can be at fault. However, if you haven’t dropped the phone during recent times or allowed it to come into contact with any liquid, chances are that the reason behind overheating is something to do with the software.

For instance, with a plethora of apps in use on your iPhone, it’s likely that one or several apps have become corrupted. And this could cause the CPU to work overtime. That can result in a lot of heat production and make the phone too hot to touch as well. We will get to the remedy for that later on.

Meanwhile, another reason for your iPhone to become hot is excessive usage over a prolonged period of time. The reason is the same as described above, as using the phone for long hours at a stretch is akin to making the processor work overtime. This could also damage the phone’s delicate electronics on the inside. In the worst-case scenario, you might be forced to go for an iPhone 7 repair job as well.

Before you visit a service centre for iPhone repair, confirm that it:

  • Follows Apple-approved and the latest repair protocol
  • Only uses Apple-approved repair equipment
  • Only uses genuine part for iPhone 7 repair
  • Has a team of experienced technicians who undergo regular training to improve their skills and upgrade their know-how
  • Offers a warranty on its repairs
  • Does repair jobs in the quickest time possible without compromising on quality
  • Charges a reasonable fee and does not add hidden costs.

The Final Word

It is always best to take the help of professionals for mobile repair near by you. But, make sure you hand over your device to the best service centre in your city.


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