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6 Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Damage

Getting a reliable mobile cover is perhaps the most effective and ideal way to prevent your phone from any damage, especially after buying a new smartphone. 

The most vulnerable part of your smartphone is the screen. A cracked screen is every smartphone owner’s nightmare. 

In this article, we’ll teach you a few ways to keep your expensive gadget safe for long-term use. But before that, look at possible causes of phone damage that users experience in his or her lifetime. 

Common Causes of Phone Damage

One of the common causes of phone damage includes accidentally dropping your phone, exposure to liquids, extreme temperatures, and exhausting the battery. When your mobile phone faces exposure to these conditions, the screen could crack or even damage entirely. Furthermore, real damage can affect the body of the phone and the internal circuit system of the phone. 

6 Best Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Damage

Here are six possible ways you can protect your smartphone from physical and internal damage:

  1. Get a phone case

Phone covers and screen protectors provide maximum physical safety to your smartphones. They tend to withstand everyday use, but some are less resilient than others. However, you may accidentally drop your phone more than once by handle multiple tasks or if you are simply clumsy. Thankfully, using a phone cover will help you prevent these issues.

The different kinds of phone cases offer the required level of protection for your smartphone. For instance, bumper cases usually use soft rubber to protect the sides of the device, whereas coverage cases enclose the entire cell phone. Mobile covers come in an unlimited variety of sizes, designs, and materials to customize your phone however you like.

  1. Use a screen protector

Do not wait for signs of blurriness or a crack to appear, and get a screen protector today! Since these screens are not unbreakable, you must consider getting a tempered glass screen protector that is the best of all. If your keys scratch the smartphone screen while being in your pocket or handbag, it is not a big deal because you can replace the screen protector. In this way, the original screen of the phone is safe from any scuff. It keeps the device intact and long-lasting. Getting a screen protector is easier and cheaper. Besides, it leaves the built-in phone screen free of fingerprints and stains.

  1. Keep your phone away from liquids

Do not forget to check your pockets before hopping into a pool! If your smartphone is not water-resistant, you might consider buying a waterproof mobile cover. Otherwise, if your phone has already come in contact with water or other liquid, then to prevent short-circuits, it is best to leave the phone unplugged and switched off for some time before powering it back on. Some people suggest putting the phone in a bowl of rice to prevent damage to the internal components by the shot circuit. 

  1. Avoid extreme temperatures and exhausting the phone battery

Solely avoid exposing your phone to extremely hot or cold conditions for a prolonged duration. It can shorten the life of a battery and, in some rare cases, cause it to explode.

Similarly, overcharging will not only affect the battery life but will also reduce its functionality. It can potentially overheat your device and hence causing damage by the increase in temperature. 

  1. Make use of a car phone holder while traveling.

There is a variety of universal phone holders available in the market. You can use a car mobile holder while traveling to hold your phone safe in one place. Apart from this, you can use a cell phone holder anywhere. It comes in handy, especially when you are multitasking, like watching a recipe and cooking. For this, you will need a phone holder to hold your phone at the desired level without the risk of dropping it.

  1. Keep the lens clean

What is a smartphone if you do not have a good camera result to take pictures? A protective case with a raised bezel, as well as a lens cover, is highly advantageous. These can help prevent scratches and scuffs on your phone camera.

Other advanced options

Other options that offer protection to your phone are ring holders and pop-sockets that give a firm grip when you hold the phone. The attachments also act as a stand so you can place your phone at the desired viewing angle. In addition to this, the lanyard wrist strap is an adjustable mobile phone accessory that lets you hold onto your phone securely and is handy. All these accessories also range in different designs and patterns.

A significant factor to note is to keep your phone out of the reach of children. Unless you do not take self-precautions, you are already putting your phone at risk. For example, make sure you do not put edgy items in the same pocket as your phone because it will leave a scratch on the screen. Protecting your phone from any damage, internally or externally, is essential unless you want to change to a new phone each time. 

From where to buy phone covers?

There are many online shops from where you can get mobile covers at affordable prices. However, before making a purchase, you’ll need to ensure that the site is reliable and has been in business for a long time. This surety is essential because many fake sellers have made their footprints in online business. Therefore, to get high-quality phone covers and other mobile accessories, you need to be watchful. 

Final Words

When you buy a new smartphone, irrespective of its brand, make sure you protect its screen and body from the very first day. There is a wide variety of mobile covers available in the market today. The selection of the right one depends on your needs and taste.   

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