6 Ways to Use Wooden Battens in Your House

Wood brings in a beautiful texture to the house. When used in the right way, wooden battens are no different—they add to the aesthetics of the house. While ceiling battens generally give solidity to any ceiling work you do, wood gives extra support with its durability. If you are wondering how to use wooden battens in your house, we have 6 creative ideas for you. 

  1. Terrace garden or patio

A tinge of wood in the patio, gazebo, or garden space is just what you need for a look that complements the outdoors and all the green. You can use wooden battens as wall cladding in a garden to form a nice contrast with the plants. Alternatively, you can use them to further decorate your gazebo by handing some lights or wind chimes on the batten.

  1. Ceiling beams

Using wooden battens in the ceiling is one of the most common ways to add a tinge of wood to the house. Wooden ceiling beams make the room seem more detailed and proportionate. You can use these either to hide the building material like pipes or to highlight the different zones in the house. 

  1. Jazz up the bathroom

There are a number of ways to jazz up your bathroom with wooden battens. You can start by adding wooden strips the same colour as the floor. This gives the room a unique finish. Alternatively, you can delve into dynamic wall art by arranging battens of different sizes on the wall and a faux ceiling. A wooden screen partitioner is something to consider, as well. Whichever you choose, make sure to use treated wood to ensure durability.

  1. Making a stair-ment

Bored of good old stair railing? Make a statement by creating a railing with vertical wooden battens. When extended to the ceiling panel and ceiling, the battens make a wonderful statement in themselves. You can further mix things up by making adjoining strips uneven or extending the batten to the floor.

  1. Adding lights

Adding LED lights within or between battens can add a glamorous effect to the room. You can achieve this by carving into the wooden strip and placing LED strips within. Placing wooden or similar lights between each batten strip is yet another idea to consider. A pro tip is to either combine battens with lights with other design elements or using a light with a unique design like up-and-down lights. 

  1. Battened facade

Finally, using battens on the facade adds to the charm of the house outdoors. Not only does it increase the curb appeal with the house through a modern look, but it also can go well with other facade elements when used right. Pro-tip is to make use of the visual rhythms of uneven battens to improve overall aesthetics. 


Wooden battens add a wonderful texture wherever you add them; be it the ceiling or the wall. All you need to do is find the right balance of the strips and plain surface, and you will have interiors that people envy. Pick the right style and jazz up your interiors with wooden battens.

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