7 Easy Steps: How to Get Verified on Instagram?

How to Get Verified on Instagram: 7 Easy Steps


What is a Verified Badge on Instagram?


You’ve probably noticed the blue checkmark beside the names of some of your favourite IG accounts. The blue checkmark ( the seal with checkmarks in the centre) signifies that Instagram has authenticated the account. Brands, people and businesses that have Instagram verified badges are authentic. IG authentic badges are legitimate.

The Blue Check icon on InstagramBlue Check on Instagram IG verification signifies that an account has been verified as authentically associated with a prominent public person, celebrity, or global brand.

This badge in blue is awarded to famous brands and individuals on Instagram. It’s crucial to stay away from duplicate accounts and fake accounts!


Fake accounts, impersonators and copycats are targeted at well-known and popular accounts on social platforms. The fakes use their image to trick followers into believing they are real. This is not so cool! Impersonators can be irritating. In the worst case, they can influence your brand’s reputation and image on social media.


This is the reason Instagram verified badge was created. The IG certified badge was designed. The handy blue badge serves as an authentic certification on Instagram. It lets users know that the brand or person associated with the Instagram account is genuine and reliable.


What is the Value of a Blue Badge on Instagram?

Let’s be honest. The tiny blue tick is crucial to confirm the authenticity of Instagram accounts; However, it is also an official status indicator. You’re ” notable “if you’ve received a blue badge from IG, you’re “notable”, right?


This is why having IG verified is an important achievement for accounts that are growing. If you’re curious about how to verify an account on Instagram, the platform is leaving the specific requirements unclear.


Can I Get Verified on Instagram?


The answer is probably. It’s simple to determine. However, everyone could apply right now! Here’s why:


  • Instagram launched a public-facing verified accounts application back in August 2018 to simplify the process and stop the illicit black market for blue checks.
  • Here are the latest guidelines from IG for 2021. We’ll dive into the finer details, but the fundamentals are that you must be unique, authentic and complete. You must also be notable.


Never Try to Buy Your Verification Badge

Do not trust the person who claims to have a “friend” who is employed by Instagram and will be able to earn your badge for just some dollars. Don’t also trust people who send you DMs about how simple it is to have an Instagram account verified and then insist that you pay them to manage the verification process.


Scammers on Instagram know that individuals and companies feel slightly exaggerated over the blue check. Be aware that scammers are successful in presenting themselves as authentic. Be aware that Instagram does not ask or ask for money.


Furthermore, it’s crucial to adhere to the rules. If you violate Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines can result in the suspension or deletion of your account. However, great power comes with great responsibility. The verification process has to be honest and authentic.


How to Get Verified on Instagram Step-By-Step

The process of applying to be eligible for IG verification is very simple.

  1. Go to your profile and hit the Menu button in the upper right corner.
  2. Click the settings icon (it looks like a tiny gear)
  3. Touch the account icon
  4. Tap Request Verification at the lower
  5. Please fill in your name in full, your professional name, as well as your category
  6. Upload a photo of your ID or other business documents
  7. Make sure to click Send after your application is finished!


Check the part where you connect your identification! You’ll require a valid government ID that clearly states your name and birthdate (like an ID card for a driver’s passport, national ID, or passport) or any business-related documents like tax returns or utility bills when seeking verification of a brand or business.


Then, that’s it!


Instagram will notify you after they’ve reviewed your application. My official response came 3 days after I made my application.


As my profile is “Authentic,” “Unique,” and I have a “Complete” profile, It appears to lie in the fact that I’m “Notable” sufficient. Well, it’s ok. It was worth the effort!


Be authentic

To qualify, you must be who you claim to be, no matter if your account is for an individual, a company or an organization!


Be unique –

One account per person or company can be verified (unless your account is specific to a language). Memes accounts, Fan Accounts and feature accounts can’t be verified.


FAQs on Instagram Verification

Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding becoming Instagram verified!


How many followers do I require to be verified on Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram hasn’t disclosed the number of followers needed to verify Instagram verification. Moreover, there is no information on the lowest number of followers confirmed on the IG account.

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There’s no reason not to apply for a job – and plenty you could gain if accepted. The application process is fast and simple to complete, so what do you risk losing?

Can Tailwind help me get verified?

We hope to assist; however, we can’t verify your identity. Even although Tailwind is a reputable Instagram Partner, it only signifies that IG has recognized the app as effective and useful for growing your business on Instagram. Only Instagram can confirm your account.


However, we can assist you in growing your following with our range full of Instagram tools. The Create tool will assist you in creating many posts in just a few minutes. Additionally, we have a Smart. Bio tool that can help you find hashtags, as well as schedule! They offer the opportunity to try for free, and you’ll enjoy all the features using Tailwind Pro.


What are the advantages of being confirmed on Instagram?

Does Instagram verification worthy of applying for? Does the sought-after blue badge mean anything other than bragging rights? Absolutely. Being verified on IG will impact the marketing you do on Instagram. Here are some advantages of being verified:


Verifying your account through IG increases trust – The blue badge reassures those following you that you’re genuine and that your account is verified.

You can access Instagram Links in Stories. Verified account owners were among the first to include links in IG Stories. IG Stories. In the absence of verification, you’ll require more than 10,000 users to be able to use the feature.

It increases brand awareness. We’ve mentioned earlier the blue check is a way to tell the world you’re someone. People will be excited to learn your name and who you’re all about if you have a blue check!

More attention is drawn to the blue badge. With all the excitement and interest in your new blue checkmark, you’ll be able to convert that interest into conversions, engagement and perhaps even sales!

However, don’t let go of your hope of ever getting traffic off of Instagram If you’re not up to 10K and haven’t been verified.


Bio by Tailwind can help you easily drive readers to your blog post and other products. Free landing pages that you can customize!


As we mentioned above, the process used by IG to confirm your identity is relatively quick, around 2-3 weeks. But, if you’re looking to increase your followers and increase your visibility, it could take longer.


We’ve got all the most frequently asked questions answered. Let’s talk about some methods to help you become certified!

1. Complete Your Instagram Bio

One of the main conditions for Instagram verification is having a full IG profile. Check that your bio is fully complete, with an image of your profile and that you have at minimum one post on your account.


For a step-by-step guide on creating a flawless bio, check out “6 Steps to Make an Effectively Branded Bio.” If you’re having a hard time coming up with concepts for your bio, read this article for more than 220 IG Bio concepts.


2. Work On Getting Published

Every Instagram account is manually verified with an IG employee who conducts checks for news from multiple sources. For your news coverage to be simple to locate, you should consider keeping your press section well-organized on your site.


If your Instagram account is solely on IG, you won’t be verified. But, you can make an impressive presence and get your spot on the Instagram green checkmark by making sure that you have the upper hand in searches for your name!


Optimize your website’s pages or other social media accounts to be highly visible in search results. Get more results from searching by guest posting on other websites and looking for mentions on blogs similar to yours or podcasts. You can also use video! Make significant improvements to your social media profiles, which can positively affect the trustworthiness of your account once the verification process starts.


3. Keep Growing Your Instagram Following

Although there’s not a minimum number of followers needed to get Instagram confirmed, it appears more popular with more followers.

To increase the chances of having the blue checkmark next to your name, keep increasing your reach and your number of followers engaged.



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