RV Washing Tips
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7 Essential RV Washing Tips You Need To Know

There are a few differences between an RV wash near you and washing a vehicle or car: you should be aware of whether you’re a professional detailer trying to add RVs to your service menu or just an RV owner looking for some advice.

RV Washing

There are a few tips and strategies to be aware of that are slightly different from a car, from the equipment to wash techniques to the actual surface of the RV.

In this blog, we’ll go over seven essential RV detailing pointers that you should be aware of while going through a truck wash near you.

1.    Get The Necessary Tools For Detailing An RV.

Items to think about when visiting an RV wash near you.

  • powered by a gas pressure washer
  • for mobile detailing, large water tanks
  • Gel gloss is used to finish.
  • wax cleaner for protection
  • Roof cannon large 5-gallon bucket

Applying soap and creating foam with a pressure washer can be quicker because you’re working with a relatively large vehicle, unlike in a car wash, but you need to be careful not to use too much pressure.

2.    Know How To Clean An RV Roof Properly

Unlike those on vehicles, RV roofs are often constructed of some rubber, like EPDM. They need particular care when you visit an RV wash near you because they are primarily white and frequently the dirtiest area of an RV. When cleaning your roof while standing up, you should exercise considerable caution; if you’d rather, you could even wash it by hand while wearing kneepads. You should just buy a jug of RV rubber roof cleaner, which is specially intended to clean and shield your roof from UV rays, to clean an RV roof.

3.    Take Your Time

You should be aware that an RV wash might take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours if you’re one person. When it’s hot outside, remember to pause, keep fluids nearby, and work in the shade if you can. It would help if you were also prepared to spend more on these services than you would for a car wash because RV washing can take some time to complete.

4.    Utilize The Materials Suggested For Each RV Surface.

Today, RVs are manufactured from various materials, including fiberglass, aluminum, and (rarely) metal. Remember that if you want to remove mold or other difficult-to-remove materials, you may need to contact your dealer or manufacturer about what chemicals are safe to use in an RV wash. You can also go for a 24-hour car wash service. For instance, cleaning mold off RV roofs safely and effectively can be done with white vinegar.

5.    Do Not Stress About Drying Your RV.

As long as you use the appropriate products, drying RVs is not worth your time because it is practically difficult to do it on a hot day owing to evaporation. You cannot wait for long at the car wash near you. Water spots can be challenging to avoid, especially if your Class-A RV is made of metal and dark-colored.

6.    Apply Suds With A Foam Cannon.

If you’d instead not dip a brush in a bucket of suds, applying suds with a foam cannon or gun can help you save time. You can use a foam gun with a regular garden hose, pressure washer, and cannon. An RV can usually be reasonably clean if the product can produce thick foam, even though dirt is best cleaned by hand. It can expedite applying soap to such a broad surface, even if you want to go over it again with a long brush.

7.    Get A Long Wash Brush To Use For Traditional Washing.

If you want to charge more per vehicle and do not need the speed and convenience of a foam sprayer, a wash brush with an extending pole is probably the best option. While we usually advise against using any brush in a car/truck wash near you can be an exception if you use a soft fabric brush, stay away from bristles, and keep it clean.


To attain better results, there are a few tips and tactics to know about that are slightly different than a usual car wash near you, including the equipment, wash procedures, and the actual surface of the RV.


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