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laundry service Calgary

7 Laundry Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

New clothing always makes us happy and gives us the courage to soar; however, unclean clothes make us feel uncomfortable in any situation. Instead of losing confidence, do one thing: keep your clothing clean.

You always need simple guidance to accept and implement nicer and cleaner clothes. So, we have an expert who can address and fix your problems in seconds.

Residential laundry service Calgary is a laundry service with greater experience, and its professionals can assist you with any difficulty. They provide safe 7 laundry methods that can help your clothes last longer, from wool to linen.

Take the following recommendations to keep your clothes happy and puffy:

First Avoid The Dry Cleaning:

If you observe, there are many clothing tags with directions such as “Dry Clean Only,” however, we do not always need to follow the same rules. Because if you wear your clothes frequently and then follow dry cleaning recommendations, it may harm your clothes. Dry cleaning, which uses a chemical solution to clean cloths’ surfaces, can degrade materials.

And fabrics like linen, wool, and silk are water-resistant and often perform well in a sensitive environment (to keep them safe, you can put them in a mesh bag to reduce abrasion). If you’re concerned about colour bleeding, try a smaller area first. If you cut back on your dry cleaning, you’ll save your clothes from unnecessary wear and your wallet from the extra expenditure.

Second, You can Use Less Detergent and Fabric Conditioner:

Most have used too much-washing detergent or material softener in a load. More detergent may not necessarily result in better cleaning. The excess detergent settles back on the garment, leaving it drab and stiff.

As a detergent enhancer, start with half the standard detergent and 1/2 cup baking soda. You’ll be surprised that your laundry is just as clean, plus you’ll save money. If you’re not satisfied, try adding a different detergent the following time.

Furry and other commercial fabric conditioners or softeners can help clothes last better. They function by coating filaments with lubrication that softens the materials to the contact. The lubricating also makes fibres move more freely against one other, making clothes feel softer, reducing wear and tear, increasing stain resistance, and reducing static cling. For the greatest results, stick to the instructions and avoid overdosing!

Third, Carefully Read Fabric Care Labels:

Even if you’re a seasoned laundry professional, you must read clothes care labels. If it advises washing in cold water, do so. Consider the label if it states dry clean only, particularly if the product is fresh.

As you acquire experience, you will discover that some hand-wash items may be washed on a mild cycle in the washing machine. Certain unstructured items, such as sweaters and knits, can also be hand-washed rather than dry-cleaned.

Nevertheless, read the care label or see a commercial laundry service in Calgary if in doubt.

Forth, for Delicates, you can use a Mesh Bag:

As described earlier in this article, Mesh bags are the safety bags for colour coats. And act as great pals when washing delicate clothes like underwear. It’s especially great for socks and infant items so small they seem to vanish. Put all the small pieces in one bag, and you’ll always be able to find them and their corresponding pairs.

Fifth, Avoid using Bleach:

Although chlorine bleach is widely used, it can harm many materials, including white cotton, if used in excessive concentrations. Carefully dilute chlorine bleach and understand how to use it properly, or get expert help from a Calgary residential laundry service.

Bleach stains can develop when bleach is spilled on clothing, residual bleach drips from an automated dispenser, or a piece of laundry that has come into contact with bleach contacts another item. Take extra precautions to avoid these issues, particularly if you share a laundry room with others.

Sixth, Wash Your Clothes in Darks From the Inside Out:

Turn your dark items inside out before putting them in the washing machine to maintain them vibrantly dark. Because it stops the fabric surfaces from rubbing against one other, this easy method can help battle the fading that can occur when washing blacks, navy, and forest greens. The interior may have some colour fading, but the exterior will be preserved.

Finally, Never Overload the Washer:

Overloading your washer with clothing can harm your garments in various ways. Even cleaning might take extra effort and take too long to accomplish. We believe it is a quick method to get more washing done, but it is damaging to your clothing.

  • They not properly get cleaned.
  • Second, they rub together so much that the finish of your garments is damaged.
  • Third, they may get some stains from excess clothing.
  • Fourth, the increased time spent in water may affect your clothes.

Speaking with an Expert can Help you Save the Day!

We’ve all heard that advice is usually useful when you don’t know what you’re doing. We have an experienced specialist who can assist you in any circumstance, all to keep your clothes safe for a long time. For additional information, contact a Calgary residential laundry service.

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