7 Most Effective Face Mask Against COVID-19

A face mask is the most effective and easiest way to decrease transmission of coronavirus and saves lives.

After the Spanish flu, coronavirus is one of the major medical scares nowadays. Everybody needs to take such things into consideration that reduce the effects of coronavirus. According to the health centers for control, diseases say wearing a mask in public places helps to lessen the spread of COVID-19. People who are pre-symptomatic of this disease may spread this virus before exposing the symptoms. So, a face mask act as a blockade between the infected person and a normal person.

However, a good mask does not stop you from getting a virus, but it may reduce the spread of disease. People are wearing different kinds of face coverings in order to control the novel coronavirus. But it is essential to take a look at what CDC recommends when it comes to face-covering or masks.

Different Types Of Face Mask

The world health organizations and CDC approves the basic surgical face mask that is effective for public use. However, these masks are specifically designed to protect you and others from this contagious disease.

Here is the list of face mask that is effective;

  1. Cloth face mask 
  2. Surgical face mask 
  3. N95 face mask 
  4. Full-length face shield
  5. Full face respirator 
  6. KN95 face mask

1)      Cloth face mask

A cloth mask is a type of mask that you can wear on an everyday basis. It is also the version that is recommended to wear in public use. People easily wear this mask while going to gas stations, grocery stores, parks, or any public place.

2)      Surgical face mask

The FDA approved to wear of surgical mask that is made from thin material and disposable in nature. Many medical health concerns and professionals wear this type of mask while operating drive-thru testing of COVID-19. This disposable face mask price is so competitive, and it covers to cover the nose and mouth. Not only this, it covers the eyes, forehead, and cheeks as well.

3)      N95 face mask

The N95 respirators usually never wear by the general public, and this type of mask is best for medical responders and health care workers. So, this mask is not so important for those who are not working as health workers. This mark is necessary for those who are in contact with the patients directly.

4)      Full length face shield

This type of mask is the flimsier and plastic version of the glass, which you can see usually worn by welders. This mask covers the entire face from your forehead to chin, and it secures from a cushioned headband. However, this face mask is not best for COVID-19, and it is tough to breathe in all the time.

5)      Full-face respirator

Some people face a hard time breathing in a surgical mask and cloth mask, so a full-face respirator is a good choice. A full-face respirator is usually used for home improvements projects. For people who are suffering from respiratory issues and breathing problems, this type of mask is suitable.

6)      KN95 face mask

KN95 masks are similar to the N95. Both of them easily capture 95% of minute particles. The KN95 mask is certified by the Chinese government, whereas the N95 mask meets US standards. The KN95 mask needs to be more breathable as compared to the N95 mask.

Primary Types Of Face Mask

At the start of coronavirus, you usually hear wearing a face mask is mandatory to reduce the impact of COVID-19, keep social distancing, and be more conscious about hygiene factors. Many people are considering which face mask is best to use, so there are generally three types of face mask from whom you can choose;

  • Homemade cloth face mask
  • Surgical face mask
  • N95 respirators

Let’s explore more about each of them in detail!

1.      Homemade cloth face mask

To prevent the transmission of coronavirus from one person to another, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing face coverings is the pivotal way to stop the spread of disease. They suggest wearing homemade cloth face masks when people are going to public places such as shopping etc., where it is impossible to maintain the 6 -foot distance. So, the health authorities suggest; wear cloth face masks in public settings such as the community based-areas like groceries, pharmacies, and stores.

The homemade face mask is made from cotton material, but the manufacturers of 3 ply mask Indonesia says if you prefer to wear a homemade mask, make sure it is more than two layers to improve its durability. Moreover, you need to wash the face mask after every use and ensure that you do not touch the eyes, mouth, and nose.

2.      Surgical face mask

A surgical mask is a loose-fitting and disposable face mask that covers your mouth, nose, and chin. These masks are best to protect from splashes, sprays, and large particles or droplets. It is best to prevent the transmission of infectious respiratory secretions. Face masks act as a barrier and blockade between an infected person and a healthy one.

Surgical masks may vary in colors and designs, but they are rectangular and flat in shape with three folds and pleats. At the top of the surgical mask, there is the metal strip that is used to fix the face mask around your nose. It even contains elastic bands and ties that help to hold the surgical face mask when you are wearing it. These masks can be tied behind the ears and also looped behind the head.

3.      N95 respirators

The N65 mask is the best type of face mask that is usually used by health workers in order to protect themselves and others from this infectious disease. The N65 masks are more tight-fitting face mask around your face. This face mask easily filters out the splashes, large droplets, and sprays, and it even filters 95% of small particles.

To Wrap Up The Things

Face masks are a small and simple way that prevents the coronavirus from spreading. To make this situation under control, it is pivotal to wear a mask.

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