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7 Preventative Health Exams You Should Not Avoid

We may not enjoy going to the doctor, but it is for our best. Preventative care can stop you from suffering a terrible fate and it’s really something everyone has to do if they want to feel well. Here are a few preventative treatments many want to avoid, but you shouldn’t go without.

1. Annual Check-Up

When visiting the doctor for an annual checkup, many feel anxious. You shouldn’t be worried if you’re getting a checkup, though. Going to the doctor at least once a year can decrease your risk of many diseases.

So, if you’re worried about your health, go to them more often. They’ll discover anything worrying while examining you and tell you about it. Then, getting better is a matter of making good choices.

2. Mammograms

Doctors use this x-ray procedure to check whether a woman has cancer. By the age of 40, many develop breast cancer, especially if they have a family history.

Getting a mammogram can be a life-saving procedure if it’s done early enough. That’s because breast cancer happens to be one of the most treatable cancers. So, as long as you detect it soon, your survival odds are high.

That being said, men can also develop breast cancer, not just women. Although it is less common, men should learn the warning signs of breast cancer and see their doctor if they notice any unusual lumps on their chest. 

3. Vaccinations

Every year, a new flu shot hits the market. However, only a fraction of the population has taken it most years. That’s partly responsible for the elevated infection rates we’ve seen recently. So, make sure you’ve gone to the doctor to get a flu shot.

Even if it doesn’t stop you from getting sick, it will help. Infections aren’t as severe if you’ve taken it, limiting downtime. As a result, getting one can prevent you from missing too many days of work if sick.

Today, most insurance companies cover vaccines. There’s a new list of them released every year, too. So, check out what’s covered by your policy and see if there’s anything new.

If there is, we’d recommend asking about it. Then, register for an appointment and get one. That way, nothing has much of a chance to infect you if something is going around.

If you are a man, you may want to consider getting the HPV vaccine if you have not already. Traditionally the HPV vaccine was only given to girls, but in recent years it has been shown to be highly effective in the prevention of most throat cancers. 

4. Colonoscopy

As a man, you need to get a colonoscopy around 40. Just like women, your risk of developing cancer becomes much higher at that age. Not only does a colonoscopy test for colon cancer, but your physician can also detect prostate cancer in the process.

Thankfully, it’s another treatable one as long as it’s detected early. So, don’t put off getting a colonoscopy because you’re worried about the results. If anything, it would improve your odds of surviving if you had colon or prostate cancer.

Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States so you will not want to skip this preventive exam. 

5. Pap Smears

Many women want to avoid getting a pap smear due to the uncomfortable nature of the procedure. However, this can detect early signs of cervical and uterine cancer that will greatly increase your chances of beating the disease as opposed to going months or years without finding out. Avoiding the pain of these cancers is well worth the few minutes it takes to perform a pap smear. 

6. Blood Pressure Screening

For most people, blood pressure worsens with age. At a certain point, they’re likely to suffer heart attacks and other cardiac issues. One of the best things you can do for health is to control your blood pressure. As long as it’s within a healthy range, you’ll live a long time.

You can only tell if yours is out of range by going to the doctor and checking. If they discover something is wrong with it, they’ll let you know. Then, you can change your lifestyle to get it back under control.

If you are experiencing frequent migraines this may be a warning sign that you are experiencing high blood pressure and should get screened. Having high blood pressure can be due to your diet or any medications you are taking. Only your doctor should assess what the cause could be and give you actions to take. 

7. Cholesterol Screening

Besides blood pressure, cholesterol is another silent killer. As we get older, our LDL levels tend to increase. This makes it more likely that we suffer strokes and cardiac arrest. LDL cholesterol is a significant contributor to calcification. This is when calcium piles up in the valves of the heart, creating a blockage that requires a stent procedure. It is best to avoid this in the first place since it is difficult to reverse calcification. 

Ask your doctor if they can test the LDL levels in your blood the next time they’re seeing you. It doesn’t take them long to produce the results, so you won’t have to wait. After a few days, you’ll receive the results, letting you know your cholesterol. From there, it’s not hard to make a few changes if they’re not within a healthy range. It’s worth spending the time to correct cholesterol imbalances, too. Get it done at a private clinic in London or near you.

Which Preventative Treatments Are the Most Valuable?

Preventing ailments is much better than treating them. That’s why we’re such fans of preventative treatments. By going to the doctor ahead of time, you can avoid getting sick in the first place. So, it’s always a good idea to get as many preventative treatments as you can. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself at risk without any need. Just do the right thing and get it taken care of now.

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