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7 Quick Tips for Successful OTT Service in 2022

Online statistics reveal, ‘’globally, the OTT Services market is expected to touch $1.039 trillion in revenue by 2027.’’

Your role doesn’t limit to building an OTT platform, you need to work on enhancing your OTT services.

While you’ve managed to launch OTT services, it is important to enhance your OTT platform continuously.

Today, there are multiple players in the current OTT market, which means the OTT services will continue to be competitive.

If you’re looking to drive better revenue and capture more users on your OTT platform, try these 7 tricks to deliver your OTT services better than your competitors successfully.

Top 7 Tricks to Enhance OTT Services In 2022

  1. Personalize user experience

User experience is one key factor in successfully delivering quality OTT services. Since OTT services are customer-centric, personalizing each user experience can win more attention and revenue. With the use of analytics, start collecting information on your user behavior such as what content they repeatedly see, etc. This will help you curate the content recommendations based on their interest.

  1. Attractive content catalog development

To garner more attention from your audience, work on making your content catalog attractive. It doesn’t have to be too much color or bigger fonts, even a simple design works on capturing multiple attention.

You can even make use of stories to display the new content that has been added to your OTT platform. Creating a refined content catalog helps your users to scroll easily and retain their attention to binge-watch more content on your platform.

  1. Study your audience

This is one of the prime factors that will help drive better revenue for your business. The best way to cater to your user is to study about them. Every detail you receive about them helps you provide an exceptional experience for them.

For instance, if you’re aware that your users are watching more thriller-related content, customize and send suggestions related to the multiple contents available on your OTT platform.

  1. Provide versatile content

The whole purpose being OTT streaming is to access new content. While linear TV is present to watch at scheduled times, the content is found to be more repeated. With OTT platforms, users can access global content and this original content approach is the real deal to invest in your OTT platform.

Users will always invest in an OTT platform that offers them better content than the competitors. They wouldn’t mind paying more to access a diversity of content available.

  1. Offer better pricing models

There are multiple pricing models available such as AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, etc. But not all the pricing models will work in your favour. For instance, having a content library of entertainment benefits better with SVOD, but on the other hand, accessing training videos or educational videos can benefit better with TVOD. Understand which pricing model can help drive better revenue and incorporate the same.

  1. Offer multi-device support

Users shouldn’t have any limitations when it comes to accessing OTT content. You should provide the option of OTT streaming devices without any restriction. For instance, your user can access content on any device such as their smartphone and even laptop and even their tablets. This should be a mandatory support as users will not be limited to one device only.

If you see, every user will always have a smartphone or maybe a laptop or tablet with them. Thus when they travel or wish to stream any content, this option should make it convenient for them.

  1. Create result-driven marketing strategies For OTT Services

A good marketing strategy will drive your OTT platform to compete better with other competitors in the same market. Having a marketing strategy matters as this is what will help you exhibit your brand to your target audience. Planning a marketing strategy needs to be supported with the market stats, user behaviour, etc.

For instance, understand where your target audience comes from, is it social media, etc? Next, create a plan that will turn heads towards your campaigns. For instance, add visuals, use social media ads, etc to garner more attention. Once this happens, you will compel multiple users towards your OTT platform.

To name a few marketing strategies are, ads, social media marketing, content marketing, referral marketing, etc.


OTT is the modern solution to access VOD content anytime, anywhere at a convenient rate.

The convenience brought but this solution has made a community of content lovers dependent on it. While you now have your own OTT solution, investing in OTT platform providers can benefit you better.

OTT platform offer tons of features and multiple options of your interest. All the benefits provided by these providers work on enhancing your OTT platform better.

So tell us, when do you plan to get started?

Which trick will you get started with to enhance your OTT services?

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