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7/ Reasons Not to Blame the Hosting Provider

Here is an interesting topic today with us which is considerable:  customer’s complaints about the hosting provider. And of course, one dollar hosting can be the best solution to this problem.  Frequently, the customers express their dissatisfaction with suppliers. Since in few cases the provider’s fault is absent.

Maybe you didn’t realize this fact that the web hosting you use can have a great effect on the performance of your website. . Wrong hosting can lead to time and exploitation by different malign parties at different times. In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about security and web hosting.

Don’t stress over the fact that your clients are blaming you for this disaster. Let me recommend some possible ways to answer this common issue.

As you know, various factors work in the function of a website, and we have stopped a website from working properly for these six main reasons. Be proactive and teach yourself and your clients why websites fail.

Who’s In charge of Web Security?

At first glance, you could think that the hosting provider is at fault for allowing their hosted website to get hacked and, in this case, allowing the hacker to change the hosting information as well. All that time and effort poured into creating a website is now gone with the click of a mouse.

Going back to our user, since the hosting provider was changed by the web hacker, his original hosting provider told him that it would be extremely difficult to track who hacked their website. This was very unhelpful for our user and really helped him understand that he needs to take web security into his own hands.

Hosting providers are primarily concerned with delivering a cheap, reliable, and smooth hosting service for their end-users. Security is typically the individual’s responsibility and this responsibility should not be squarely placed on someone else’s shoulders.

Hosting Providers will not guarantee the operation of the server without interruptionsweb hosting

 Have you ever encountered a situation where, because of coercion, you disappoint other people? Of course, these situations happen to everyone. What does this have to do with the $1 web hosting provider? Equipment sometimes fails and requires regular repairs and maintenance. Therefore, minor issues should not lead to violent consumer dissatisfaction. Unless, of course, these issues are managed.

What Do Hosting Providers Care About?

All the stored data inside customers’ websites are ultimately considered the property of the owner of the website. So, it is important for website owners to acquire knowledge of the importance of web security. They should stop blaming others, such as their hosting provider if their website is hacked.

When a hacker changes hosting information and transfers the website to another server, the actual hosting provider simply assumes that the website owner is transferring their website. If the login information once leaked and the account is transferred, it is too late.

Eventually, in this case, when the user came to CloudBirk for future protection, they had to create a brand new website. That’s why in creating a secure website early action is the most important step.

The hosting provider is not accountable for the repair and configuration of your site

Often, the client sues the provider, detecting failures in the operation of their site. Failure is almost 100% of cases is due to user actions. Often, such issues are for consumers who have little knowledge of managing their own resources.

In some cases, technical support helps the customer solve problems. But that doesn’t mean it’s their responsibility to help set up the site. On the server, the provider provides a platform. And the management of this site is your sole responsibility.

The hosting provider is not liable for hacking the resourcehacker

One dollar hosting provider frequently complains about the low level of security provided. This is usually happening after a resource has been hacked. An enraged user attacks the provider with reproaches. Is it true?

You can hack any resource practically. Of course, it is difficult to stop an experienced hacker because there is no dependable defense mechanism for this. Especially, if he gets paid. Obviously, people who write viruses, develop defense mechanisms.

The host gives protection in the agreement. The user must ensure the safety of their resources.

The hosting provider is not obliged to notify the client about the expiration of the services, store the information, and maintain a free domain for the user

All claims made to the host regarding cheap Wrestler Hosting UK and resale of the domain to another customer free of cost are not acceptable. If the client doesn’t pay for the given site, the host has the right to remove it. He can also provide the site for use by another client.

Increase Server Load

The load on the server is neither generated nor controlled by the host. Statements that the fraudulent host blocks the site specifically to make money on the cheating user are made by people who don’t have any idea about the operation of the servers.

If the server is not designed for heavy loads, it will not compete with them. To make your site more stable, choose the right resources.

 Defend Your Website before it is hacked

The important thing is that there are many solutions out there to ensure that these situations do not happen again. Hosting providers can help you choose the safest plan, but the security of a website is ultimately up to the website owner. The vast majority of web attacks are on the application layer (layer 7 of the OSI model), so having a web application firewall (WAF) would be an important service.

In addition, users can fully control their web security by managing their web traffic in their Cloudbric dashboard. The dashboard shows real-time tracking of all web attack statistics and permits website owners to block doubtful web visitors with one click.


While web hosting providers can provide you with all the tools you need to build your business website, they are not responsible when it comes to the web security of your website. One dollar hosting providers focus on providing infrastructure to as many customers as possible, and individual web security can get in the way. Therefore, actual website owners are responsible for web security. As we have outlined in our example above, it’s important to secure your website before any dangerous and costly

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