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Baby carriage washing and walking alone 5 in 1!  It is easy to adjust, it has a reversible handle, it is easy to take out of the car, it is easy to put in the car, it is ideal for winter, but at the same time for summer. You also change its wheels with some winter ones and the stroller has been transformed into an armored one for snow! He also has thermal insulation, music, swings alone, sings… what to do back and forth, gives food to the child. In addition, your baby will feel most comfortable in a pram made of eco-organic cotton material .. blah blah blah. 

This is how I would summarize all the offers that simply catch your eye and especially the money in your pocket – a clear 4-digit amount, which is dangerously close to 5 digits sometimes. All stroller manufacturers rely on the lack of knowledge of the parents. The future parents will wear it for the unborn child and add that they want the best stroller for your child.

Let me tell you a SECRET:

The stroller is 90% for parents, (read for the mother!) And the remaining 10% for the comfort of the child.

When I think now about all the investments I’ve made since D. was born, I realize that choosing a stroller isn’t really essential. A stroller should NOT be difficult to choose. But because there are so many features today, I decided to tell you something to look for when buying a stroller. I hope the information helps you:

  1. What equipment should a useful stroller have for a newborn? Be easy to handle and have rubber wheels NOT plastic. It’s not a file, it has to deal with potholes and curbs in our cities.
  2. To be able to get in the elevator! ESSENTIAL. I have a friend who returned about 3, I’m not kidding until she managed to find a suitable stroller. So measure in cm without embarrassment.
  3. Have a 5-point seat belt.
  4. Be very careful because many manufacturers especially sport strollers, write that it can be used from birth and that the backrest is left at 180 degrees. There are those strollers that seem to have a kind of rotating pram. Yes, it is left on its back, not all of them are even 180 degrees and for a newborn, it also matters a lot, and 10 degrees because he slips, he can’t stand. Especially caught in the belts. See the picture
  5. Fold as easily as possible: possibly with one hand – You, mothers, will go out at least once a day without a husband and you need everything to be very comfortable.
  6. The backrest should be adjustable in 3 positions, most of them have it
  7. To have a space in the basket as maaaaare as possible. You have no idea how many things you will take with you to the corner store for shopping.

Below I give you some examples from Nichiduta, a site with which I get along very well and with decent prices. Now there are also discounts. In the first year of D.’s life, I subscribed to them weekly. Now I don’t buy so many things for the child 🙂 But I’m about to start over with some things for the little brother.


  • 3 in 1 variant . Here I am not too convinced that the baby really stands 180 degrees horizontally. It can be seen and tested at a store. In fact, there are variations on the same product in this category 3 in 1. The car shell was very useful for me because I kept it in the cart in the shell for a while (being winter).
  • This stroller exemplifies what we tell you above: that although it is left 180 degrees behind, a baby 0-6 months will not be able to sit in it, only in the pram or in the shell, only 15 min. The price is just right. 1719 lei.


  • Sports strollers are all valid after 6 months because they involve babysitting on the bottom. It costs 309 lei. 

What features are NOT essential to a stroller? (in my opinion)

  • It doesn’t have to have a sleeping bag. You dress the child well and cover them with a blanket.
  • The child should sit with his face or back in the direction of travel.
  • Insect net – a piece of cloth can be put on to protect the baby.
  • Special bag for mothers. Any bigger bag is good, I even uncovered a backpack too late.

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