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8 relaxation exercises for better sleep

Do you suffer from sleep disorders ? Do you regularly find it difficult to put stress aside when it comes time to lie down on your mattress and let yourself go in the arms of Morpheus? Sophrology can bring you the solutions you expect. Sometimes it’s just enough to relax. Easier said than done ? It’s true, but a few simple exercises , to be done at home, after a day of work or before going to bed, can help. We have selected 8 proven methods for you. Exercises to do, why not to music, thanks to our Hypnia Playlist .

1 – Get rid of your annoyances

You have to take the bull by the horns and crush your annoyances to finally be freed from them! This method of sophrology therefore consists of standing up, legs slightly apart, knees slightly bent, head straight, back also, arms along the body and hands open. Then close your eyes and inhale through your nose, closing your fists. Then hold your breath and shrug your shoulders up and down several times to “force” the stress out of you. Then exhale, opening your fists as if you were letting go of something that weighs you down.

It is advisable to do this exercise three times a day, after a long day, to leave worries and stress behind.

2 – Relax your body

It is not always easy to untie your body. To rid it of accumulated tensions. Nevertheless, this exercise could help you! Ready? Let’s go!

Lie down on your bed and close your eyes. Relax your forehead well, relax your jaw, eyebrows and tongue. You have to relax here . All the muscles of the body must let go to relax gradually. To relax the legs, try doing a few rotations of the ankles, still in a lying position.

3 – Do not dread bedtime anymore

It is not uncommon to sometimes dread going to bed . A pleasant moment for some (the lucky ones who sleep well) but which can be like a test for others. And that’s where this exercise to annihilate this fear of bedtime comes in…

Adopt the standing position described in the first chapter. Raise your left arm horizontally. Try to visualize that you are holding this fear of lying down in your hand. Then bring the fist to your shoulder, hold your breath and throw your fist forward while blowing through your mouth. An exercise to repeat three times to properly expel this fear that prevents you from enjoying your sleep . A good evening routine full of techniques to promote sleep could help you enjoy the moment, give it a try!

4 – Think of something pleasant

Nothing better to ward off worries that can spoil your nights than thinking about pleasant things. To that lovely movie you just saw or to that weekend with friends that is looming on the horizon. We can also recall good memories. Do you remember that holiday in Greece 2 years ago? This kind of things

good sleep

To make the process easier, you can lie down on your bed with your eyes closed and inhale, expanding your belly well while counting to 3. Then hold the breath, then exhale very gently through your mouth for a count of 7.

5 – Slow down your heart rate

Slowing down your heart rate is not only within the reach of Zen masters and ninjas. Anyone can achieve this with a little practice. While a shower and a bath muscarinic receptors are perfect processes in this case, there is also a simple exercise to slow down the heartbeat . To try, you can lie on your bed, eyes closed, taking a deep breath through your nose. Then block the air in your lungs and contract all the muscles in your body. Then exhale while relaxing the muscles . A restful sleep awaits you firmly.

Slow down your heart rate

6 – In case of nocturnal awakening…

There are several sophrology exercises to adopt in case of nocturnal awakening . For example, you can stand up, legs slightly apart, knees bent, head and back straight, arms along your body and hands open. We then close our eyes and then close our ears with our thumbs while placing our index fingers on our eyes. Then block the nostrils with the middle fingers. You are isolated from the rest of the world. We then inhale through the mouth and hold the breath. The next step is to lean forward to build pressure in the nose. We release the arms which come to be placed along the body and we blow through the mouth. You can repeat the process 3 times. Before going to bedor during the night, in case of nocturnal awakening .

When waking up at night

7 – Isolate yourself in a bubble of tranquility

The exercise described above is very effective in building a bubble of calm . But here’s another one:

The initial position is the same. Stand up, arms along the body. Then you have to rotate your pelvis, telling yourself that you are drawing a bubble intended to isolate you from the outside world. Remembering positive and relaxing thoughts will help the body and mind relax to help you fall asleep. The first step towards quality sleep !

8 – Try the 4-7-8 technique

Andrew Weil, an American researcher who graduated from Harvard University, did he suspect that his method for finding sleep was going to go around the world and perhaps revolutionize the nights of thousands of insomniacs? Nothing is less sure. However, this is exactly what happened… A method that aims to relax when going to bed, to avoid tossing and turning in bed without managing to attract Morpheus’ attention, or simply after a long day of work.

Here is the step-by-step method:

  • Take a relaxed position.
  • Place the tip of your tongue against your palate, just behind the upper incisors and maintain this position throughout the exercise.
  • Exhale all the air from your lungs.
  • Close your mouth and inhale through your nose, while counting to 4.
  • Hold your breath for 7 seconds.
  • Exhale loudly through your mouth for 8 seconds.
  • Repeat 3 times.

Andrew Weil recommends performing this exercise twice a day. An exercise that would regulate breathing and bring more oxygen to the lungs and thus relax the nervous system. Focusing on your breathing prevents your mind from thinking too much and therefore falling asleep more quickly .

Try the 4-7-8 technique

In addition to relaxation and sophrology exercises, plants help to sleep they can help in the form of herbal tea, ointment or even soothing spray. Essential oils like lavender have soothing properties and act as anti-stress to get a good night’s sleep and avoid nocturnal awakenings and insomnia.


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