9 Shades Of Pink: A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing The Perfect Argyle Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Did you know that colourless and pink diamonds almost have the same quality except for their colour and rarity? Although many people know that the lighter the colour of a diamond, the more expensive it is, there are other criteria to look at when it comes to price.

If you’re deciding on what Argyle diamond engagement ring to get for your special someone, you can add a pink diamond to your list. This mysterious fancy-coloured diamond has a wide range of shades that provides the perfect pink for everyone.

You may already know the 4Cs grading system of diamonds namely Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Colour. But when it comes to colour, there are two main systems people use to identify the right pink diamond to buy— the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Colour Grading System and the Argyle Colour Scale.

However, although these two grading systems are well-known, only the GIA grading system is used for international purposes while the other is particularly used in the Argyle Mine.

Do you want to know more about these colour grading systems? Below are things you should know before buying an Argyle pink diamond engagement ring!

Argyle Grading Scale

The Argyle Mine created its grading system and disregarded the traditional grading system of GIA. It was implemented since they treat the Argyle diamonds with higher quality compared to the others.

In addition, colour is the last deciding factor to determine the price of a diamond based on the grading system of the Argyle Mine. And once they’ve declared the certificate of a diamond, it means that it’s the true value of the stone.

However, you can’t deny the fact that there are a lot of scammers out there. That’s why you should be careful and assess if the certification of your Argyle diamond engagement ring contains the lot number. However, you can also have it checked just to be sure.

When it comes to colour, Argyle Mine assesses the three main determinants: tone, saturation, and hue. In terms of pink diamonds, the common label is the shade of pink (ex. P for Pink) plus colour intensity grade that ranges from 9 (lowest intensity) to 1 (highest intensity).


Purplish Pink: 9PP to 1PP

Purplish Pink (PP) can be graded from 9PP to 1PP. Although the main colour is pink, it has an equal balance with purple. Unlike the other variations, this colour is just right to be considered under the pink diamond.

Pink: 9P to 1P

Pink (P) is the straight-up pink that comes without any undertones and can be graded from 9P to 1P. Its hue may be under red but it’s lighter than the actual red.

Pink Rose: 9PR to 1PR

Pink Rose (PR) as a colour is a combination of red and white. However, in terms of diamonds, the pink rose is a bit lighter than the actual pink. It can be graded from 9PR to 1PR.

Pink Champagne: PC1, PC2, PC3

Did you know that there’s a negative connotation when you attach “brown” to diamonds? As mentioned before, darker colours of diamonds cost less than lighter ones. Unfortunately, Brown is one of those colours that didn’t get as much attention as the others. That’s why, instead of calling it brown, they’ve decided to replace it with “champagne”.

So when you hear Pink Champagne (PC), which can be rated from PC1 (having the lightest intensity to PC3 (darkest intensity), you should know that its secondary colour is brown.


Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Grading Scale

The GIA grading scale has 9 rankings based on the intensity of colour. That’s why they have different grading systems for the fancy-coloured diamonds and the colourless. As stated earlier, Colour is the most important of the 4Cs when it comes to fancy-coloured diamonds which include pink diamonds.

Moreover, before handing the diamonds to the market, Argyle Mine has its grading system. But even though that’s possible, the GIA grading system is still the one recognised by the international market.

It might be easy to know the colour descriptions provided by the Argyle Mine, but it’s also important to know the system of GIA especially if you’re investing in an Argyle Diamond engagement ring.

How does GIA grade pink diamonds?

Based on the GIA grading system, the colour and intensity can be graded like Fancy Intense Green or Faint Pink. However, when there’s a secondary colour, they can be classified as Fancy Purplish Pink. And once a diamond has been graded by the GIA, it’s certified that it’s a natural diamond and not lab-grown.

Unfortunately, some colours don’t have any other range such as black. For black diamonds, the only possible intensity level is Fancy Black. As for the others like red, blue, green, and pink, there are a lot of options just like the list below.

Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark, and Fancy Deep.


Most of the time, the cut of fancy-coloured diamonds is based on their colour. Terms of pink diamonds, they’re usually cut into fancy shapes like pear, radiant, and cushion. On the other hand, colourless diamonds are simply cut to round, oval, and princess.

It’s necessary to cut pink diamonds into fancier ones since cutters are doing their best to emphasise and preserve the natural colour. Now, it’s easier to choose the right Argyle diamond engagement ring for your special someone since you have enough information on the shades of pink diamond.

Don’t forget to share with us your favourite shade of Argyle diamond by leaving a comment below!

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