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9 Tips to Improve Your Mentor Podcast Skill in 2022

A good mentor podcast is essentially the sum of doing a lot of little things well. There are several other skills you can focus on and improve which will make a significant difference to the quality of your show, even while your specialist specialty knowledge, your mic setup, and your natural podcasting aptitude are undoubtedly vital in your overall podcasting success.

Are you ready to level up to improve your mentor podcast skills? Keep reading to master podcasting skills to take your mentor podcast to the next level.

  1. Your Voice

Even though it may sound unusual, adding your voice to the list of podcasting skills is but it’s really just another tool you can use to create a fantastic mentor podcast. However, high-quality audio often overlooks the importance of your voice and the effect it can have on the ratings of your word class mentorship show. You can enhance your content and attract listeners who will come back for more by learning ways to enhance the quality and tone of your voice.

Warm-up and breathing exercises are a simple way to increase the strength and quality of your voice because, like muscles, your voice box needs a little warm-up to function at its best. It makes sense that podcasters should do it because singers and other entertainers already do it. You can also greatly improve the sound of your voice by simply sitting properly when you record. After that, your diaphragm and vocal cords will be free to move, giving your voice a great tone and a significant increase in the volume of your mentor podcast.

  1. Writing Skills

While having excellent speaking skills are clearly essential for a great mentor podcast, your content and message are truly best communicated through writing. Even if you don’t usually script your entire mentor podcast episodes, improving your writing skills will help you communicate your ideas and deliver your content more effectively. You may enroll in a short course in creative writing, join an online writing group, or use popular writing prompts from Pinterest or Tumblr. In fact, a little coaching and diligent practice will greatly improve your writing skills to create your best mentor podcasts.

  1. Interviewing Skills

Even if your mentor podcast only sometimes features guests or uses an interview format, improving your interviewing skills can help you elevate it. An interview involves more than merely asking questions and waiting for responses. You need to be able to ask the right questions in order to gather the best information for your audience and to make your guests shine. You need to be able to ask the right questions in order to gather the best information for your audience and make your guests shine.

There are other proactive things you can do to improve these skills, but it’s obvious that practice makes perfect, so the more guests you interview, the better you should get at it. One place to start is by taking classes or watching films of some of the best interviewers in history. You should also think about joining a debate society or club, or perhaps Toastmasters or any comparable group. These would provide you with excellent hands-on instruction in speaking and answering skills, which will greatly aid your motivational mentor podcast.

  1. Editing Skills

The editing room is where a lot of the work that goes into creating the best mentor podcasts happens. Of course, the content should also be excellent, but since podcasts are mostly auditory, the audio quality of your episodes is just as important as the information you’re conveying.

You can start your editing program by focusing on learning, but there are also excellent online and accelerated courses you can take to help you become a podcast editing guru. Editing skills can be greatly improved just by being familiar with all the shortcuts and features of your favorite editing program. Find out if the editing program you choose offers courses by doing some research, or browse YouTube or learning platforms like Udemy to see what else is out there to help you get better at editing.

  1. Sound Quality

Although the quality of your setup has a significant impact on the sound quality of your podcast, there are several aspects you can manage and get good at. You can watch tutorials to determine the microphone’s sweet spot and learn about environmental control to help you get a great RAW recording. Furthermore, you should check out this editing advice from talented sound engineers to help you get the best sound quality on your motivational mentor podcast episodes with each and every recording.

  1. Marketing

Not everyone is inherently good at marketing, especially if you tend to be more of an introvert and prefer to be in the background. However, marketing is the key to getting the hype about your podcast and attracting listeners to your extraordinary content. And fortunately, you can learn it as a skill!

Search online for an overview and marketing advice of all the social media marketing possibilities for your motivational mentor podcasts. There are many tools available that may assist you to understand the platform (or platforms) that will perform best for you and your audience.

Now let’s talk about “Hidden” Skills…

The last four skills we’re emphasizing may not be the ones that are often highlighted for growing your mentor podcast, but they are vital to creating motivational mentor podcasts that are both highly successful and resilient. 

  1. Authority Building

The first “hidden” skill is establishing authority in your specialized field. The purpose of developing your authority is to gain the trust of your audience by showcasing your knowledge and credibility. After that, you will be recognized as an authority in your field, which can lead to amazing opportunities for you and your mentor podcast show. This can include getting sought-after guest spots on some of the best podcasts, speaking engagement invitations, podcast award nominations, or nominations for podcasting conferences.

You can be recognized as an expert in your industry by constantly learning more about it and staying updated with any recent developments. Additionally, you can successfully develop that right by changing the way your content is distributed. You can start a blog, offer classes, or even have a YouTube channel in addition to your mentor podcasts to establish yourself as the foremost authority on your topic.

  1. Creativity

Being inventive is a skill! Yes, that is correct! your motivational mentor podcast’s creative endeavors don’t cease when you run out of creativity; you don’t merely receive a shot of it. (Goodness, please!) Instead, creativity is a talent (skills) that you can develop and enhance! It’s something you can strengthen by exercising.

By applying the same approach, you can increase your creativity in the same way that you would follow a training regimen to build and improve your muscles to become great at a certain sport or discipline. Setting up regular periods each week to exercise your creativity will give you an extra boost every time you head downstairs to write your upcoming podcast episode. Additionally, there are many ways to foster creativity. You can exercise your creative muscles by enrolling in classes without prompting, free-writing, or for another creative endeavor, such as pottery or painting. By doing this, you will be able to continue creating unique content for your motivational mentor podcast show.

  1. Productivity

Another often-overlooked skill is productivity. Plus, since it’s a skill, it can definitely be developed and improved! This is now fantastic news! Particularly if you have a tendency toward the illness known as procrastination.. (sheepishly sticks up hand). You won’t be able to stop yourself or your mentor podcast once you realize that productivity is something you can learn and perfect.

In addition, maintaining a high level of podcasting productivity is critical for achieving all that you hope to achieve with your motivational mentor podcast show. One of the greatest ways to get started is to make a list of all the things you want to achieve, and then break that list down into long, medium, and short-term objectives. After that, you can create a workable plan for achieving those objectives.

Another excellent strategy to develop your productivity skill is through the usage of time-management tactics. These are tried-and-true techniques created to help you consistently work at your peak level of productivity.

  1. Community Building

Your podcast’s audience is essentially its lifeblood. The success of your mentor podcast will ultimately depend on not only the quality of your writing and production but also on the number of dedicated listeners you can attract. But a strong, engaging podcast community doesn’t just happen! And that is why we regard community building as a skill that every podcaster should cultivate and grow.

A successful podcast community can be built by mastering a variety of skills. You need to open channels of connection with your listeners, provide them an opportunity to contact you, and create a sense of community among them. Connecting on multiple social media platforms is an easy way to accomplish this. In fact, you can use the “live” option that many platforms should be open and honest with your audience, to invite them to comment or DM you with their inquiries (just remember to reply to them promptly!),  and to share a wide range of useful content. All of this will contribute to developing and solidifying your bonds with your audience, which will ultimately enable your community to flourish.

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Closing Thoughts

Enhancing your skills in each of these areas will do wonders for your mentor podcast as a whole and support you as you continue to grow your motivational mentor podcast show. Developing your world class podcasting skills in these areas will ensure that your show’s star continues to shine, whether it’s by increasing your productivity so that you can consistently meet your goals, elevating your writing skills to elevate your content, or even just getting better at editing so that your episodes sound like little audio works of art… and it will only continue to shine brighter and brighter!

Yes, by staying committed to the art of podcasting skills, you can maintain the effectiveness and popularity of your mentor podcast. Every time you learn something new you will have a new potential for podcasting success.

In conclusion, never stop learning! The real key to improving your mentor podcasting skills is to never stop learning. Whether you’re listening to other creators (like Mentor Nation Podcast with John Abbas) or working on your own mentor podcast, you should always strive to improve your skills.

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