double over double bunk beds

A great feature of this type of bunk bed

If your child is 6 or older and you want to give him or her his or her own bunk bed, consider purchasing a model with stairs instead of the usual ladder. Bunk beds with stairs are safer for young children and are popular with kids of all ages. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children six years old and older sleep in bunk beds with stairs.


If you’re looking for a way to make your bunk bed more comfortable, consider adding a set of stairs. These can be a great way to save space while providing easy access to the top bunk. Moreover, they can include drawers underneath. The best thing about this setup is that you can keep a sheet draped over the top bunk, which will make for the perfect movie night setup.

In addition to providing the easiest way to climb, these stairs can add a storage space to the bunk bed. Many of them include built-in drawers and steps that lift up. You can use regular mattresses on these double over double bunk beds, but it’s important to make sure that the top mattress is not too thick. If the top mattress is too thick, there won’t be enough space between it and the ceiling. You also need to ensure that the top mattress isn’t higher than the top rail.

A great feature of this type of bunk bed is that the lower and upper bunks can be pulled out of the wall, which allows more storage space. You can also place a hot press or bookcase in the area below. Another advantage of this type of bunk bed is that it requires less floor space. If your bedroom has limited space, you can also install a ladder at the foot of the bed.

Adding a seat belt padded protector on the ladder rungs can provide additional comfort for your child. The padded protectors wrap around the rungs and secure with velcro. While these protectors can make the stairs on the bunk bed a little more comfortable for your child, they may not be a great option for your child’s bunk bed.


Among the many types of bunk beds, stairs are an essential part. These stairs should be made of solid hardwood and include safety rails on both sides. They should also be able to support enough weight without bending under the pressure of a young child. The staircase should also be stable enough for little children to climb up and down without any trouble.

Stairs are a great choice for children who have just begun to use bunk beds. They take up very little floor space, making them a space-saving option. Moreover, the stairs also double as a storage solution. You can also use them as a focal point in the room. Just make sure to teach your children how to use stairs.

Stairs are the safest option for getting to the top bunk. These stairs offer the largest surface area for stepping, a sturdy handrail, and connect to both ends of the bed. In this way, your children will be covered on both sides when they are entering the top bunk. Aside from providing safety, stairs also double as functional shelves.

You should also make sure that the entrance to the bunk bed is narrow enough. A child with limited mobility cannot easily reach the top bunk. Stairs that are too narrow or too out of sight can cause tripping hazards for young children. It is better to buy stairs that come with handrails. You may also want to place your bunk bed in the corner of the room.

While stairs may look like an inconvenience, they are a vital part of any bunk bed. With a well-constructed staircase, your child can move around safely in the lower bunk. Moreover, the stairs provide a comfortable area for your child to play, while the low-to-mid-high bunks are perfect for sharing. If you have more than one child, this low-bunk bed with stairs and guard rails is a great choice. It also includes a storage nook and has low-to-no VOC finishes for safety and longevity.


Space-saving bunk bed stairs increase the sleeping capacity of a bed, making it the perfect choice for extended family members, out-of-town visitors, or hosting sleepovers. They also feature an efficient design, with two traditional-height bunk beds attached to a loft bed. They can be easily tucked away in a corner of a room.

Bunk bed stairs make the top bunk more accessible and safer. They are equipped with a sturdy handrail and provide a wide, stable platform for adult feet. Stairs are safe, because they connect to the side of the bed. They protect your child from any falls or injuries. Additionally, they provide additional storage options.

A built-in desk serves as a useful piece of furniture, which can also double as a desk or a dressing table. It is tall enough for a standard computer chair with arms, and three drawers provide plenty of space. The desk is also available in a variety of colors. A green desk looks particularly good with a potted plant.

A traditional wooden bunk bed can be upgraded in several ways. An interior designer and prolific DIYer, Jewel Marlowe, did just that in seven steps. Her instructions are posted on her blog, Jeweled Interiors. Creating a loft space above your existing bed is a great way to increase the usable space.

While a triple bunk bed has a narrow footprint, they do not take up a lot of room. They are great for rental properties or shared bedrooms. The built-in stairs provide a safe way to the top bunk and have open storage space at the back end. Another great feature of a triple bunk bed with stairs is that you can use the lower bunk for a day bed.

Easy to make

You can build an easy to make bunk bed by following a set of instructions from a DIY website. The website will provide you with a pictorial representation of the entire process. The instructions will be easy to follow, but it is better if you have some prior experience. The project will take two days to complete.

First, measure the distance between the support posts of your bunk bed. Determine how many treads will be needed for your bed. A typical bunk bed is about 56 inches high, and it will need at least seven treads. You should space each tread evenly along the side rails. Also, make sure there is a minimum of 10 to 12 inches of vertical rise between each tread.

Adding stairs to your bunk bed is an easy way to maximize storage space and keep your kids safe. You can even make them a centerpiece in their room. With the proper design, your stairs can also be functional storage, saving you from sacrificing space. You can even make them into three-step processes.

The bottom part of the stairs can be converted into storage for nighttime accessories. Or, they can be used to store toys. For the construction of the stairs, the crafter recommends using a Kreg Jig Set and a Zippy Sack. You can make each bed different colors, and you can add fringes or decorative pieces to customize the look of the l shaped double bunk beds.

One way to make your ladder steps soft is to use stretchable ace bandages. These are a good alternative to hardwood ladder rungs, as they are comfortable to step on.

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