A Guide to Every Revheads Motor Keeping

Maintaining a classic car doesn’t mean keeping it indoors and having a cleaning day every day. It includes taking care of it properly and with the required steps, such as keeping the Fluids in check ok and also taking it out for a spin. Taking care of your car, it’s just like taking care of any living being. You need to clean it, feed it, keep it hydrated, take it out for a spin, nurture them, and protect them. 

We know how important a vehicle is to its owner, and so it becomes all the more important to take care of it in the right manner. Here are a few pointers that can help you keep your beauty in its best form possible- 

The mobile mechanic

The mechanic is like the doctor that you have to visit every now and then for a regular checkup. In a manner similar to this, you should ensure that you get your car checked up regularly, and now and then. You can choose to call for a mobile mechanic who can perform a regular checkup at the behest of your home. A professional eye for a better life. You can go for a mobile car detailing Goldcoast, for better cleaning and if you wish to add any sort of new “addition”, then these are the best ones for you. 

The fluids

The fluids are as necessary for a car as they are for us. Make sure you have the fluids in the car. The Oil. The Water. The Brake fluid, everything at the optimum level. It needs lubricant and water to keep it cool so it doesn’t overheat and burn around. 

Brush and swipe

Dust is one of the biggest hazards for a car. Invisible to the naked eye, the dust, even though minute in size, can impose huge harms on your motor’s way. They can cause scratches and scrapes, retain moisture, and can cause rust. Ensure that you get rid of every single dust particle. A good hand washes every once in a while, Just grab your bucket and a soft rag to fight off the dust in the most simple way.


Waxing provides fine polish to your car. Something that helps your car is becoming a showstopper. A touch that everyone loves. Make sure that your car gets cleaned and waxed every once in a while so that your car can retain its natural beauty and shine. Wax it as much as you can. The car detailers can revive the paint add a good wax to your car’s beauty.


Remember when we said to take care of your car as a living being? Well, the clothing protects your car in a million ways. So keep your car clothed at all times when it’s not in use. From sun to water, to dust, it protects the car from all. 

Taking it for a spin

When you own a classic or any car for that matter, you need to take it for a spin now and then. You need to make your car roar on the road and let it run wild (Of course in the speed limit). 


Make sure that your car gets the right treatment that it deserves for its maintenance and hence performance. 

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