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A short guide: Visit to the ophthalmologist

The eyes are one of the essential senses and this is why we should take more care of them, even in a preventive way. Most of us visit an ophthalmologist only when he has vision problems or a condition. Due to regular eye examinations, more serious diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, tumors, or metabolic disorders can be detected in time.

When is it urgent to go to the ophthalmologist?

✔ if you notice an acute condition that has occurred without a particular symptom
✔ if you feel a foreign object inside the eye
✔ if you feel pain, burning, redness, if you have impaired vision, or if you see double
✔ if you have chronic pain and vision problems, which may eventually worsen
✔ if you suffer from chronic headaches (insufficient vision may not be the cause of those pains, but it is recommended to check your vision in this case)

How often should I go to the ophthalmologist?

To prevent various visual impairments, it is recommended to visit the ophthalmologist every year. If you are over 60, you should see an ophthalmologist more often. Everyone should be able to find a few free hours to examine their eyes. After all, it is the most important sense we have, and without it, life can quickly change for the worse. So don’t dwell on thoughts, and if you don’t remember when you last went to check-in, make an appointment. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


What does an eye test look like?

– examination of visual acuity (measurement of diopter for each eye and a visibility test without the aid of spectacles)
– examination of intraocular pressure and peripheral vision (as prevention of glaucoma which is characterized in its early stages by impaired peripheral vision and increased intraocular pressure)
– examination of tears (checking for allergies, autoimmune diseases, endocrinological conditions, or causes of repeated inflammation)
– examination of their eyes(detection of possible changes in the blood vessels, optic nerve, retina, or intraocular tumors possible)
– examine the front of the child r (cornea, iris, and pupil)

If you have eye problems, it is advisable to choose the right glasses to help correct your visual impairment. At Eyerim you can buy prescription glasses online. Many of you will be skeptical and will think that prescription glasses are hard to choose from on the internet, but let us convince you that it is very simple. Read this article on how to interpret the recipe for glasses and you have got rid of any worries. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact the friendliest customer service.


I have the data on the recipe, what do I do now?

On eye rim, you can order dozens of eyeglasses – even from your own eye rim eyeglass collection at great prices. A wide range of frames, materials, high-quality lenses, which are produced and mounted free of charge on the frames, with the possibility of improving them – for example, with the addition of polarizing filter, protection against blue light, and much more. The latest option we have is to produce progressive (or multifocal) lenses that are available for the eye rim collection. And the biggest advantage of the eye rim collection is that if you don’t like the glasses, you can return them within 30 days. We will refund the full price you paid. Yes, the full price – including the price of the lenses and further improvements to the lenses. The full refund is valid only for the eye rim collection.


The optometrist and ophthalmologist are not the same professions. The ophthalmologist is the doctor who can prescribe glasses, do eye exams, do basic optometry services and mainly cure eye diseases and acute problems. The optometrist is the primary care provider – he can do a routine eye check (check if you need lenses with larger diopters, etc.), he can teach you how to apply your contact lenses, but he can’t perform surgery.

In conclusion – go to the ophthalmologist when you need medical or surgical treatment for serious eye diseases. If you need a routine eye check or information on how to buy/use contact lenses – go to an optometrist.


We hope we have convinced you of the importance of regular and preventive eye control. We have also shown you how easy it is to buy your eyeglasses online. Enter eye rim and you will surely find the right pair for you!

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