A wise guide for lovely curtain shopping


Got the home painted in brilliant colors? Well, even your furniture looks awesome. But remember, there is one more element that either crashes your décor theme completely or enhances its look. Yes, we are talking about the curtains. You won’t believe it, but the curtains can be the game changers in any kind of room. Whether you have a modern or a Victorian home or simply a contemporary type of decor, select your curtains wisely so that you have the perfect-looking rooms in your lovely home.

Your much-needed guide to select the best curtains for your home

 We have seen people scrolling the interior decor websites and scanning the pages of the magazines to decide on a curtain for their home. But remember, your choice of curtains should be highly impacted by the kind of decor you have in your home. Like, while a white plain wave curtain from Made Curtains looks wonderful in a magazine, it may not suit your décor theme around brighter shades! Yes, this company provides you with the best quality of curtains that look elegant and are a perfect beauty statement as well, but always remember to pair these up with your décor before installing them in your room. And keep an eye on these tips for a more suitable selection of curtains:

  • Know your curtains or drapes

It is very important that you are aware of the major difference between curtains and drapes before selecting them. A curtain is made up of light material that is basically added to beautify a room along with providing you some level of privacy. Whereas drapes are made up of thick materials which are intentionally made to block the sunlight and also add an elegant touch to your room. Now according to the requirement, you have to select either a drape or a curtain for your house.

  • The right fabric selection

Some materials look astounding when you are holding them, but when you install curtains of these materials, the same fabric looks out of place. Remember to pick up your fabric wisely for the curtains. If you just want the light ones that may allow maximum sunlight in your place, going for sheer materials would be awesome. Also, match it with the mood of the décor like an elegant Victorian-style bedroom would demand a velvet or lace as material and a contemporary styled room would look great in crisp cotton or linen.

  • Your choice of color

Your choice of colors for the curtain can either break or make the decor of your room. If you really want to have everything matching perfectly (recommended for modern and neutral décor), then pick the curtains that are either lighter in shade or darker matching your furniture and wall paint. If you love contrasts (that is highly recommended for bohemian style or contemporary style homes), then you should definitely go for the strongly opposite shades to bring the best feeling to the room.

 Apart from all these very essential things, remember to consider the points that you desire in your curtain – floral or geometric. You should also keep in mind the right measurements so that they don’t seem disproportionate to the room. When chosen after all these careful considerations, your curtains are definitely going to complement your décor beautifully.  


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