Advantages and Disadvantages of Flutter App Development

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flutter App Development

What is Flutter?

Flutter, an open-source UI tool from Google, allows developers to create mobile, desktop and web apps with a single codebase. Flutter is a tool that has conquered all. This is true even if you consider that the Google Store has more than 50,000 Flutter apps as of mid 2020. Developers are falling in love every day with the framework, especially with its cross platform app development space.

Flutter is a relatively young framework that has gained a lot of popularity. It is now a strong competitor to React Native.

Flutter has its pros and cons, just like any product. These are listed here to help you make an informed decision.

Flutter Advantages
One code for all devices

Flutter is a single-codebase framework. This means that one code can be used in IOS and Android as well as web apps. It might seem like another cross-platform framework. But wait until you experience the beautiful results and simple process that Flutter offers.

Flutter’s custom widgets make prototyping much easier. Flutter makes it possible to build apps that are available everywhere, without limitations on devices. Hire one of the top mobile app development company to develop one of the best mobile app for your business.

Changes can be made on the go

Flutter app development has made it so easy for developers to forget about the hassle of having to reboot the entire system every time they make small changes. Flutter offers a hot load feature that allows developers to modify the app to their liking and have the changes take place in real time without the need to restart the entire system. Developers can now try out new features faster and more effectively, while also saving time and maintaining their sanity.

Quick Development

The digital market is crowded and it is important to be quick. Flutter can save you hours over building native apps.

Flutter’s single codebase feature makes it faster. Flutter’s single codebase feature makes it much faster. It also allows you to reload multiple platforms with one code. This feature is extremely useful as it allows the developer to make changes and test the app on the spot, which is something that can be difficult otherwise.

Flutter’s app programming language Dart is another factor that speeds up development. Flutter makes app development much faster because it doesn’t have classes in other classes. It also has simple access control with numeric enums and async/await keywords.

Simple Maintenance with simultaneous Android/IOS updates

Because there is only one code that can handle both the android and IOS app updates, they can be done simultaneously. It is also easier to maintain the app because there are no other developers involved in the code.

Flutter makes it easier to fix bugs and maintain apps. Flutter makes it easy to do things in-house, without the assistance of a development team.

Fuschia support for Future ready apps

Fuschia is the hottest new operating system Google is working on. Fuschia is expected to replace android in the near future. Although there isn’t much information, it is possible to use Flutter without worrying about the change. Fuschia will work with Flutter apps. Once it’s released, you can deploy your apps and apps will continue to be evaluating the changes.

Flutter gives you greater adaptability

There are many sizes for devices. Existing devices have different screen sizes and aspect ratios. New devices come with flip screens or foldable screens. It is difficult to make an app work on all screen sizes. Flutter makes this relatively simple. You can use their layout system to fit any screen size.

Learning Curve

Flutter’s greatest advantage is its ability to speed up development by allowing developers create one codebase for iOS and Android. This does mean that new developers will need to learn a lot. Flutter is still very early in its development, so there aren’t many resources and libraries available. Flutter doesn’t have an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which can be problematic when compared with other app-building platforms. They also have excellent documentation, but some of it isn’t updated often enough or doesn’t go into enough detail.

Testing Capabilities

One advantage of developing a flutter app is the testing capabilities. With the use of emulators, simulators, and hardware devices, you can test your app on multiple platforms without having to worry about compatibility issues. Plus, the hot-reload feature allows you to make changes to your code and see the results immediately, which can save you a lot of time in the development process. However, there are some disadvantages to using flutter as well.

Leverage Device Hardware

The immersive experiences offered by mobile apps are what make them so popular. Cross-platforms do not have the same capabilities as native apps to access the camera, GPS and other hardware on the device. This can be overcome by using flutter.

Flutter mobile app development requires developers to create code in swift or Kotlin and then send it to Dart via specific channels called platform channel. Flutter already has channels that cover most features of standard smartphones. It has also made them available to the developers community so you don’t have to create your own.

Flutter Disadvantages

Although Flutter has many advantages, there are some limitations. These limitations are listed below.

Get the Platform-Specific Feel

It is impossible to have specific designs for different platforms because a single code is used across all platforms. For those who expect material design for IOS and android, this might not be an option.

Different codes are required for different platforms if you wish to create specific designs.

It is fresh and young

Flutter is still young. It could evolve into something we don’t agree with. Flutter is a Google product and is expected to remain relevant and current.

Late updates for Android and IOS

Android and IOS update are first rolled out to the native apps and then to Flutter. This isn’t a problem as features can’t be added to native apps on day one.

Big File Size

Flutter’s app is large on other platforms. This is a problem because nobody wants an app that is heavier and takes up more space on their phone.

Unfamiliar language

Flutter uses a unique programming language called Dart. Dart is not a common programming language. Developers will need this language to create flutter apps.

Absence of third-party libraries

Third-party packages and libraries have a huge impact on software development because they enable some features for developers. These third-party libraries can be downloaded easily, are open-source and pre-tested. For now, you might not find all the features that you require for development.

It’s difficult to find these libraries and packages because Flutter is still new in mobile app development. Flutter is still in its early stages and will continue to improve. You will need to either wait until the toll is paid or find a long-term alternative.

iOS issues

Google developed Flutter. Flutter’s iOS implementation is a concern for developers. Flutter makes it easy to build Android apps quickly and enjoyably, as Google is interested in finding the fastest fixes for bugs.

One of the most recent updates to Flutter is an iOS-perfect appearance. The framework was used to create iPhone settings that would allow  widgets. However, the framework was based on iOS 10 features and iOS 11 features. They were later updated and released for a while.


Flutter’s pros outweigh its cons, it is clear. Flutter is easy to switch to and you can enjoy all the benefits it offers in a single breath. Flutter is the foundation of future apps. It is supported by Google so you can’t go wrong with mobile apps. Are you looking for an Flutter app development company? NYL technologies is the right company for you. NYL technologies can help you create fast, future-ready apps using flutter.

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