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Advantages of Using a Full Body Vitrified Tile

Full body vitrified tiles have been in great demand in recent times. These tiles are made using a mixture of several materials, such as feldspar, clay and silica and quartz. Colour is added to the mix during the process of tile creation. The mixture is heated at an immensely high temperature to provide the tile with a specific shape. The colour you get with this tile is homogeneous because a single colour tends to run over the entire tile. Go for a full body vitrified tile if you wish to buy a solid and strengthened tile for your home.

Full body vitrified tiles are stain-resistant and solid. So, you can say that you will get to buy a long-term tiling solution when you go for a full body vitrified tile. New-age homeowners are always on the lookout for high-quality tiling solutions. There are various other types of tiles that you will get to buy when you hit the market. However, full body vitrified tiles are the best of them all.

Here is why full body vitrified tiles are the best:

These Tiles Aren’t Slippery

The good part of using vitrified tile is: they are anti-slippery. This means you won’t fall and sustain injuries if the floor is wet. Even when the tiles are wet, the surface won’t be slippery. This feature makes vitrified tiles a popular option among homeowners. If you have a bunch of naughty kids at home, these tiles are ideal for you.

These Tiles are Chemical Resistant

These tiles are immune to the harshest chemicals. This means you can clean them with the strongest chemical cleaners. The best part is: these tiles are ideal for industrial use. Go for them if you are looking to buy tiles that are solid, durable and chemical resistant. Plus, you get a largely uniform colour with a full body vitrified tile.

Durability is the Key

Durability is the keyword because no homeowner wants to get the tiles removed and/or changed after every few years. A full body vitrified tile is known for its durability. The raw materials used in the production of these tiles provide this tile with a great deal of solidity and strength. Go for one such tile right now if you want to buy a durable tiling solution. Plus, this tile isn’t susceptible to breakage either. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Go for vitrified tiles in India if you are looking to buy a hardwearing set of tiles for your home and/or office. These tiles are built to last and are good enough to withstand heavy footfall. Go for them if you want to buy a tile that’s hardwearing and non-slippery.

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