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This blog we’re going to be learning about makeup, a subject that is more difficult and a vital component of the makeup routine. This is called concealers. What are concealers and what is their purpose? A lot of people are in confusion about concealers. They are essentially a highly pigmented products that conceal imperfections in our faces. Similar to foundation, concealers hide our face, concealers make the skin tone even concealers are liquids that have high pigments.

If there’s one product in your makeup bag that’s an essential component of your beauty collection is concealer. When properly applied it could transform your life and provide you with stunning coverage and smooth, flawless skin. One mistake can cause your makeup to fall apart. If you’re confused about what to look for in a concealer shade, or how to apply a concealer, or, more specifically, the best place to apply it then you’re in the right spot!

So, whether you’re a pro or a beginner at face makeup application, these handy tips will help you step up your makeup game and clear all your queries on all-things-concealer.


Before we do that, let’s know the meaning of a concealer as well as its use!

Concealers are cosmetic product that works with your foundation for an evenly toned skin free of scars or blemishes. It also helps to conceal dark spots. It assists in lightening the appearance of hyperpigmented skin, reduces pores, and conceals discoloration leaving behind a foundation which will ensure that other makeup products work smoothly.

An unsuitable concealer, or if it is applied incorrectly, could draw attention to troublesome spots by making acne visible, which creates an appearance of white around areas of pigmentation and can cause makeup to become dry and discolored. Therefore, the most important thing is knowing the type of concealer you want and choosing the correct shade to match your skin shade.

Concealers of different types

When you are deciding on the best concealer formulation it is important to be aware of the type of your skin and issues, if there are any.

Liquid Concealers

Ideal for oily, normal combination, sensitive, and acne-prone skin types

The amount of coverage is varying between light and full and can be blended

Available in finishes like matte, dewy, and subtle shimmer.

A popular and frequently utilized concealer formulas is liquid. It’s super versatile, blendable and can be used on all skin types. Liquid concealers are a better choice for covering pimples because they are less susceptible to create a cakey foundation and does not clog pores. Furthermore it can be used on skin that is wrinkled as its texture will not crease throughout the daytime. It comes in various types of finishes, with matte being the one most frequently used and also lasts longer.

Stick Concealers

Most suitable for dry, normal and sensitive skin types

The coverage can vary from moderate to full and can be built

Available in finishes that include matte and satin

A concealer stick has a semi-solid texture which is thick and creamy , and is usually richly colored. It is applied using the dotting technique as well as swiping on the form of a line and then blended. It can be done with the concealer brush or an stippling motion with your fingers.

The most important thing to keep in mind about concealers that are sticks is that they are more susceptible to blockage of pores when it comes to its components, which makes it a less suitable choice for people who have oily or combination skin.

Cream Concealer

Ideal for dry, combination, normal and sensitive skin types

The amount of coverage is ranging from medium to full and can be built

Available in finishes like semi-smooth and creamy

If you’re seeking full and medium-to medium coverage then cream-based concealers are the best option. The majority of them come in either a compact or palette packaging. They are ideal for the under-eye area and are used to cover up the appearance of discoloration. Because cream concealers are soft and slick in texture, they can be applied with brushes for concealer or makeup blender finger , too. But, it must be put on by applying loose or press-pressed powder to prevent any wrinkles.


What is the reason we are using these concealers?


We use concealers extensively due to 3 reasons

Make sure to cover up pimples and marks on our faces.

We want to hide the coloration of our skin.

The dark circle is hidden from our eyes.

In addition concealers can serve other functions. It can serve as primer, or to disguise the colour of our lips. However, they are mostly used to serve the three reasons mentioned above.


Concealers are sold in the market in a variety of formulations. Most commonly used concealers include Liquid Concealers aswell being Cream Concealers.


Liquid concealers

Concealer liquids are available in tubes. They are available in a variety of brands and priced in a different ranges. Once you have opened the bottles there is an wand similar to the lipstick wands. It’s extremely liquid. The concealers come with squeeze tube. Tubes like this should be squeezed prior to make use of. It’s not a an wand for lip gloss, it’s an instrument. It can be squeezed at the end of your hand and then, using this brush, you can direct apply.


Cream concealers

Cream concealers are available in Palettes. They aren’t liquidy they are thick and creamy. It is highly pigmented for cream-based concealers. It is available in singles or palettes.


We also offer other kinds of concealers too, including Gel as well as Powder concealers.


Since cream and liquid concealers are most commonly available in Indian market and we will concentrate on cream and liquid concealers on this page.


If we are using concealers, the first thing we need to be aware of is that those who suffer from dryness under the eye must beware of cream concealers as these concealers are extremely dense. Because of this they can cause a patchy appearance underneath the eye. It is recommended that you apply liquid concealers to those with dryness around the eyes.


We suggest cream foundation only on pimples or hyper pigmentation , and also in the face region.


In the same way, when using liquid concealers, apply concealers that are liquid under the eyes. Avoid pimples because the areas, the ratio of pigmentation is lower. In creams, the pigment ratio is greater. The higher the ratio of pigment, the greater the amount it conceals because the element of colour is greater. Therefore, the more colour, the lesser amount of product is utilized. It can be used in spots too.


Today, the most frequently asked question about concealers is what color to choose. Whatever concealer you choose to use is the one that matches the tone of your face. It should not be darker or lighter. It will defeat the intent of concealing it and draw the attention of others. Even if it’s one tone lighter or darker the attention will be drawn to it. Concealer is used to hide and cover up a pimple or pigmentation.

If you alter your natural skin tone, it can make you look more attractive. Make sure, that the concealer you use for your face should match your skin tone. The concealer below the eyes should be one shade lighter. We generally suggest that you keep at least two concealers within your kit. You can either purchase the same shade or go for a lighter shade. If you apply a lighter concealer one tone beneath the your eye, it will get more luminous.


We wouldn’t advise the use of lighter shade concealers as over time, it can turn cakey, grey and ashy. Use it sparingly and then apply it in layers. Apply the makeup in small amounts and you can layer it up.


The final point about concealer to remember is no matter where you apply concealer, make sure to apply it using loose powder. It is not like talcum powder. Makeup powders are yellow based or translucent powders readily available for purchase. Powders are also available in Palettes. In Palette we can purchase powders in tones, or they can be purchased in singles too. In addition to loose powders, you can also buy compact powders. Make sure to use powders with low-pigmentation. This is why you should just moisten it, then wipe off the the remaining powder. Use a brush to clean off the excess. This way, it will not crease along your lines. In the event that it does, it will begin to crease on your lines and break.


These are some tips for concealers. We hope that this article has been of help. The next time you head out to purchase concealers, bear these points in your mind.

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